LD4all Quest 58: September: Extreme Sports!

I think I’m gonna try to surf in a big tsunami

Since your allowed to have extreme sports wich you only could do in a lucid dream, i guess i’ll try bungy jumping without rope :meh: I have problems flying, So it could be great practice for me

I’m going to attempt this quest. I’ll skydive from the top of the atmosphere… without a parachute. Falling in my dreams feels just as realistic as it does in RL, so it should be fun. Plus, since it’s just a dream, I won’t die a horrible and bloody death when I hit the ground. :grin:

@Vampirism, that’s exactly what I was going to to :tongue:

Only I was going to see if I could phase through the ground and come out in China (Or some strange dream realm). Maybe I’ll still do that, we could have a little gentlemen’s challange on who can do it first :wink:

Or maayyybeee… !!EXTREME CLOUD SURFING!!

Or if I can’t get a surfboard in my LD, I’ll just skydive… from the ground to the sky!


That was awesome, (Long dream description):

[Tues, Sept 14 2010, 3:00 PM – MILD]
After waking up dissapointed from a lack of LD’s the previous night, I decided to take a nap mid day with the intention of having a LD:
The dream starts with my girlfriend and her friend CJ sneaking into my window to help me clean my room; it was CJ’s idea, “I appreciate the help, but sneaking in my window was a creepy move” I tell him. He was sitting next to my drumset
–{jump}– I’m at my girlfriend’s mother’s house, but in the dream it’s CJ’s house, we’re all talking about random things, I don’t remember what. I go for a walk, I’m walking down a path with grass on either side, I kick back some of the grass like a carpet and underneath is an embossed plaque of my drumset lying on the ground, I realize I’m dreaming. I remember my intentions; I look up to the clouds, the sun is bright but it regulates and I can see clearly, I immagine that instead of looking up I am looking down from a really high grassy cieling; gravity flips. The thrill of falling upward is exhilarating, I pull a ripcord and an invisible parachute slows my fall, I flip uspide down (rightside up to the way I’m falling). To my suprise there is a strange looking grassy plain opposite the normal ground. I skim the anti-ground, and real gravity catches me again, I begin to fall back towards my starting point. I’m spinning uncontrollably, I begin to panic, I remember I’m dreaming and I’m fine, so I fall straight, I plant the landing squating with one hand on the ground,
“That was f***ing awesome!” I exclaim. The dream fades.[/spoiler]

I feel that I was very succesful in this, that was so satisfying! :mrgreen:

PS: Sorry for the double post

Had a really long LD last night. Did a lot of really fun stuff And I completed this Quest. :cool:

Hahaha And this is what I did.

I’ll only type up the relevant part of course.
I was in my backyard. The only difference with the yard was that the sky was its usual dream indigo which indicated that I was in my dreamworld. There was also the occasional colorful penguin that would walk by. It reminded me of a past dream I had had where I tried to fly to Sky Island, but to no success due to difficulties with flying high. I then got the urge to prove to myself that my flying skills had improved vastly from then and was determined to fly as high as possible.
I was momentarily distracted, though, from a rumbling in the sky. I looked up to see storm clouds rolling in. This gave me the idea that I should let myself be hit by lightning! I ran around expecting the lightning to hit me with apprehension. :tongue: It took some time, but a small wimpy bolt eventually did hit me. It was nothing special. I then changed my mind about the whole thing deciding that I probably didn’t wanna get badly electrocuted, remembering a past painful dream experience.
Going back to my flying plan, I willed myself into the air and flew up high just above my house. Then I hit the “sky” and started falling gently. I then landed on my deck. My vision messed up a bit but quickly stabilized. Annoyed, I flew up again determined to cross the invisible barrier. To help myself, I first landed on my roof so that I had less distance to jump up and pass the barrier. Then with a burst of strength and will power, I passed through the barrier and willed myself higher and higher. To aid myself in my flight, I flapped my arms and began to take on a more comfortable bat form and continued on flying higher. The higher I flew, the more strength it seemed to take. The ground below me began to look smaller and smaller. It soon became difficult to make out my house! I then flew up so high I found clouds below me and flew up higher still! The clouds felt wet and like static electricity. Probably because they were storm clouds. When I flew up past them, the quality of the air became thinner and it felt strange and cold under my wings. This was the highest I had ever flown without the aid of a vehicle.
It was only when I lost my flying momentum that I decided to do some crazy sky diving. I was gonna fall anyway, so I let myself drop. It was incredibly exhilarating! The air pushed violently at my wings threatening to spread them out again. I had to hold them against myself to prevent myself from catching the air and gliding. It was also during the fall that I realized I was completing the LD4all Quest. :tongue: How convenient. As the landscape spread out before my eyes to see, I could make out familiar locations of my dreamworld. It was amazing. Sometimes I did prolong the drop by gliding to admire the view. I could make out a familiar garden, two forests, a long field with a lighthouse that I had only recently discovered, a volcano in the distance, some buildings clustered near the train tracks, and small patches of water here and there. After taking a lot of it in, I held my wings back up to myself and continued to fall. My dream didn’t allow me to crash into the ground though. As I approached the ground, everything slowed down and I landed gently. Nevertheless, it was a really awesome experience.

This sounds fun, I’ll try it the next time I’m lucid. I’m probably gonna try snowboarding, since I live like, 200 miles from any mountains, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. XD

i think i did what i wanted, i have been half lucid or a little less but one time i had to run but instead i was gliding very fast :smile:
but i dont think i succeded^^

People act like hunting is a sport…barbarians. Let’s see how many zombies I can bag in a night, eh?

tonight, I’m going to attempt to fight a giant robot in a anime style death match while riding on a hoverboard.

Lets see, tonight i am going to skydive out of a Republic Gunship as a Clone Commando unit and then sabotage an Imperial base on Endor (I know, wrong point in time, but why not?) and escape on speederbikes while being chased by imperial scouts. This should be interesting (nerd alert!).




for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay: [/size]

Well done, wyvern for completing the Quest, extra cookies and invisible wings added!

:boogie: :boogie:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time :smile:

This Quest is now officially over, which means you cannot earn your wings anymore by completing it.

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest :smile: