Lucid challenge #22 Oficcially over, see challenge #23

So we need to look up a challenge first AND then complete it, all in the same LD? That sounds like an double challenge. We should get more points for it :cool:

Actually, it’s been a while since I last tried lucid dreaming. I hope I can quickly get back to the level I was at (an LD nearly every night), otherwise completing this challenge may be difficult for me.

What do you mean by -


Up in the top right corner, you see “Lucid dream quest for January: Open the gate!”

Thatis the monthly quest, so look it up while your on ld4all (in your dream) if you end up completeing it i might give extra points

/me hopes hell get good dreams, Ive had a hard time to dream due to its cold in my room :silent:

In my dream I went to a computer and I looked up the lucide challenge, but I don’t remember what it was :bored:

At that point in my dream I was not lucid however. I looked up the challenge just before I went to work, but I became lucid after I left the house. I was lucid for about 10 seconds before I woke up, but definately not more :smile:

The dream I had was mostly about work. This was my first day as an intern you see, so I was kind of nervous. In the dream I was supposed to carpool with a colleague, but he didn’t show up. It was after 10 o clock when I left the house. I became lucid when I was halfway to the bus stop. The weird thing is: I was so worried that I would sleep through my alarm clock (which was neatly set, mind you) that I woke myself up.

This was my first night after reading about the challenge, but I didn´t get to look up the monthly quest.

If I calculated correctly I should get 45 points, is that right?

Correct! also remember that you can post lucid dreams where you didnt do any task for full lucd points.

Solaris: 45 points :grin:

/me had a dream yesterday where he did an RC (failed) but hadnt time to type it up :tongue:

I had another LD tonight. This time I managed to log on to a pc while I was lucid, but the dream ended as I logged in on ld4all. I was lucid for much longer then 10 seconds though. I was dancing around with some dream characters first because it felt so awesome becoming lucid for two days in a row :tongue:

I also remember now what the challenge was that came up in my dream yesterday. I was supposed to go sailing. In the dream I had tonight I was on a walkway overlooking a bay. A sailing boat was already waiting for me below. My guess is that my subconscious wanted to assist me in completing the task, because I didn’t consciously think it up. In fact, I remembered what the challenge was only after I woke up. So basically, all that’s left for me to do is complete the challenge.

Does this mean 15 extra points? :happy:

sorry, no time to count up scores right now, but i was wondering if people would mind actually posting their dream and not just what was relevant to the tasks, a links to a DJ is also fine.

Sorry yall ive been out of time without a computer so i am just now seeing the challenge. Ill post tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Good luck everyone!!!

I do have a personal dream journal, but I doubt you would understand it. It’s in Dutch :tongue: I suppose I could write out my dreams in English for this challenge. I’ll do so the next task.

Well daniel, I was too lasy to put up the dream :tongue: Im putting up a link and I got another dream where I did an RC :cool_raz:

here it is :yay:

Okay, time for the next challenge,same rules apply as to the first one. You may still get points from the first challenge, but 10 points will be deducted.

Change your own age!

This challenge is to change your own age, make your self younger or older.

Task points:
Try to change your age, but fail. :sad: - 5 points
Change everybodys age- 15 points
Change your age and only your own age- 20

Bonus: Change one persons age (who isn’t you) and only one person.-10 points

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Also the scores are now:
Solaris-95 points :grin:
Ghostie11- 20 points

haha thats an awesome task

im sorry i havnt been able to complete any of these. ive been having really bad sleep these last couple days

i live in socal with the crazy storms :meh:

I had another lucid dream yesterday. I became lucid just as I began to wake up, but once I became lucid I sort of fell back into my dream. During this phase I saw some images (I forgot the term for them), but then I was back in my dream world. I saw a clock hanging above a sidewalk. I grabbed it and tried to turn back time. I’ve heard it’s an exellent method to prolong an LD. It was too late. The dream became more and more vague and I woke up. It was a short LD, but it did last over 10 seconds because of the images.

I don’t remember much of the dream itself though. But at least I get another 30 points :content:

Well I had a LD after the first part ended, but before I saw you posting the next challenge :tongue: what does it count for? It’s in today’s post of my DJ, btw. Lasted about 20 secs.

This is gonna be fun, I had a lot of dreams when I was at a different age, but it was years ago, guess its time for it again :tongue:

Got lucid on the awakening last night;
besides, changing my/others’ age sounds like fun, I’ll try not to mess DC’s up too badly :lol:

I had another two lucid dreams last night :happy:

A friendly reminder from my subconscious
Date: 23-01-2010
During a vacation, I’m riding a mountainbike down towards a beach. I would have liked the beach to be tropical, but it’s not. It’s a partly cloudly day, but at least it’s not cold. Various trees are standing on the sand itself. This isn’t right, I think to myself. Slowly I am becoming lucid.

Once I put down my bike and enter a stadium like building, I am fully aware that I’m dreaming. I walk towards a group of elderly people, sitting at a table in the centre of the building. I decide to tease them, so I steal the glasses of one of the men. While he doesn’t look amused, he doesn’t get mad. Next, I summon somekind of animal. It looks like somekind of rat, but it runs away quickly.

I have a strong feeling the group of elderly people was in my dream to help me remember that I was supposed to change my age. I didn’t remember to do so in the dream. The lucid part of this dream lasted about twenty seconds.

Philosofical questions
Date: 23-01-2010
A group of people is eating dinner at a restaurant. A funeral mob walks in. I’m told a baby has died. The parents come in first, but there are friends and family behind them. There is also a train of wooden baskets on wheels that rolls behind them. The space in the restaurant is quite small, so the guests need to stand up from their chairs and they are pressed against the table, as the mob walks by.

I start to cry, in fact, everyone in the restaurant is crying. As the mob passes by, I start to wonder what happened to the soul of the baby. Itsn’t it strange that I’m sad, I wonder, since I believe in life after death. The baby is probably happy where he is now. I then start to wonder what will happen to me if I die. The strange thing is that in this dream I’m standing next to my father, who in real life has also died.

I wake up from the dream, but I am still thinking about the same questions. I drift back into my dreamworld in the way that would happen if you did a WILD, so I am fulled lucid. I have a strong feeling that my subconscious wants to elevate my conciousness and understanding. A dream landscape forms itself, but the dream is not very clear. After a few seconds I feel I am being pulled out of the dream. I feel I am close to achieving something, but perhaps I’m not quite ready yet to find the answers to my questions. The lucid part of this dream lasted for about ten seconds.

I guess that means another 50 points :happy:

I got lucid yesterday and completed the previous challenge. :smile:

That means… calculating
30 lucid points + 25 points for completing the challenge + 10 bonus points - 10 late points.

If I’m correct, 55 points! :content: