LD4all Quest 97: January: Down the Rabbit Hole

LD4all Quest 97: January: Down the Rabbit Hole
Author: Scipio Xaos

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Down the Rabbit Hole
It’s a new year, now, and there’s new things to do, new places to go, and - most relevant of all - new dreams to be had! So why not begin this year’s quests with a visit to an old literary classic… Alice in Wonderland!

For those who may not know, Alice in Wonderland is all about the story of a girl who found herself in a rather strange place filled with many a strange thing. How’d she get there? Well, I’d rather not spoil the ending, but she did start by falling down a rabbit hole. And that’s where you’ll start, too!

All you have to do is start your adventure off is to find a hole in the ground and take the plunge. Maybe when you venture in all you’ll find is dirt and roots… or maybe, like Alice, you’ll be plunged into a dreamland filled with curiously labeled cookies and drink, talking animals and plants, and quirky royalty!

While you’re there, though, why not look up some of Alice’s old friends. Say hello to the Cheshire Cat, toy with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum, or attend an un-Birthday Party with the Mad Hatter! There’s a whole world there for you to explore so go find it before you’re late, you’re late, you’re late!

Oh… and try not to lose your head!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Become lucid. :happy:
  • Find a hole in the ground.
  • Note: A building built into the ground won’t work, but a cave would count if its entrance is in the ground and not a wall.
  • Dive in and explore!
  • Optional: Meet one of Alice’s old friends. (Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, etc.)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Qu will give wings if you think you should have them; the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give wings to everyone who asks for them at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • During your incubations imagine exploring caves and other forms of spelunking.
  • Visualize coming across a hole, cave, or crevice in the ground.
  • When exploring the cave, if it seems to end early keep looking around; maybe you’ll find something you missed.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a hole, try asking some DCs nearby for help. Maybe looking for a white rabbit. He’s usually late!
  • If you want to know more about the characters try reading the book, watching the movie, or, if you’re short on time, reading the wiki!

Post in here to keep us all updated on your progress and whether or not you think you completed the quest! Finally, remember to have fun! There’s lots of fun to be had in Wonderland! :grin:

I really need to ask… did #math inspire you? :happy:

We were talking about the book like 3 weeks ago.

What if I get dumped of The Matrix instead of visiting Wonderland?

I don’t know if #math had a direct influence on this, but it could have! :eek:

And if you end up in the Matrix that’s fine. As long as you got there via a hole in the ground!

OK, so,if I understand well, you are challenging every week, that’s right ?

Where do you tell if you succeed or not ? in the dream diary ? what are these wings you’re talking about ?

sorry if I didn’t read correctly or if those things had already been explained.

cyelle: This is the challenge for the entire month! The whole of January! :happy: You can complete it anytime before the next one goes up to earn your wings! All you have to do to claim them is post in here that you feel you completed the quest! You can post in your dream diary as well, but we won’t know unless you tell us here. :smile:

As to what the wings are… look to the left above my avatar. You should see my “wings”. If you complete the current quest, and post in here that you’ve done so you’ll get that medal placed above your avatar.

And don’t worry about asking questions. If you still don’t understand everything feel free to ask some more. :tongue:

Thank you very much for your answer Scipio, I got it now :smile:

I had few LD, I feel like a young learner here :content: but who knows ? I can try and we’ll see :peek:

Is this enough? :peek:
I hope it does because it was scary, I don’t think I would like to try again :cry:

[spoiler]Excerpt of LD 1 of Tuesday.
It started as the average early cycle dream; well, I mean, it was dark.
I was somewhere in the woods, I managed to make appear some kind of old fashioned lantern. I was trying to see something useful when I found a deserted cabin. Behind the cabin, among the trees, there was a hole in the ground.
So… is there a chance to get in there and find the wonderland?
Time to get into another world? Well…
As I crawled into the hole and got inside for about 10 meters or yards…unsure…
It started to drag me in, my lantern broke and it became dark. It was still dragging me. I was being pulled while sliding on the dirt. It was scary and disgusting to be honest.
Until I fell onto something soft.
I close my eyes because there was nothing else left to do.
End of except. (Yes, I got into a very strange place, I don’t want to write about it here.)

So I managed it this time after failing spectacularly last attempt by going through-the-looking-glass rather than down-the-rabbit-hole! :smile:

Jumped down a hole and found a giant white and green mech and some smaller blue ones. Considered stealing one but didn’t.

DJ Entry

Month is almost over but… I’ll try. Why not, right? :smile:

I gave it a shot. Last night in my LD I jumped into a hole that was beside a run down industrial building (the hole was in dirt, not the building). I dove head first only to find that it was about 2 feet deep and that the dirt didn’t taste too great XD.

Congratulations tggtt, obfusc8, and Rhewin!

tggtt: As I said before, I really liked that dream. Sounded mysterious and stuff.

obfusc8: Good thing you didn’t go into that sewers! Man-made objects aren’t rabbit holes! Still, that adventure of yours sounded fun!

Rhewin: It’s a pity it only went two feet. We’re missing you at the unbirthday parties. :razz:

Congratulations to obfusc8 and Scipio!

Scipio: Someone is going to earn wings because of the quest you have authored!

And it’s obfusc8!

:unk: Wow, I didn’t expect him not to have them after winning challenges. :tongue:

Well done.

congratulations, obfusc8 for earning your wings with this Quest :boogie:

Also congratulations to Rhewin and tggtt! you get invisible wings (I lost count how many you have, that’s the downside of those invisible ones :tongue:, as long as you can feel them floating above your profile to know you have earned them! )

Also, cookies for everyone!

Hurrah! Thanks! :smile:

Cheers Scipio for the Quest idea. I’d always meant to do the quest, just never really got round to it before… and yeah I so nearly went down the sewers and messed it up twice it’s not even funny. :tongue:

I love alice in wonderland!