Lucid dreaming fail

I’ve been trying to induce lucid dreams for quite a while, but having no progress.
specifically with the wild technique.

okay, so here’s how i try, you guys can tell me what i’m doing wrong, or what i need to do.

i’m laying in bed, on my back, being perfectly still (even trying to keep my eyes still, and yes they were closed) for god knows how long, probably an hour. slowly feeling my body go numb, eventually not feeling anything, and seeing crap in my head, but not bright, or vivid stuff, more of a slight discoloration form the normal color i see when i close my eyes, either white, or a dark grey.
i was trying to think of all the crap i researched about it, like trying to recognize the images as i lay there. eventually everything is numb, even my jaw drops quickly some how, and it hurts a bit where i connects to my skull.
eventually, i see some distinguishable images, but still not anything significant.
and i’m definitely not paralyzed, because i can still move slightly. and i get fed up and move, feeling VERY WEAK. frustrated and mad.

maybe i’m not waiting long enough? i sat there for at least an hour, most people say it should only take 30-40 minutes.

i would greatly appreciate any tips.

P.S. i don’t remember my dreams, ever. and some people suggest i’ll never be able to lucid dream because of this.

First, welcome Faust to LD4all :wave:

It is true, dream recall is the most important thing. How are you supposed to remember if you really had a lucid dream without? I’d suggest following this guide if you are yet to have your first LD :smile:

Plus, for the WILD, it is much easier to settle yourself in a position you usually fall asleep in first, so your body will easily descend into slumber on its own, once you have relaxed it.

Hello, welcome to the forum :smile:

First of all, you need to get rid of frustration.
You are frustrated because you consider this attempt a fail.

However, this is not true.
This is progress. Not many people can get lucid dreams very quickly.
This was not a bad attempt at all, you saw at least something and you went numb.

The key is just to keep doing it, keep practicing.
As to how long it takes, that cannot really be answered.

Anywhere between seconds and hours.
Also, many people tend to feel weak after an unsuccessful WILD attempt.

Concerning the dream recall…never say never!
I am 100% certain that you can have an awesome dream recall and lucid dreams.
Start by keeping a dream journal.

When you wake up, DON’T move.
Lay still for some time, try to gather your thoughts. It tends to help.
Don’t jump out of the bed, because it ruins your recall.

Write down anything, literally anything you can remember about the dream, even if it’s a vague feeling.

This way it will become more and more vivid, until your recall becomes ‘‘normal’’ or better.

Don’t be frustrated, it has a negative effect.
Remember, everything can be accomplished :smile:

to Lord Antares: i never actually had a dream that i remember, i’m pretty sure i was awake/conscience the entire time.

to tosxyChor: are you saying i could do it laying on my stomach? because that is where i usually sleep.

You surely can dream and become lucid while sleeping on your stomach (to be honest, I dream sometime in that position as well), but you could also try and experiment with other positions.

Also, Lord Antares is right, you were quite close! You need a way to forget faster about your body though, and being in your usual position can do the trick :content:

i’m still skeptical, but i will keep trying, thank you for your support.
also, can you give me some of your lucid dream experiences?
some say it’s like virtual reality, some say you wont be in control, but just remember you doing cool stuff, other say it’s even MORE real than this world, very deep.
also, some are saying i try TOO hard,
but who doesn’t want a laser gun battle while flying? ofcourse i’m trying too hard! xD

Everything you listed can be true.
They can be vague…with only the fact that you were lucid left in your memory…you can remember them well, but they can be out of control…but the true jewels of dream world are those dreams where you are absolutely lucid, where you can feel everything from your word and know that if you blink, you are able to sweep at all away; where are conscious as in real life, where everything depends on you and where you can do whatever the hell you want.

Dreams can pretty much be all that you want them to be. Some dreams I just walked around, some dreams I’ve flown, spawned stuff in front of me, played with magic, and other stuff; some were fuzzy and unmemorable, some so vivid they were more real than reality itself. It goes on, it mostly depends on will and expectation. :smile:

About the trying too hard, just remember to relax and calm your thoughts when you go to bed. Excitement is good, but you reasonably have to be able to fall asleep :tongue:

Maybe try some relaxation techniques. Stretches, or deep breathing can help. And read as much as possible, there are hundreds of different WILD techniques out there, try and find one that might work.