Looking for a bit of help...

I’ve been recording dreams in a DJ for about a week and a half now, but my dream recall is almost sporadic… one day I’ll remember two dreams completely (and write pages), and the next I’ll remember nothing.

The only thing I noticed was that I seem to remember my dreams best on weekends or breaks… maybe it’s because I’ve got less on my mind when I sleep(?)

I notice that during the weekdays I MIGHT wake up in the middle of the night for like 30 seconds and completely remember my dream, but I never stay awake long enough to think “hey, I should write this down”. When I wake up and can’t remember the dream it’s not as if I don’t realize I DREAM, it’s just that I can’t remember the dream fully. As in: I know that I have a dream, it’s just that I cannot remember them (when I first started logging dreams and could’nt remember the dream I used to think I didn’t have a dream at all… one could see this as progress I suppose).

I haven’t remember like 4-5 out of 13 dreams so far… it’s a bit frustrating.

Is there anything I can do to help myself remember my dreams? I tried the water method but it didn’t work for me.

Hi squakMix,
What dream recall techniques are you currently using ?

I’m like that too. I can remember like 3 dreams a night on holidays, but almost none on weekdays. I guess it is because I’m always in such a hurry to school so I forget about the dreams. And even if I remember the dream at the morning I forget writing it down then.

Before I sleep I’ve been repeating to myself “remember your dream” (until I get completely bored of it, forget about it, or fall asleep), and I’ve also been trying to stay in the same position I wake up in the morning to try and remember.

you might want to try saying “i will rememeber my dreams” more of an affirmation, than a command, i have found taht my subc lieks to play games and do the opposite of what i command it to do, but suggesting seems to work better.

also try using the mirror incubation method with dream recall and see if taht helps :smile:

I didn’t remember my dream last night :sad:.

I agree with R3TRO. The sentence I used to repeat was “Tomorrow morning, I’ll remember my dreams.”

When you feel on the verge of remembering your dreams, but you can’t after one minute, try this technique :
You think about random things, like “a dog… a boat… a tree”, etc. until it reminds you a feeling of your dreams. When you have this feeling, focus on it and try to make appear something of your dream. When you have an image, you can rebuild your dream in the reverse order (from the end to the past).

If you just remember an image or a feeling, write it down on your DJ. If you don’t remember anything, don’t dispair, it will be better another day ! :grin:

Heh, Today I actually remembered my dream in 3rd period :smile:.

For some reason I thought of pictures, and then (again, for some reason) of my polariod camera in my room.

Then my dream came flooding back. it was great :happy:

This might be a good topic if you want more tips about how to remember your dreams better:

The BIG Remembering Dreams Topic - Part 2

Good luck! :smile:

I’ve also moved your topic to the Intro, because it’s not really about the quest for LDs, more about remembering dreams in general :smile:

This is typical of people who are just learning how to recall their dreams so don’t worry about it and just keep practicing.

You can also wake yourself after 5 or 6 hours sleep and jut down some quick notes on any dreams you had then go back to sleep.

On another note,

How well did you sleep on the nights you had poor recall? When you don’t get enough sleep or if you use drugs or alcohol before bed that can have a negative effect on your dream recall. Also it is a good idea to stick to a regular sleep schedule if you can. Anyway these are just some things to keep in mind.

Happy Dreaming

I can’t remember exactly how I slept those nights. I usually sleep pretty good.

This last week I’ve remembered a dream about every day. What I changed: I’m going to be an hour earlier than usual, I’ve been clearing my mind of any stressful obligations I had been focusing on or any problems, and have been repeating to myself “I will remember my dream.”

That definitely sounds like progress.

Good work. :smile:

Yea, It significantly helped that I was relaxing and not doing stuff about a half hour before sleeping, and have been sleeping an hour earlier than normal.

When you wake in the night, don’t feel any pressure to record a whole dream. If you only remember little parts of the dream it’s very likely that these are the important parts so just make a note of the bits you remember. While you are awake, use the MILD method and set your intention to realise you are dreaming when you drift back into a dream. This method is incredibly effective when you wake in the night as part of your mind is still dreaming.