LD4all Quest 90: End of the Rainbow!

LD4all Quest 90: March: End of the Rainbow!
Author: Rhewin

Each month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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End of the Rainbow!
We’ve all had daydreams of what might be at the end of the rainbow. Is it a pot of gold? A Leprechaun? A trans-dimensional portal? I think it’s time to find out. This month you’re going to the end of the rainbow. In your lucid dream, see where the rainbow takes you. You could just walk toward the end on the horizon, sure, or you might have a little more fun and ride the rainbow to the end. Or maybe you’ll do something entirely unexpected. It’s your lucid dream, have fun with it.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Become lucid
  • Find a rainbow
  • Travel to the end
  • Report what you find here.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Qu will give wings if you think you should have them; the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give wings to everyone who asks for them at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • As you do your lucid dream incubation, picture a rainbow.
  • Imagine how you might make it to the end.
  • If you’re having a hard time traveling all the way to the where the end of the rainbow is, try going through a door or turning a corner. The end of the rainbow will be on the other side.

Good luck, and happy lucids! :tardis:


/me starts singing: Some where over the rainbow…

The rainbow theme made me think of the bears sliding down the rainbow in Care Bears - Nobody Cares Like A Bear :smile:

but… rainbows have no ends :razz:

Not with that attitude.

Now that’s inspiring,
I ate one once, sure thing I can find its end. :content:

Not in the WL, but in the dreamworld they certainly do have ends :cool_raz:

Interesting Quest this one

Since we’re quite a bit into April, and April is known for its showers (in many parts of the world), and showers bring rainbows, I think it’s fair to say this Quest is extended until April. Let’s get some dreams on the board!

Definitely going to give this a try on my next day off. :smile: glad it’s been extended too, as I was worried I’d gear myself up for it and the quest would end!

I finally made it !

So here it is :

I was in a medieval town talking to a guy DC about something. Then I heard my mother from a street nearby. I went there to look and she was like a statue posing on stairs :confused: . At that point i knew I was dreaming.

I checked my hand and saw only 4 finger which changed lenght as i looked at them.
The dream started to fade so I spun while I could feel myself in bed (close one).
When I stopped I was outside, the sky was crystal clear and I could feel the sun warming my skin. I stopped for a while and looked around. There was a lot of gorgeous girls but I prevented myself from doing anything since it always awaken me. :wink:
I then remember my goal of finding out what’s at the end of a rainbow. I was glad I did.
So first I had to find one.
I looked up in the sky and expected a rainbow to be behind me in the sky when I turn. When I did, there was 2 beautiful rainbows in the distance, one didn’t go to the ground. As I prepared to take off someone told me “They are way too far for you buddy !” :eh: I ignored his statement and flew away. As I was getting closer, only one rainbow was remaining and it wasn’t straight. It was curvy with loops but it was quite thick.
When I was by the rainbow following it, I saw that it was being made by something upfront in the sky. I had to figure out what. I accelerated to catch it up and I saw what it was : A military jet with some kind of glitter engine which made the rainbow as it flew :woo: (I have to say that it was completly unexpected, I wondered during the past week what could possibly be at the end of a rainbow. I never thought of that :content: )
I flew by it and grabed it, I had to know who was inside. The engine stopped and I brought it back to the ground in my front garden. I then opened the cockpit to find my good friend Patricia smilling at me. :eek:
She then went out an left. I was wondering “why her ?” and an internal voice made it very clear that it was logical. Why not after all :content: . I was so thrilled that I managed do the quest :cool: .

I was still lucid afterward and went doing some random stuff like putting annoying DC into the void by pressing on their shoulders which made them go throught a black matter in the ground. Or I made a tomato the size of a car. I flew a bit more with my brother over snowy lands with giants tree. We then landed to fight a giant spider in an arena :eek: . It was way too strong for us though ^^

I then woke up and rushed to my DJ to write all that awesome stuff down.

Yoy, that sounds like a really fun LD, congrats on completing the challenge! :content:

I had a go last night, I even had a plan B, but things just didn’t go my way… :tongue:

SPOILER - Click to view

I get up to find an extra door in the corner. As I’m walking I try to ask for light, and more lucidity but nothing happens. I remind myself of the LD4all challenge I’m doing, and how go about doing it. Outside the door I walk down a hallway, turn right, and come out at a beautiful place. I’m standing before a huge lake that stretches like a mirror before mountains in the distance. Above it is a beautiful sky with two or three rainbows that look like arches coming out of the clouds either side. I can’t believe my luck. I stand and look at it thinking that I hope the dream remains this vivid. I squint from the light and am amused that I can see my eyelids, though they aren’t quite right. I try the first method on my list to get to the end of one of the rainbows. I try to fly using the wind to carry me, but as I shoot up, I get vertigo and the wind is throwing me about too much, so I fall down into the water which is freezing! I climb out again and think about my plan B. When I think about flying around rainbows I think of Fantaisia, so my plan was to get there by Pegasus. I go off to my right to explore. There is a large tiled plaza with different levels and palm trees dotted about. Wandering around are black and white ponies. Are these them? They are only knee-high and haven’t grown any wings yet. I joke to myself that if I sat on one I’d probably kill it!


That lake place sounds awesome and these little ponies made me laugh :content: . Sure thing you’ll be able to do it next time.
You seem like having to do some complicated stuff to fly, can’t you fly without any prop ?

No, I’m rubbish… :sad:

I think it must be a confidence thing. I’ve tried just jumping, getting a DC to help etc. I suppose it doesent help that I’m scared of heights IRL either!

Confidence is a big factor and I’m also afraid of heights. The first time I tried to fly in a lucid dream using willpower I failed. Next time I used a method that had worked in normal dreams and I completely believed that it would work in a lucid dream and it did.

As far as I am aware, I have never in my life had a rainbow in a dream, lucid or other wise.

My lucid dreams have been few and far between this past month or so, and recall had been at an all time low. Too many worries atm I think. I still wonder if I’d have even managed to get a rainbow though. Such a cutesy thing for me :tongue:

On another note, we still haven’t gotten wings fun the previous challenge.

Congrats yoy for earning your wings! :fly: