:confused: :confused: :confused: explain some thins you can do in a ld

Well you should check out the big todo topic in lucid adventures heres a link Link

and anything else you can do anything at all just think it and wish it (or something) and it’ll happen

Simply put, you can do anything you want to.
You may want to do what you’ve always wanted to do IRL. Ever wanted to fly like a bird, levitate above the ground to amaze your friends? Maybe you always wanted do be a pop star and sing in a concert? Have you ever wanted to transform yourself into an animal or other species? Walk on the moon, become the president/king of your country, participate in epic battles (Napoleon war, World Wars, Lord of the rings wars, Star wars etc.), become a sorcerer and choose your side - destroy cities and people if you’re evil, create a dark lord for you to kill if you’re on the good side… The list can go on and on forever. Think about what you would want to do. It may not be successful on the first lucid dreams, but once you start getting many of them, you will surely accomplish some of your tasks.

My only LD was about 20 seconds, so I’m not speaking from experience. But from what I’ve heard, you can do anything you want. Some things may take time and practice you perfect though.