Let´s achieve LD together!

I really need to get back into DJing. I recorded my dream last night.

Haha the summer spirit is working on us!
I’ve been faithfully writing my DJ the past few days and will continue to do so.

Everyone good luck !

Unfortunately, I did not get lucid.

But I did get some vivid dreams! :grin:

I had few lucid dreams when i was a little kid,actually i knew i can do what ever i want in dream. Nobody ever told me about that. Now i’m trying to learn lucid dreaming. I’m recalling my dreams and doing rc’s, still no luck,but i can remember like 4~5 dreams every morning,when i started i thought i don’t even dream :happy: so i’m happy with my progress.

I have picked up LD AGAIN and this time I really want to stay committed. I want to achieve LD at will, but the difficult part really is to do the RC, writing dream journal every day. SO easy to get distracted…

Anyway, I’m back on track and I know that this forum and this topic will help me to stay committed. I had a LD two days ago, but nothing really happened. I saw a dog in my dream and was really scared because I knew it will attack me ( it was the night after I got bitten by a street dog IRL ). After being scared for about 5 seconds I knew that this was a dream, no need for a RC, I just knew. I was happy since the fear was gone, I knew it’s my dream. Shortly after that everything disappeared and I was in darkness… and then I started to feel my body, so I was awake. Although I didn’t do anuthing in my LD, I am happy that I realised I’m dreaming. I will have a next LD this week! :content:

Please share here what you plan/want to do in your next LD!

Lots of luck with getting lucid!

Hey, am I the only one who wants to achieve LD? :sad:
Okay, I’ll just talk to myself then :cool: I woke up after 4 hours of sleep. Had a glass of water, washed my face and went back to sleep listening to LD affirmations. I do remember a dream from the first part of my night, but nothing from second part. I will wake up after 4 h of sleep today again and listen to some LD affirmations. Maybe somebody can recommend me a good LD audio they’re listening before sleep?

I want to achieve it too. I demand it of myself. Categorically.

But I’m barely getting my DR back, it’s going to be a long road. If anyone is interested in my seemingly hopeless case, I’m all ears. Or eyes.

Yes, it’s tricky to stay committed. I’ve been back on track for a bit less than three months. During this period I’ve had 3 LD. I am happy with the result and also happy that I’ve been committed for that long.

I can recommend you to put your alarm after 3-4h of sleep. Wake up and wash your face, write down dream if you remember and go back to sleep with an intention to remember your dream or have a LD. Visualizing becoming lucid helps as well, especially before sleep. You should have a clear image of what you’ll do if you get lucid and go through it every time before you fall asleep. Doesn’t hurt to visualize it during the day as well. Tell me what do you plan to do if you get lucid tonight!

Well, I do wake up every few hours normally so there’s no problem with that I think. I don’t think I need an alarm. I’m not sure if it’s better to wake up, stay still and try to WILD, or get up for a walk around the house and go back to bed to WBTB.

If I get lucid tonight…there are so many things I’d like to do I don’t know what I’d do first. I’d probably focus on environments. Beautiful winterlands, elven halls, space, I don’t know. Then I think I’d try magic. Shapeshifting, fire and lightning, maybe even trying to summon something. I would try to make a DC and talk to it knowing I’m talking to my mind, to myself. I would be creative, I would change myself and the environment multiple times, I would conjure all sorts of things, and when I start to feel things are going to end, I’d become an animal and disappear into the wilderness and see where that takes me.

Lucky you! I wish I would wake up every few hours as well, but I have to use an alarm and that sometimes destroys my memories of what I dreamt about. Have you succeeded in WILD before? I’ve tried it, but never had any luck. My body has been paralysed and when I start to see and feel things I’ll just get too excited and wake my body up. Plus I’ve read some scary experiences, so I think I’ll just stick to WBTB and visualising becoming lucid.

Your plan sounds awesome! Have you tried to become an animal before? I’ve never tried that. I want to meet my SG or just a DC and talk to them, hope I’ll meet someone friendly this time. The last ones have been pretty unfriendly and closed to me. I have to practice my landing skills as well! What did you do in your last LD?

I got SP with WILD, I even started seeing a few extremely dark and blurry things, but from there I either fell back to sleep and had a ND or woke up. I’ve never been lucid.

I haven’t tried lucid dreaming for quite some time now but I suddenly had my first full lucid dream this morning, I’ve had two before but they were only for a few seconds.
It was the best fun I’ve had in ages.

The Nameless One: How long have you been trying to get lucid? And do you remember your dream from last night? My dream recall has improved massively, three months ago I was lucky to remember 1-2 dreams a week, now it’s 1-2 a day. Huge improvement. I just wish I would realise that I’m dreaming when these absurd things that can never happen IRL happen. Lately my dreams have been really absurd, so I wake up in the morning and think, seriously, how come I didn’t realise it can’t be real :happy:

Minato: I’m happy for you! Did you get lucid through RC? And of course, share what you did in your first LD! Did you go by plan or just with the flow? Congrats again for your first full LD!

It’s great to hear everyone’s success, keep at it.

I’m still waiting for my first “full length” lucid dream but I’ve had plenty where I know I’m dreaming and that actually influences the dream.

My advice is the just the standard stuff, keep motivated and keep your DJ. My recall went from nothing to around 2 dreams a night just because I actually tried to remember them.
Stay motivated :smile:

I’ve been trying since I joined, but there have been a few years of hiatus (2 or 3?) when I just said no, I’ll never do it, my dreams are garbage if I remember them at all and I couldn’t realize I’m in one if I had a gun pointed to my head. But lately desire got the best of me again, little by little, and now I’ll just keep trying because it’s something too tempting to abandon.

It’s been three nights I have had no DR at all, I have no idea why. I also never manage to WILD and always fall asleep. Nor can I MILD.


I have been writing DJ for 2weeks now and I was amazed how good my DR has got cuz I always have been really bad at DR. Anyways… I tried these homeopathic pills to help me at certain things. When I strated 2 days ago, I didnt remember so much about the dreams I had. And today (on the second day) I don remember anything!! And it really annoys me. Has anyone any experience in this field? I usually remember 2-3 dreams a night… Could it be just that sometimes you dont remember so much? plz help :smile:

DR can be affected by many things such as stress, diet, getting up early, etc. Also, it seems that it can go up and down randomly :razz: I’ve been having not so great DR and yesterday I had great recall. This morning it went back to not so great :lol: I’m sure your DR will come back :smile:

Wait, wait, you said getting up early? Maybe that’s what’s wrecking mine. They always bother me a few hours before I’d willingly reactivate and walk the earth again. Yes, that’s how busted I feel in the morning. Always did.

Continued in Part II

Is anyone New to LD and is Trying to LD and has still not got LD ??

I started my Journey into LD 23 days ago still no LD…
My Goal is to become a LD er in the next 6 months…