Lucid Challenge # 21- The Final Task!

Forgot to write that 2 nights ago I found my happy place.
Erm… :shy:
It’s kind of personal though so I won’t describe it here. I hope that’s alright.
30 lucid + 40 task = 70

Well, I got an LD where I left the solar system (even the galaxy :tongue:) and got to another planet :cool_laugh:

The dream is here and I didnt get the LD-part until I already was in the alien planet :razz:

I Remembered and did it, but something WAS missing… Here’s the dream

lol, haven’t had any lucids…too bad, I guess I will have more luck next time :smile:

Still going? :rofl:

I had an LD over 10 secs but didnt do a task :dark:

I’m BACK! Lets just say I had a string of bad luck but now I’m back!
As for the next task:
Transform yourself!
All you have to do is become something not human.
Remember the task: 10 points
Begin transformation or attempt to: 20 points
Partial transformation: 30 points
Success: 40 points!

Bonus: Do it within 24 hours: 10 points
Bonus2: You can use your tail: 10 points

I got a long LD and tried to transform to a bird without success :meh:

The dream is found here :cool:

Great! Wyrvens topic should be of some use!

I’m back too. Had an LD, nothing task-worthy.

Ill read it, but once Im in an LD Im too lazy to learn new LD-powers :tongue:

Ah, I forgot about this topic! Or rather, didn’t know the task changed since the title is still the same…
I’ve had 3 transformations since this was posted but I didn’t know it was actually a challenge. I kinda transform every LD…
EDIT: Well, all my non-human transformations appear to have been before that date so it looks like I can do this task properly. In the last few LD’s, I’ve been too human-like to want to count those.
I’m gonna transform into something challenging!

Wow, I didn’t even notice that I forgot to change the title! :eek:
It’s been a long time coming (far too long, I apologize) and here it is:
The Final Task! Party!
These tasks have had you travel everywhere, and it’s time to relax and celebrate!
For this task, all you have to do is join the party… at the base of Mt. Everest!
Remember the task: 10 points
Try but fail to get to the party: 20 points
Get to Everest but can’t find the party: 30 points
Join the festivities (cookie anyone?): 40 points

Bonus: Get it done within 24 hours.
Bonus2: Show up not human.

Good luck, and I will tally up all scores in 3 days!

Aw man, now I have to minus 10 points from the transforming task because I’m “late”. Ah well.
Transformed last night into a jet. Some evil villain guy was firing missiles at me in a large open space and I wanted to be all cool like and dodge them. I remembered the task and instead of transforming into a usual flying creature, I transformed into an object, a jet! Unfortunately, I had no idea how to fly in this new shape. I transformed into a wyvern after that. :tongue:

30 lucid points + 40 task points - 10 late = 60.

And yay, another party. Who knows? Maybe I’ll eat someone again. But not Bruno. I already ate him at the last party.
/me looks around at the other Lucid Challenge participants :ebil:

Once again I had a lucid dream with no task completion. It’s nice to just have one every once in a while though, keeps you on track.

I got myself 10 points for making an RC, but that failed :sad:

Got on a plane last night in an attempt to get to the party. Arrived at the wrong party. :tongue:

30 lucid points + 20 task points = 50.
EDIT: Calculated my total points and I’m at 420.

well i had an ld last night, didn’t do the task though, i kinda forgot about it :shy:

It was more than a few minutes, but i twas a nght mare :sad:

Had 2 LD’s the period I was gone, no task though :cool:

Shouldnt the challenge be over? :rc: