Let's Teleport!?

lol i just had a FLD and I teleported the wierdest way…i choped a cut into the air…then i opened it and went in it.the I was when I wanted to be.

there’s another way but I cant do it,and when I dreamed of it,it wasnt a LD. first i simply closed my eyes and enter a went in a void where i was floating.then i close my eyes and opened them back.then i was at my destination

Oh, I read a book (Can’t recall the name right now) in which a guy used a special knife to cut open shortcuts to different places and dimensions.

Ive seen games that do the same thing. And some games were they use there hand to rip a portal to your destination.

I thought we were talking about how people actually teleport in LD’s. :tongue:

Here is a technique I didn’t see here. I used it twice or thrice. It’s teleportation at sight. When I see a distant place where I want to go, I focus on it and sort of zoom in. The problem with this technique is, you can only teleport to places that you already can see in your dream. :neutral:

My most interesting example was when I teleported above clouds ( I had altitude problems when I wanted to fly high ).

You should try using a stargate to teleport :razz:

Did you actually use one in a LD?

judt today yes. I teleported my house, To realise my brother was digging in the couch. And thats when i woke up

It’s in Phil Pullman’s Dark Matter trilogy - an excellent series! The movie is supposed to come out at the end of the year.

Oh, that’s right! It is :razz:

This one works for me:

When you want to be somewhere else, just think about standing just there where you want to be. Visualize how it it looks there. When you are awake you see what is in front of your eyes and when you think about something you see it “in your head”, but the fact is: In your dream - you just are “in your head”!

Sometimes I will everything to ‘recede,’ and so I’m standing in an enormous white expanse (like in that scene in the Matrix with Neo and Morpheus) then the place I want to be in sort of ‘paints’ itself into place.

put on a sparkly red pair of shoes, tap your heels together three times and say, “there’s no place like home.” :tongue:


My friend usally calls for a train, knocks out the conductor, takes his microphone, says “[PLACE] next!” then goes to sit down, and wait for the conductor to wake up.

He likes to go to the moon. There’s a completely naked man with a hat who lives in a crater. He is completely blue, has no visible sexual organs, and has a hat. He likes to steal his hat and throw it away, and then the blue man has to go to the shop and buy a new one because he doesn’t like to go outside his crater.

Yeah, I’d like to try the train too. But mostly I just walk through doorways or take an elevator.

Oh… that happened on my first WILD.

Sometimes i have lucid dreams and i flew twice and fell once i could only rise like 30 feet, that was like 2 months ago and i havent had a lucid dream eversince.

and to teleport i think you should just like rip space and enter the hole u riped then see yourself in space with lots of stars and see many doors and know that one of the many doors will take you to wherever you want to go.

i never tried it and im new to this but it might work if u know it works.

I have tried spinning,it is very very hard to work for me,when it worked,it moved me to the place i wanted but not exactly,more than a digitalised version of it inside a pc screen.

The bus has worked,fly sometimes.

From my DJ:I want to leave the house,and i say to myself,i want to be transfered there(dont remember where).It fails.Next to the door of my house there is a bed,and there the tall guy resides.He tells me,”who do you think you are,the queen of england?go out and take the bus!”

Also clicking at a pc environment style worked for me too.
I will try to experiment more

I haven’t done this in a LD yet but …

and i now have a good idea for teleporting myself in dreams
oh? how?
use a written word as an url that will take me there
i’m so used to clicking links it would work
that is interesting!
it was in my dream last night
it is an easier action to making a portal etc
and not as frightening since you know where you will end up

ooo just saw the above post! :eek:

You could also use a method from your favorite TV show, movie, video game, etc.

If you’re a fan of Halloweentown, try using the portal, or the portal spell Marnie and Aggie used.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, try Apparating, or using the Floo Network.

If you’re a fan of Charmed, try orbing, shimmering, blinking, or astral projecting.

If you’re a fan of the video game Banjo-Kazooie, try using a wing pad and fly to your destination, or use a warp pad, or even use Chuffy the Train.

If you’re a fan of the video game Metroid, try using a Dark or Light portal, or fly in Samus’s Gunship.

If you’re a fan of Star Fox, fly in an Arwing or the Great Fox.

Or use another form of teleporting/transportation from another TV show, movie, game, etc. you like, or even just make up your own. (like going into a corridor and walking through a door that has “(destination name) beyond this door”

Once I died in a LD and it teliported me to a wierd anciant shoilin temple type place :om: but it was empty. But when I tried it again I woke up. :cry: