Lucid DayDreaming (LDD)

This interests me.

I think I’ll try it later when I’m not tired. :tongue:

This is a really great idea, and I’m definitely going to start trying it. I think it even deserves its own big topic. In thinking about this I really realize how many daydreams I have. :tongue:

I’ve been trying this technique for a while now and I have gotten better at it. I found that you can get a more in depth daydream if you try to visualize something, and it is easier to enter daydreams when you’re tired. I will continue this method and update on the effects it has on dreaming.

I forgot about this!
Until I remembered it today when I was thinking about LD’ing, and how to increase awareness.

I’ll try tomorrow after my test. :razz:

This sounds like fun! Hehe i normally day dream alot! and sometimes they look very real. I had no idea you could try to become lucid on a day dream. I will start trying ASAP! I don’t quite think i can achieve full lucidity within a daydream, but i guess i can try and make them way more realistic and way more enjoyable.