Looking for a name!

Call it “The Lord.” Then you can say things like, The Lord doesn’t like fish. Or, I was walking with The Lord yesterday and… Or, The Lord seems sleepy lately doesn’t he?

Respects to Douglas Adams.

I like godzilla. The radioactive dog :cool:

I’d like to give my pets ancient Nordic mythological names. This may seem strange, but these names sound só cool: Nidhoggr, Yggdrasil, Hraesvelgr, Ratatosk, Lifthrasír, …
The only problem is when people ask me after the name of my cat (luckily this doesn’t occur so much). When I say “Nidhoggr”, they get this panic look in their eyes as if the cat is some satanic creature :grin:

Name him:

Amar Dog Judiahbid bin Helper

I dunno. Just an idea.
Don’t shoot me.

I actually like “Lucid” that was a good one
but your friend doesn’t LD does he?

How about Raoul? It means shield wolf or something.

Pinkster :lmao:

I like snotpox’s diablo suggestion. Just call him “el diablo”

How about naming the dog, “AmIdreaming”

Suzzy, did you put out some fresh water for AmIdreaming?

Dad, I think AmIdreaming chased another skunk.

Bye Mom, I taking AmIdreaming for a walk.


(I just noticed Tride15 already suggested this stratagy, by calling him lucid)

LOL This thread was started february 18th. I’m wondering if that puppie is still a puppie, and what has become its actual name. :confused: Looks at Dreamwalker

I can’t belive people posted in here after this long. They named the dog some weird name, but I don’t know what happened to it. I quess it wasn’t even there dog. I think the owner came and got it. I don’t just don’t know.