little help please :)

ive never ever managed to ld , started trying a few months back with wild and wbtb but was making little progress and gave up. Ive decided to give it another try and was just wondering if theres any extra help out there : subliminal videos etc. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, well i am not very good about WILD but i can give you some advices.

WBTB is really effective if you do it with MILD ,or even just autosuggestions.

When you are in RL, each time you think about Lucidity, do a RC.

Get a DJ, if you can’t recall your dreams ,try auto suggestions about remembering your dreams before sleeping ,it helps.

This Thread, is about videos:

There,I hope you will get LD’s!

After 6 months or so of WILD’ing and having almost no progress (a LD that is) I decided that I should try MILD. And it worked. WILD is not the only way of having LD’s, there’s plenty of methods. Do you do RC’s throughout the day? Do you keep a DJ? Have you tried DEILD? I remember when I started with all this LD’ing stuff, I had the intention to have my first LD as soon as I could but the thing is that I didn’t do anything to improve my chances of having one.

Keep trying and I wish good luck to you.

thanks both of you , will give MILD a try as it seems to have worked for you.

WIll also have a look at the videos and that, thanks!

kristaps:thanks for the reply , i havent been doing RC’s but will start to, as for the journal i have been keeping one, i tend to have quite vivid dreams anyway , will the journal help my chances of having an LD ? . i have never even heard of DEILD before haha

The DJ will help you to recall your old dreams ,and if a day you dream about something that is in your dream journal , you will say “Hey ,i already saw that ! In my dreams!” and become Lucid.

You can read about DEILD here. Probably more people would know about it if it had it’s own acronym, you know, the thing with the mouse-over-text and info pops up. Anyway, DEILD is a quite reliable and easy way to enter dreams if you manage to wake up and not make any movement or open your eyes. Of course, you can even make up a mantra for this if you plan to use it as your primary method.

As for the journal, it helps your DR. Whereas a bad DR may mean waking up in the morning and not remembring you even had a LD last night.

Thanks again to both of you , will give deild a go and will definately keep up with my DJ