Lucid Challenge # 19

3 LD’s and 2 OOBE’s. 2 LD’s with low lucidity cuz I could not remember the task and the other one I woke up too fast. (edit: I woke up at the moment I was planned to search for Amaryllis)

After 2 weeks of waking up early, I GET TO SLEEP! Already my recall has started to improve! (No LD’s last night though)


Fly on a strange object

Use your imagination… in this task you can fly on whatever you want: a flying carpet, a broom, a motorcycle, a snowboard or even a pogo stick… just climb on it and fly away![/b]

Fly (but without any object): 10 points
Sit on your object of choice and try flying but don’t succeed: 20 points
Sit on your object of choice, start flying but fall or crash after a while: 30 points
Sit on your object of choice and fly for at least 2 minutes: 40 points

+10 bonuspoints for completing this task before Tuesday, 28th of July at 18:00 GMT

+10 for inventing your own flying object and fly with it (+5 if it doesn’t fly properly)


A lot of people seem to have OBE’s and in my experience they sometimes look a lot like LD’s and sometimes they’re a mix of both, so if everyone agrees I would like to give points for OBE’s as well. In an OBE you’re also dreaming and being aware of it so that’s more or less the same as a LD. But because this is a forum for lucid dreams in the first place I will only give half of the points for OBE’s

So: +15 for the first one of the beginning of a new task and +5 for the next onces.
Same rules: you can have more than one OBE in one night but you have to be awake in between.

If anyone else had an OBE during the four last days, you can still let me know and get points for it…


1.Vampirism: +50 for completing the task +15+5 for the OBE’s = 70 points
2.Drya: +30 (LD1) +10 (LD2)+5(for the smaller LD that only lasted a couple of seconds) +5+5 (for the two OBE’s) = 55 points
3.Geitost: +30 points for the LD = 30 points

Good luck with the next task! :cool:

I’m in full favor with the OBE idea.

Good luck on the new task everyone!

I finally had an LD last night. I became Lucid when I realized I was flying. I will type it in my dream journal later. I flew right through a truck. I asked a couple of DC if they knew butterfli so I could find her and ask what she was dreaming about. No one knew her and it was only maybe a 3 minute LD so I didn’t get to ask anyone else. :neutral:

Has the new challenge already begun? :sad: Well, then I wait for challenge 20 and good LD’s everyone :happy:

Aww, I didn’t have time to sign up! Damn!

I’ll still try some of the tasks mentioned in here, though watches this topic.

1 low LD for me. More then 10 seconds but less then 5 minutes, I woke up after something pulled me through the wall.

i had a LD last night, i did flied but not on a object :sad: It was around 1 minute.


[spoiler] This dream started out kinda odd… I think I had a WILD. Anyway, I was lucid from the start.

I was at some sort of building where my friends pparently lived. (I say “friends” loosly) Well, I was outside and there were rally nothing but trees. I broke a suprisingly small branch off the tree, and started flying on it. I did this for a minute or two until it bored me. So flew up to a window, where I saw the girl I like. I motioned for her to come outside, and she did. I attempted to break off a larger branch from a tree, but I couldn’t. So, I found one of those plastic sleds on the ground and we sat on that.

She sat in front of me, and we strapped into the sled. It took off, and we began to fly around.It was a rather long flight, most of which was spent over the ocean where a bunch of people were fishing. At one point, I wanted to go faster. A plank attached to 2 ropes appeared on the end of the sled. I propped my feet up on the wood while lying down on my stomach, wheich lowered air resistance and made me go faster. It was epic.

Later in the dream, I remembered about task one. I was in a car, but we drove by a house and I saw Amaryllis outside getting the mail. I knew I was supposed to ask what you were dreaming, but at this point the dream started fading away.[/spoiler]

Well, that was fun!

Great dream rkr7! Very original flying objects :smile: Too bad you didn’t have time enough to ask me what i was dreaming! Next time, look for an apartment near the sea :wink:

[b]Task 3:

Explore the universe and meet intelligent life![/b]

Life… the universe is big enough and should be full of it… so go find an intelligent example of it! Have a conversation with it (ask where it’s from, if it is able to dream, what kind of specie it belongs to, if aliens are watching earth… ask anything you’ve always wanted to ask an alien!) and describe how the creature looks.

You can go and explore the universe yourself to find intelligent life or you can make them come to earth, doesn’t matter, as long as you try to have a conversation with it and can get a close look at it.

