Lucid dreaming Newbie

Hi from Belgium,

I started trying lucid dreaming 5 days ago. What I have been working on is basically just remembering my dreams when I wake up. I thought it would be a difficult task as I have not been able to recall any dreams for years now. I am actually going to spend the night at a sleep lab in a nearby hospital on july 25th. I never cared about remembering my dreams until my doctor asked me about it last month and I realized I never recall any.

After researching the net, I found a lot of material regarding lucid dreaming and decided to give it a try. Amazingly enough, by using techniques I have read about, I was able to remember bits and pieces of dreams these past few days. Today, I had a terrible nightmare and although I did not realize I was dreaming, I was conscious I could fly. At one point I decided to fly above a building and realized it was too high and if I fell, I would kill myself so I was even debating with myself whether I should do it or not. I decided to do it and noticed I was really good at it and was not scared of heights anymore.

What is really funny is that I was actually in Harry Potter’s school and he was standing right next to me telling me “see? it’s not that hard! you’re going to learn so much here. Wait and see!” The only Harry potter movie I’ve seen was the first one back when it came out so I don’t even know why I dreamed of that!! Isn’t that amazing how far the brain will go to retrieve information?

The flying part was cool but the rest of the dream…absolutely not! However, I was able to remember it all. That’s a start!

Voilà!Have a nice evening!

wow that is amazing could you tell me what you actully did that helped you to remeber your dreams? i want to start remebering mine so i can have a lucid dream aswell. thank you

That was some wonderful dream BelgianWaffle! :content: The more you dig into dreams , the more you’ll remain surprised at the amazing possibilities of your Mind ^^

And ldkid, we have a nice guide to improve dream recall in our Knowledge Base, you can check it out. :wink:

Hi Tosxychor and Ldkid,

Thank you both!

ldkid, I would suggest you follow tosxychor’s advice and check their guide. After reading lots of info online, I must say what I do may not be right. But it works for me so I’m guessing we all have to find our own way to make things work.

Anyway, here is how I do it. When I go to bed, I listen to a meditation CD…just one song. It helps me relax from my day stress. Then I fall asleep repeating to myself “I will remember at least one dream when I wake up”. My alarm clock is in fact my phone I set up to ring only once so I don’t have to move to turn it off. When I wake up, I keep my eyes shut, do not move at all and try to remember. I also have a notebook on my night table. Once I remember the dream, I write it down.

In the evening, when I can finally sit down 15 minutes :wink: I will research the net for info on lucid dreaming. If I read anything about it, it will be on my mind later on whether I want it or not. :smile:

The dream where I was flying did not take place at night. I was off from work yesterday and took a nap in the afternoon. That’s when I had the dream. It is obviously easier for me to remember my dreams after taking a nap than after a night sleep. I don’t know if it is similar for everyone.

There you go…that’s what I do…I hope this helps. :wink: