Lucid Challenge # 17

I think I can handle 3 days of each task :tongue: this is gonna be interesting :plotting:

Right then :happy: just TWO Spaces left. If anyone else wants in you’ve got until Midday tomorrow at which point Lucid Challenge #17 will begin.

Each challenge including the scores will be posted between Midday and 6pm ready for the 1st night of each task and all times will be GMT.

Our clocks go forward this weekend coming but I’ll include a reminder to that effect in Saturdays post, coz I’m anal like that. :tongue:

Signed up so far: pasQuale-Essa-Moogle-Siiw-Ebilshrimp-GHOSTIE11-Danielns13-Magnus-Tyrael-Dow nload.

I don’t think I missed anyone. :colgate:

Roll on Midday tomorrow. :plotting:

were aree you?

i changed my clock a amonth ago

I’m in!

I would love to participate…although it has been a while since I last LDed…

This may give you some extra help in achieving one. :wink:

Plus its all fun and games. Truth be told i havent had one in forever either. :grin:
But this may give me that little push i need. :tongue:

Excellent! We are now full! :colgate:

Med4tall: You’re in exactly the right place to kick start your adventures. :content:
rkr7: It’s good to have you aboard bud. :happy:

The Players


Signups are now closed and the Challenge begins tomorrow at Midday.

med4tall: Seriously… Challenges are like the best way to practice lucidity.

Angelmouse: I wouldn’t miss it for the world :happy:

Seems like everyone agrees that this is good. Fingers crossed that I go lucid.

Now I’m really looking forward to this. Can’t wait to start.

This is gonne be interesting :mrgreen: I cant wait util the start :cry:

Good luck everyone :colgate: and may the LD’s be with you :wink:

Nearly had an LD last night, so I think I’m going to get out of this dry spell!

This is what happens if there is a challenge, but it hasn’t started yet :tongue: The pure anticipation makes me have 2 LD’s but I can’t think of anything to do :tongue:

going to type now in my DJ.

edit: here it is

Lucid Challenge # 17 Begins…

17.1 Ask the Universe how old it is.

Points for:

Talking to the Universe=20
Asking the question=30
Getting and remembering an answer=40
Bonus points for getting the answer played to you like a movie=25

You can interpret this as you please. It can either mean the area of space that we generally call the Universe or it can mean the greater, all encompassing essence of Life, The Universe and Everything. As you please.

Whatever you do have a great time. :content:

Lucidity points as outlined in post 1.

I’m looking forward to reading all of your dreams. :colgate:

This is gonna be interesting :razz: Ill just say 42 and hope that universe will answer :tongue:
The results will lead me to an answer :colgate:

sounds awesome

Oh, I can hardly wait to dream…maybe a nap…naah…

Good luck dreamers!

The nap’s a slippery slope my friend. :lol:

I had a feeling someone would drop the old ‘42’ quote on me, I’m glad it was you GHOSTIE :wink:

Mini Countdown: 3 Nights to talk to the Universe :universe:

(I’m too late for the challenge or may I join since it starts today? :peek: )

Ah… Can’t wait to try this one out. Open-ennded quests are the best kind!

Ohw, ok - I didn’t know. Sorry. :content: