Lucid Dream cascades

My lucid dream experiences are quite varied some pleasant, some unpleasant (as I’ve recently posted) some feel to be ‘HD’ and others just ‘standard definition’.

However I have found in recent years if I have one lucid dream and as it fades I resolve as I come back to wakefulness to keep still with eyes closed presumably still on the borders of sleep I will often fall into another dream in which I am immediately lucid.

Sometimes its akin to watching a cinema screen that gets closer and then just wraps around you and your in the dream and away you go.

Often when this happens the dreams have an interconnecting theme which is the real interesting part for me.

Doing so has led to me having three or more lucid dreams in a row unless the alarm goes off and spoils the fun meaning its time to get up and busy in the real world!

I love when this happens! :cool: I used to call it the “loop”.

Have you noticed any pattern in when you get this? When you go to sleep, when you wake up, how you sleep etc? I haven’t experienced this for a long time, but it wasn’t uncommon many years ago.

Siiw, sorry for the lateness in this response since I’ve not logged in here in a while.

In answer to your question this is something which I have ‘happened’ across in recent years, before then my lucid dreams almost exclusively started from a realisation that I could somehow ‘spin’ 360 degrees in my ‘dream bed’ and after a short while I would find myself ‘shot’ out into the dream world (often starting in a hyper realistic facsimile of my actual bedroom) typically feeling a real ‘bump’ as I hit the floor in the same!

Nowadays this rarely if ever happens, I typically just become spontaneously aware that I am dreaming and find that as I lose lucidity I can ‘cascade’ by simply resolving to remain still as it does so. Sometimes this involves been in a sort of nether state of darkness for a while before the next dream forms. I am guessing when this happens I am very close to a waking state before dropping back to dreaming.

As I said in my post the real thrill in these cascades is how the theme from one dream carry’s over to the next and so on. Indeed I’ve said ‘farewell’ to dream characters telling them my lucidity is failing, only to meet them again in the next dream!