Let´s achieve LD together!

I had my first LD last night. Too short, it lasted less than a minute. I got very excited when I could breathe through my nose. It worked with a mix of WILD and WBTB.

Good Job!

Still nothing here… now I have to wait another week in order to do another WILD attempt :sad: but I’ll still try FILD in the other days.

Last night i got up 3.5 hours after i went to bed. I did a FILD. Unsuccessful. 2 hours later i set another alarm. that i don’t even remember waking up to! I am losing it. It started with a Lucid Dream that was one second long tuesday night and then i haven’t had one since, can someone help me so i can get back on track?

Im going to try the “keeping your eyes open” thing, cause it seems to work!

I’m in. I’ve had no LD’s, so I suppose this is just the place for me.
Some useful info I found:
-Trouble with dream recall? New DR Technique
-Help with prospective memory training (useful for MILD): (4th post down) Memory Training
I’m sticking with MILD + RCs + general lucid living stuff. Good luck!

You should try FILD & C-WILD/WILD

I would try WILD and its variants, but I take a long time to fall asleep. So, I’m going to keep trying MILD for another few weeks and see if I get some positive results.

Not really, for beginners the DILD variants (as MILD) are encouraged, so he’s doing fine so far IMHO. Keep it up The Scientist! It won’t take long until your first LD :content:

Ha yeah MILD doesn’t work out for me!!!

I’m going to jump on this inspirational little boat. I am just restarting after first getting interested in LD’s and I decided if I’m more active here it may help. I’ve only had one real LD that ended very quickly by a FA. I had another one but it was completely overwritten in my memory by another dream. I only remember being lucid at one point.

MILD is quite a good method for beginners. All you have to do is repeat to yourself a phrase over and over.

Has anyone ever experienced the alarm clock problem? I made a post somewhere, but this is whats happening-im waking up in the middle of the night, then without thinking i turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep. I remember the memory, but cant really do anything about it. Even if i put it on the other side of the room. Also, sometimes it doesnt even wake me up. Help?

I have done this sometimes. It really is annoying!

You could try hiding the alarm clock somewhere where it’s clearly audible but still needs some effort to be turned off. In a drawer or underneath your bed maybe? That way you wake up and have to get out of bed and actively retrieve the clock before you can turn it off.

Yeah trust me that’s happened to me the last week. I forget what i’m doing when i wake up

I’ve never done MILD, I usually just do WILD or randomly realize I’m dreaming. I dont like MILD for the simple reason that I have to wake up early D: Is MILD worth it, or should I stick to WILD?

I don’t do MILD but for everyone its different

You don’t have to wake up early; MILD can be equally useful if done before falling asleep for the first time. It is recommended that you perform MILD in the middle of the night, but it certainly isn’t necessary.

On an unrelated note, I’ve become very interested in CALD. From what I’ve read, it seems very powerful (once you make a character, etc.).

I took a break, but I think I am back in track again now.
I had a LD yesterday when I took a nap. It felt realllly nice.
I´ve taken a break twice in this year now and every time when I take one, I get LD. Need to take more breaks, haha :tongue:
Good luck!

I’m losing confidence lately, because anything I try (WILD, C-WILD, MILD, FILD all combined with WBTB) always end up with me falling asleep without obtaining any result :sad: I need some motivation guys!

How about this topic? :wink: