Lucid Challenge # 21- The Final Task!

o no! I’m too late :cry:

eh…Sooo, when do we start ?

As soon as Shadow Dreamer posts the first task :wink:

lidybug gives Amaryllis a hug :hugs:

thanks lidybug! :hugs: I will cheer for you :cheer:

pats Amaryllis on the back

Ok, sorry it took so long, my internet died… But its fine now, so…

Task # 1: Climb a mountain!
We are kicking this off with some LD exercise!
To complete the task, you must ascend a mountain (not a large hill- a huge ice-tipped mountain!) and look at the view.

Find a mountain: 10 points.
Start ascending: 20 points.
Almost ascend, but fail: 30 points.
Get to the top!: 40 points!

Bonus: You actually climb using your hands and feet!: 10 points.
Bonus 2: You complete the task within 24 hours: 10 points.

The task ends in approximately 72 hours!
Good luck and have fun! Don’t forget to look around! :grin:

can you fly to the top? :eh: but annyways yea!! good quest shadow! cant wait to sleep

You can fly. But you won’t get the bonus points for actually climbing it.

What about if you climb with hands and feet, and then fly?

Maybe I’ll just go The Flash on the mountain :tongue:

If you want bonus points, you climb to the top like a normal human. :wink:
Once you are up, then you can do whatever you want! You did it! :grin:

can we transform to some faster animal and still get the bonus, no wings or fling included.

You climb as a normal human. No extra speed, etc. Only time you are allowed to do something extraordinary is to save yourself if you fall.

I can’t wait to check out the view! :woot:

This is an interesting task :cool_raz:

Well I didn’t get to any mountains i was at sea. And my Lucidity only lasted seconds :cry: . I was looking at a pastel green, yellow, and blue boat with white pok-a-dots. I thought yeah this is a dream!! Then I woke up. :cry: :cry: . Tonight will be better!! :smile:

i had an ND that i was half way up the mountain last night! :grin:

Very bad DR but noting related to task…next time mb.

Crazy stuff last night - but not even remotely connected to the actual task :tongue:

Total failiure :meh: tonight I think I get one LD :tongue:

cRaZy dream but I didn’t succeed again…ah well I’ll just try again :smile: !