LD4all Quest 63: step into a painting!

Awesome! I’ll paint my own!

The quests have to be done that current month? One cannot point back to a previous dream?

Anyway, I have only stepped out of a painting as far as I can remember heh

“-I partly gain awareness. I see a window by the pond, very strange. I shout “I am dreaming.” I force myself through the window, and then another. I end up in a building. It is very proper looking; clean, big, fancy.
-I look behind me, and see that where I came from now looked like a child’s drawing of a small body of water, with some animal and plant life around it. Some children came to me. They gave the impression that they know very well about this “magic portal”, and are very careful around it.”

I’m no LD-er yet but I’d love to step into one of Escher’s works… like the Waterfall or the Tower of Belvedere…

aww, I can’t give wings to anyone this time :bambi:

Well done, everyone who tried, but didn’t succeed!

This Quest is now officially over, which means you can’t earn wings with it anymore by completing it.

Good luck everyone with the next Quest!