Lucid dreaming: too good to be true?

I know someones probably already asked if LD’s were from the devil but I just wanted to ask myself what the regular luciders think because many people have described lucid dreaming as the best thing thats happened to their lives.
I haven’t had an LD yet and in a way I’m kind of scared I mean come on guys it seems too good to be true being able to do ANYTHING in your dreams don’t you ever think, whats the catch? what am I REALLY doing and am I really ‘sleeping’? and when your in an LD and lose control and it becomes a nightmare do you really think it’s your subconscious taking over or a devil is controlling the LD?
and the whole thing with shared dreams how are they possible? and both people remember they were together in an LD.
I find myself at times almost thinking that our souls leave our bodies when we have LD’s or OBE’s and we end up going to some ‘dream world’ and that’s how we get to meet each other and do whatever we want(It sounds stupid I know)and also random question:can a person enter a coma while their having LD’s or have LD’s while already IN a coma?

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If you consider your subconscious to be a devilish/Evil part of yourself, then yeah, lucid dreaming might be surrendering yourself to the devil, or something of the like. I personally don’t care much about this idea. I’m more like : it feels right, so it must be right :content:

It’s quite sad that most come to the point of thinking that having nice things is “too good to be true”. Because it’s quite false, especially in this case. Here’s a similar topic if you want some varied opinions.

As for the nightmares, it is only you who creates it, as you create any dream. Nightmares exist because there are fears you are allowing to have power on you, and at any point you face and take over your fear, the nightmare ceases, and all that’s left is a simple, pleasant dream.

If a person entered a coma during a LD, that would be for unrelated causes :tongue: and since some, if not probably most people in coma have dreams, they can surely become lucid in between of that.

I personally believe the Bible to be very symbolic, and, thus, I do not believe in the Devil as an actual entity, so I obviously do not agree with your view. Really, the only thing you do in an LD is wake up halfway; it’s basically just a really strong daydream.

Look at this way. Does dreaming ever have any catches? The worst that could happen is you wet yourself, or scare yourself. But, with a lucid dream, you won’t scare yourself unless you want to, and if you need to go, you can wake yourself up. The method you use may take practice, but so does everything else in life.

First of all, not everything has a catch. Some things are just awesome :cool:

Second of all, if first of all seems like to easy of an answer (which, I suppose, would probably be likely in a circular fashion) I suppose if you got reeeeeeaaally good at it, then I could ask you the question: Have you ever seen Inception?

(Although honestly Inception doesn’t answer the question either, it just acknowledges the possible answers and the question itself. In my opinion, it offers a valid counterargument to the knee-jerk response. But I digress.)

dreams are simply interpretations of the mind to explore the questions of your mind and answer them in a fashion that seems most logical, I.E. an actual circumstance.
if the soul leaves the body, the body becomes dead, considering the body is a tool used by the soul to complete the things it must in the grounds we call “reality”
although the soul can return to the body from outside means, the body cannot physically expel the soul from its premise without first destroying the vessel in which it has taken for itself.
or by expelling the soul from its premise through an outside means, which would most likely have to include a person with special exceptions to do.

therefore, dreams cannot be an expulsion of the soul, because that would be self-destruction.

second of all, why of all people would lucifer want to torture you?
you of all people.
out of 6-9 billion as of 2004-20010 (respectively).
at most it would be a demon come to torture your dream, which is just as likely as freddy crueger trying to murder you in your sleep.
the things that your afraid of personify themselves inside your mind as you sleep.
your base thoughts, fears, and true feelings lie in your subconscious, which brings itself forth in your dreams, and this is where your fears come alive.
these things personify themselves, like i said, in your dreams because your subconscious reveals itself, along with your fears and everything you hate.
saying this is the devil trying to torture you is like saying the reason your step dad hates you is because hes possessed. (simply an explanation)

now, theres a lot of controversy over shared dreaming.
some say the only explanation is that the soul leaves the body while asleep, and this is proven not to be true.
the dreamscape is not some kind of giant city where people go where they sleep, where they can meet up with friends and go blow shit up.
it doesnt work like this.
the dreamscape is separate from each and every person, because the dreamscape lies WITHIN YOUR MIND.
your simply in your own head, not heaven, nor hell.
no matter what you believe this place is, there is a sense of reality which lies in each dimension, and each must be upheld because this is simply how things work.
just like humans cannot physically breach the speed of light, because no matter how fast you go, as long as you hit 1mph under it, the faster you run, the slower you will seem to travel.
see now, the mind is a complex thing.
there have been situations where certain twins have literally had a natural empathy link between them, and could tell what eachother were thinking.
there have been spontaneous forms of this, in which people have been able to travel into anothers dream, but there has been no scientifically recorded form of this.
thats just one theory, and in science, it does actually make sense.
just like the heart actually pumps out minor amounts of bio-electricity.
this is why some people can tell where people stand behind them, like me.
some people can sense where people are behind them because of a hightened form of electro-sensory that comes naturally, and people said that was a myth for over 20 years.