Travel through the universe or search for aliens but can’t find them: +10
Meet intelligent life from outer space: +20
Take a close look and describe what the ‘alien’ looks like, the planet he/she/it lives on etc.: +30
Have a conversation with the alien but no description (when you only hear it’s voice for example or if it doesn’t want to reveal itself to you: +30
Meet intelligent life, describe what it looks like and have a conversation with it: +40

+10 bonuspoints for completing this task before Saturday 1th of August 18:00 GMT

+40 points for combining this task with task no. 1 and ask the alien what it is dreaming (+20 if it doesn’t give a fulfilling answer) – if it claims not to be dreaming ask it to tell you one of its earlier dreams or to share a nice memory -


  1. Drya: 55 points + 30 (1LD) = 85
  2. rkr7: +50 (task completed) +30 (1LD) = 80
  3. Vampirism45: 70
  4. Lidybug: +30 (1LD) +10 (for flying) = 40
  5. Alissa: +30 (1LD) +10 (for flying) = 40
  6. Siiw: 30

1 LD for me!

[spoiler]I realised I was dreaming, left a huge building and started to fly. I was flying over a town and it was a horrible weather, lol. I arrived at some cute small street with restaurants, searching for a ‘thing’ to fly on - when a woman gives me 2 broomsticks… just what I was looking for. :grin: At first I could not fly with it, but then I said ‘‘Abracadabra’’ and it starts to fly… :tongue: Then some girls arrive and want to fly on the broomsticks too, so I land, let them climb on the broomstick (and some on the other) and try again. There was a girl sitting in front of me so I could not see where I was flying so we stop flying, I ask her if she can sit behind me. But she does not understand what I say. And I wake up.

The first fly trip - without broomstick, was some minutes. With the broomsticks max 30 seconds each try.[/spoiler]

Another LD, but it had nothing to do with the task.

In a ND I saw a woman… well, I guess it’s a female :tongue: , but it was a horrible creature, I believe that she was not a normal human…she had little black eyes and a huge nose, not a human one - it was like a nose from a bird or dino, I dunno… it was just… weird lol. :eek:
She said that she was family of my sister and I did not believe her. Juk!

31 July
The Ancient Time Machine

I, and the first doctor was among some ruins in modern day.
Suddenly, this big round stone started to move downwards and at the same time we traveled in time back to ancient rome.
I had suspicions that the Master might be behind it.
And the weird thing was that when I was in ancient rome, I could still see todays cars parked along the street like it was something wrong with time.

According to the Television Show Doctor Who, The Doctor is an alien in a humanoid shape :wink: so I realised I did part of the task :smile:

I doubt a Yeti counts as intelligent alien life…as it was a species from earth. :tongue:

It has to be ‘intelligent’ too, so Yeti doesn’t count :tongue:
And who the *** is doctor Who? :tongue:

All right, I watched some trailers, looks really funny :tongue:
So a time travelling doctor who is actually an alien XD, I suppose that’s worth some points :yes:

1 LD for me. I remembered to search for aliens, but when i “made” a sorta space shuttle i woke up. :sad:
Next time i’ll do it without a space shuttle thingy, just fly and search, if i get that high :content:

I had a LD last night but it was only about 5 minutes. I was flying up into a tree and trying to convince the DC with me that she was dreaming but she did not believe me. I even tried to get her to do the hold her nose and breath RC. She still didn’t believe me. :tongue: I didn’t have the chance to explore the universe I was in the tree the whole time. :tongue:

[b]Task 4:

Follow the white rabbit, ask someone the code and find the treasure![/b]

In this task you need to find a white rabbit, follow it wherever it leads you. On your way you have to ask someone the code. You can also ask the rabbit. Wherever the rabbit stops, there will be a treasure hidden. You’ll have to use the code and find the treasure.

This one is not as simple as the other ones: you have to remember different kinds of actions and accomplish them in the right order to complete this mission.

Find a white rabbit: +10 (follow the rabbit: +20)
Ask for the code: +10 (get the code: +15 and remember it: +20)
Find where the treasure is: +10 (open the treasure: +15 and see what’s inside: +20)

You thought about everything in the dream: White rabbit + Code + Treasure but you didn’t think of them in the right order or something went wrong (the rabbit was purple instead of white, you followed a dog, you didn’t have to use a code or the treasure was empty or something like that… : +50

You did everything in the right order and found the treasure: +75

+10 for completing this task before the 5th of August 18:00 GMT

This point system may vary a bit, depending on the dreams you have. But it should be something like this :tongue:


  1. Drya: 85 +30 (LD1) +10 (LD2) + 40 (task 2) = 165 points
  2. rkr7: 80 points
  3. Alissa: 40 + 30 (LD1) + 10 (for trying to find an alien) = 80 points
  4. Vampirism45: 70 points
  5. Lidybug: 40 + 30 (LD1) = 70 points
  6. Siiw: 30
  7. Magnus: +20 (for meeting an alien) = 20 points

Good luck everyone! :good: