Letters to Brain-- has anyone tried this?

A while ago I was having issues with dream recall. I could grab the pen straightaway, and the dreams would fall out. I could lie still and try to hold on, and the dreams would fall out. I could tell myself over and over, “I’ll remember my dreams.” Nope. I don’t know what made me try this next thing.

I wrote a letter to my brain.

I said hello, and told my brain that I like and want to hear what it has to say in my dreams. I said that I’ll be listening.

I requested that it please ignore the competitive thoughts from my conscious mind, because while it would be great to catch up with or pass this or that guy who can do XYZ, it wasn’t the point of dreaming.

I also said that I’d like to remember dreams, at least long enough to write them down.

I told my brain that I want unity between conscious and subconscious, and to hear and understand what it’s trying to tell me… generally, try to let Brain know that you’re on his/her/its side here. I made an appeal to work with me on this.

Strangely enough, it worked. It became no big deal to remember two dreams every night. At least until lately, now that I’ve been messing up my sleep clock.

Has anyone else done this? Is there a name for it?

I think i might try this, most likely just another way to get through to the SC…good idea! and WELCOME to LD4all. :welcome:

Great idea, and I’m glad it worked for you :content:

If it stopped working… write another letter? :tongue:

Wonderful suggestion. Writing things down and reading them is a wonderful way to reprogram the unconscious portions of your mind. Addressing it specifically to your SC definitely makes it the message much clearer :content:.

It works on the same principle of stating your intentions to yourself, you clear your doubts and lay out a proper way to achieve your goals by this.
Remember that it’s all about your intent, and how much you truly desire something, and know you can get it as easily as you think you can :content:

That sounds like a great idea. :grin: It probably works better than other autosuggestion techniques because you remember your intent better if you write it down.

An excellent idea! :content: I’ll have to try this.

First of all, welcome to LD4all!

I tried this last night. I asked my subconscious if I could fall asleep more quickly. And, I asked it that, if I wake up during REM sleep, I could go back into the dream very quickly (to help with WILD). I also told it that if I didn’t move for 10 minutes straight, it meant I was sleeping, and it could put my body into sleep paralysis and start the dream.

When we are going to sleep, our mind checks whether or not we are alseep yet by sending signals to move (eg. urges to roll over or move your legs). If you don’t move, it means you are sleeping, and your body will go into SP. Last night, I got like a signal every minute. At first, I kept rolling over. Then, I realized it was my subconscious trying to do what I asked it to : make me fall asleep quicker! I was tired and not in the mood to WILD, so I ignored the urge, and within a minute I was asleep.

This shows that the letter method works!

I’ve tried something like this. I started after watching What the Bleep Do We Know, as I’ve read that people got lucid dreams after watching it.
What I did was I took an envelope and labeled it “To Universe”. It’s like writing a letter to the universe. I learned in the movie that it’s important to have your intentions, so I wrote down my intentions on a piece of paper, such as the intention to lucid dream.
“With this, I seal my intention of having a lucid dream, of being lucid in a dream, wherein I blah blah blah… This is my intention using the power of thoughts. It is now sealed.” lol like an incantation. Yep, the words are influenced by the movie. ;-p
I went to bed assured that my message was sent to the universe, that I didn’t need to do MILD or think about it. It’s like autosuggestion I think, just knowing that I will have lucid dream.
True enough, I had lucid dream. I continued on this practice and after 3 days I had another one.
But I kind of stopped this method, probably started to lose that belief. =p

This has worked very well for me. I think writing down my intentions is more effective then telling myself them.

Oh yeah!
I forgot to post back here after trying this.
I wrote my brain a letter saying to help me out by retaining more details from my dreams, and we’ll worry about becoming lucid later.
At the time i had no dream recall for the past 3 days, and the 2 days since then I have remembered atleast 3 dreams each day :cheesy:

Good for you, Patches. Just remember to keep writing them down in a DJ to make sure you keep the skill.