“can a person enter a coma while having an LD?”:
unless the person experiences some form of outside trauma, like some guy breaks into your house, beats you over the head with a lead pipe, giving you a level 2 concussion while your sleeping.
of course, you’d probably die by the time your got to the hospital, but thats besides the point.
SP cannot physically send you into a coma, because EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE, you sleep and enter SP.
saying SP can send you into a coma just means you either havent thought it through, of your just paranoid like hell.

“Can you enter an LD while in a coma?”:
i’ve never been in a coma, but i’d imagine you’d either be awake in a form of paralysis which inhibits movement,or you’d be in a living dream, thinking its reality, not knowing theres a world outside of the one you know of (coma reality).
which, i guess would be a form of LD, so ya, i guess that’d be possible.

You can do this in real life too, you know. Try it.

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I don’t think he will be able to fly as much as he tries to :lol:

That depends on your definition of “flying.” Does “falling with style” count? :gni:

And honestly, lucid dreaming isn’t too good to be true. My first LD wasn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Plus, if you aren’t a natural, LDing takes some work. The most successful method - improving your dream recall by recording your NDs ASAP every night/morning- requires a time commitment and some rescheduling in your sleep cycle. Once you do LD, you might lose it right away, leading to a great deal of frustration. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort.

But when you get it right… nice. :wink:

Me ‘n’ the devil are on cool terms. Both into the same music and enjoy BBQs.
It would be pretty cool if you LD whilst in a coma. Don’t know anyone who has actually been in a coma though so I don’t know personally.

Nightmares are usually your sub conscious bringing up a personal problem that you haven’t faced. So in your nightmare, turn around, and talk to whatever is scaring you. You never know, you may have an interesting conversation (if you remember it), don’t forget to give it a big HUG :3

Hope I helped in some way.

AS DESCRIBED, yes, it is too good to be true. IN REALITY, no, it’s not too good to be true.

A lucid dream is just as apt to be unpleasant as a regular dream is. If you tend to have unpleasant regular dreams, then you’ll tend to have unpleasant lucid dreams.

The people in your dreams might do what you tell them to, and they might not. But probably not. They’ll probably surprise you with what they do.

No, lucid dreaming isn’t “from the devil.” As to what the people and creatures in your dreams really are, and as to where dreams take place – well, you could ask those people and creatures. I’d be interested to hear what they tell you.

Oh come on. World domination, business success, being a total ass or even flying in balloon (if we talk about flying) - all this awaits for teh brave xP.

Or kill it ^^.

Kill the thing that has helped you overcome your fear? D:

Thinking that Lucid Dreaming is ‘Too good to be true’ may already suggest that you have a wrong perception of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is not like a pill that you take to get high and feel great. Lucid dreaming is a skill that you must learn, train and maintain to able to experience new things and learn more about yourself.

It’s not much different than:

  • learning to read to be able to read about other peoples ideas and stories
  • learning to drive or sail to be able to explore new places
  • learning to meditate to learn to control your state of mind
  • learning to dive to explore the underwater world
  • learning to use a computer to play games, chat, mail and surf the internet
  • learning a new language to be able to talk to more people and of different cultures

It’s all about learning something and experiencing something new as a reward. From what I’ve experienced so far during my attempts to lucid dream is that learning the stuff listed above aren’t more difficult to learn than to Lucid dream and aren’t more rewarding either. People don’t say that these things are too good to be true either, nor that they shouldn’t be practiced because it’s devil’s work.

The devil? haha what does that even mean? in between heaven and hell is the highest place to be in, thats where you find the inconsistancies of the myth.

Wow, you’re ten years older than me and you STILL believe in the devil. Now, a 15 year old brat is going to tell you a few things about life:

  1. There is no devil. No hell. No demons. You get the point, there is no man that is painted in red and has horns on top of his head.
  2. There is only ONE life. Live it. Try everything you can, unless that thing is frequent of shortening people’s lifes (thus making you try less things), and no1 proved that someone died out of lucid dreaming. Ofc, by shortening peoples life’s I don’t mean just your life, anyone’s life. So, have fun and let other people have fun.
  3. What’s the catch? The catch is that this is not reality. LDing is like playing a video game, the best video game in the world (you’ll probably say video game are from the red man with horns).
  4. [I’ll imagine that devil and god exist.] LD’s do not come from the devil, here’s is why:
    a) The point of the bible is (one of the points): God created basics. Now you go on and build the rest. And lucid dreaming produces creativity towards art, and I don’t mean just paintings, I mean everything good around you created by human hand.
    b)As I understood it, LDing rarely leads to nightmares. Nightmares lead to LD’s, and LD’s make nightmares shine. I mean, turn something so bad into something so good, that’s not the devil for sure.

Dude, ld is natural has nothing to do with the “devil”… Its peaceful and its awesome!

Most of mine are not awesomely peaceful. A few have been that way, but most have not.