LD4all Quest 67: June: Meet Yourself!



Scipio Xaos

for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time! :smile:

This Quest is now officially over. You are ofcourse free to still do this Quest at your leisure, and post in this topic about your results, but you can’t earn wings anymore by completing it.

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest! :smile:

I’m not having LD’s yet, but it would be interesting if your clone would act like from first movie of Matrix. You know:
When you go to sleep he goes to work, and you just mess around in dream world when he is working there. When you wake up he is messing you around as SC.

THAT would be scary thing/(sh*t).

When I will have LD’s, I think I will persuade my SC to revisit most of the interesting quests. (I will decide which are those interesting, just don’t tell it to my SC ^^)