Lucid Challenge # 19

I doubt a Yeti counts as intelligent alien life…as it was a species from earth. :tongue:

It has to be ‘intelligent’ too, so Yeti doesn’t count :tongue:
And who the *** is doctor Who? :tongue:

All right, I watched some trailers, looks really funny :tongue:
So a time travelling doctor who is actually an alien XD, I suppose that’s worth some points :yes:

1 LD for me. I remembered to search for aliens, but when i “made” a sorta space shuttle i woke up. :sad:
Next time i’ll do it without a space shuttle thingy, just fly and search, if i get that high :content:

I had a LD last night but it was only about 5 minutes. I was flying up into a tree and trying to convince the DC with me that she was dreaming but she did not believe me. I even tried to get her to do the hold her nose and breath RC. She still didn’t believe me. :tongue: I didn’t have the chance to explore the universe I was in the tree the whole time. :tongue:

[b]Task 4:

Follow the white rabbit, ask someone the code and find the treasure![/b]

In this task you need to find a white rabbit, follow it wherever it leads you. On your way you have to ask someone the code. You can also ask the rabbit. Wherever the rabbit stops, there will be a treasure hidden. You’ll have to use the code and find the treasure.

This one is not as simple as the other ones: you have to remember different kinds of actions and accomplish them in the right order to complete this mission.

Find a white rabbit: +10 (follow the rabbit: +20)
Ask for the code: +10 (get the code: +15 and remember it: +20)
Find where the treasure is: +10 (open the treasure: +15 and see what’s inside: +20)

You thought about everything in the dream: White rabbit + Code + Treasure but you didn’t think of them in the right order or something went wrong (the rabbit was purple instead of white, you followed a dog, you didn’t have to use a code or the treasure was empty or something like that… : +50

You did everything in the right order and found the treasure: +75

+10 for completing this task before the 5th of August 18:00 GMT

This point system may vary a bit, depending on the dreams you have. But it should be something like this :tongue:


  1. Drya: 85 +30 (LD1) +10 (LD2) + 40 (task 2) = 165 points
  2. rkr7: 80 points
  3. Alissa: 40 + 30 (LD1) + 10 (for trying to find an alien) = 80 points
  4. Vampirism45: 70 points
  5. Lidybug: 40 + 30 (LD1) = 70 points
  6. Siiw: 30
  7. Magnus: +20 (for meeting an alien) = 20 points

Good luck everyone! :good:

I must say… This is one of the most unique tasks I’ve seen. This not only tests our ability to preform actions in a dream… But 3 seemingly unrelated actions in a particular order.

The interesting thing is the fact that this is a task ffor both beginners AND experts. Beginners can attempt any of the three specific actions, and experts can go for the gold and do all 3 in order. This is golden.


Thanks rkr7, glad you like it :content:

I thought the challenges should be a bit more challenging, so everyone can really prove what they are worth, you can really be creative and make an adventurous dream story out of this one. Hope you all will do your best! I’m gonna try this one too :tongue:

So I tried it myself this night, and indeed it is difficult :tongue: I made a painting for this month’s Quest and I noticed there was a code on it. It was H00T4. I couldn’t find a white rabbit, so I chased a chicken instead. I also flew on the chicken (task2), it lead me to my parents in law but they didn’t know where the treasure was :tongue:

I was waiting, but apparently nobody got any points :sad:

Time for the last task:

[b]Task 5:

Fly to the moon and moonwalk[/b] :cool:

Look at the moon: +10
Try to get to the moon but don’t reach it: +20
Stand on the moon: +30
Moonwalk: +30
Moonwalk on the moon: +70

+10 bonuspoints for completing this task before Sunday 9th of August 18:00 GMT
+20 bonuspoints for meeting Michael Jackson :tongue:


  1. Drya: 165 points
  2. rkr7: 80 points
  3. Alissa: 80 points
  4. Vampirism45: 70 points
  5. Lidybug: 70 points
  6. Buttrfli: +30 (LD1) +10 (LD2) = 40 points
  7. Siiw: 30 points
  8. Magnus: 20 points

i had 2 lds the other day but was unable to post because of stressful circumstances- can i still get credit for that???

Absolutely buttrfli! Did you do any tasks as well?

I think you should post this in the topic of this month’s Quest, “be creative” is not one of my tasks :wink:

The Sixth Sense? :smile: (I love Bruce Willis! :grin: )

Looking forward to see your drawings! :content:

Amaryllis sorry about that i totally got the quest confused with your tasks :tongue: . But, I’m proud of my subconscious for doing at least one of them :grin: .

I had a LD last night my husband was laying on the couch and I flew on my back from one side of the couch to the other. Then I woke up, it was only a few seconds.

I tried to have a go at the find the white rabbit, get the password, find the treasure one (even thoug I’m not officially participating), but I couldn’t be bothered to find a rabbit :lol: and the dream ended… but before that, i did this months Quest :grin:

Today I was in a beauty salon and I had a massage, while I was waiting in the dark room, I focused on the music. After 10 minutes, I opened my eyes and found myself 50cm flying above my own body. I was so surprised that I fell down immediately. The same song was up when I opened my eyes. Very very strange! (I was trying WILD and focused on the music while trying to get my body flying, but still, I didn’t think it would work :tongue:) It was very cool though!

I became Lucid last night. I was in the car with my mom driving and two sisters. We came to the end of the street that I lived on. I desided to fly the rest of the way up the road to the house. I saw group of people walking across the street. I decided to fly into one of the houses through the wall. It was dark inside, then I woke up. So I didn’t get the chance to to a task. :crying: The LD lasted maybe 10 sec.

Final Score:

  1. Drya: 165 points
  2. Lidybug: 70 +30(LD1) + 10(LD2) = 110 points
  3. rkr7: 80 points
  4. Alissa: 80 points
  5. Vampirism45: 70 points
  6. Buttrfli:40 points
  7. Siiw: 30 points
  8. Magnus: 20 points

Thanks for playing everyone! I wish you all lots of lucid dreams in the next Challenge, where your new TM - and winner of this Chalenge (if I counted all the scores right :tongue:) - will be: Dryalantha!! :partying_face:

congrats Dryalantha! and Amaryllis, thank you for being TM this time, I think your challenges were very cool!

also, in reply to your WILD type thing in your beauty parlor. that was so great! You must have been so relaxed to be able to experience that. Great stuff.