Lucid dreaming used to "unlock" abilitys

I had a friend, Colin, who was reading an article about the way our brain works in pressure situations. An example would be a potential car crash, where things seem to slow down similar to Matrix bullet-time.

Colin’s father was taught by his army buddies how to control his heart beat and said it’s kind of like flexing a muscle, you just need to know how to do it. Colin has a theory that you could learn how to control any of of your body’s physiological functions if you just knew how.

He wants to use Lucid Dreaming as a way to learn and control this particular bullet-time ability (as well presumably as other things like heart-rate and serotonin or adrenaline release).

Increasing memory would interrest me (ok SD says my memory is too good already but nvm :lol: )
Bullet time not bad … altough i think it is impossible to ACT so fast as to realy escape a bullet even if you saw it like in the films …

Yeah, I don’t think bullet time allows you to physically move faster, so much as it does increase your reactions. You would be diving out of the way before the other person had even pulled the trigger.

Wich leads to another interresting Abbility one could strive for … reading human body language perfectly/ learning to better estimate other persons reactions (will he shoot ? Will he have a breakdown and weep ? etc…)

Call it what you like, but my memory went from poor at best to nearly photographic by lucid dreaming. It really forces you to pay attention to details and question little things. Noticing these types of things vastly enhances your memory, in my experience.

As for other abilities, I suppose it would give you massive (and I mean really massive) time to study if you could LD for large amounts of time. The amount of knowledge you could accumulate with a few extra hours a night (which could seem like days, assuming you had the ability to control time in your dreams) is quite large.

Actual physical benefits? Eh, I’m the skeptical type, I’ll believe it when I see it.

wow man i wish i could do that unlocking abilities would be awsome
how would you find it in your dream though

I think our mind and body is capable far byond our knowledge. It’s a nature thing I believe. The abilities that surface in the process of evolution- Like longer lifetime, stronger immunesystem and maybe the ability to recreate different substances in your body. If you’d force your brain to act in a certain “destress” mode (And I believe the closest you’ll ever get to full controll of your mind is through a lucid dream).

you can learn telekinesis while you are awake

how would lucid dreaming teach it to you ?

As a kid I dreamed and hoped for an ability for lack of a better term. Stumbling accross LDs. I thought that coulda been it. But once you get into the layers of brain activity required to have LDs it opens up a realm of possibility. Little fact : Nothing is going to happen in dec 2012. The change will be done according to theology. Anyone else feel the change coming. Maybe our next adaptation is now necessary . Humans are on the brink of something really good or really bad. Hopes it’s an ability.

Maybe lucid dreaming will become more generally recognised as a tool to developing ideas and learning and will become mainstream like maths, and children will start doing it from when they are young, then it may become an effortless skill for future generations, and used to solve problems which were previously unsolvable, like a perpetual motion machine.

I was wondering if an Edgar Cayce approach was possible, he used to sleep on book and in the morning wake up and known the contents of the book. Is that possible with LD’s?

Having tried this as a last resort after many failed attempts of studying the material for an exam, my test scores prove that this is just a load of crap! And the stupid thing is… I tried it more than once! :help: Best read the book.


Urg! I was hoping to master my AP World History Class…Reading that textbook bores me to death half the time.

But you could read it , than ask for a livly illustration in your LD.
With history this could get especially interresting :smile:
And if you are interrested in sumtin : you remember it better :cool:

(you could ofc also flip through the pages and than try to retrieve the knowledge from you SC … but i dont recommend that if you want a more than 30% chance to master the exam :wink: )

btw: in my book (no pun intended) history is extremly interresting :yes:

i find this rather interesting.

but what exactly is an ability :confused: i mean, i consider Lding to be an ability for me its something that i enjoy that noone else that i kow of in my area can do, people say i have the ability to play basketball well, if everybody else was just as good thay wouldnt say that.

some have the ability to dance, everyone can do it if they work hard enough, but the few who are naturals are said to have the ability. does this just mean to have a gift that few people can do?

now lets say unlocking , lets say ‘powers’
first how many have read the book Eragon, for those of you who have you know that he can touch animals with his mind, he cant talk to them but he can communicate with them stubley none the less.

So imangine you go lucid and take the elevator to the room with the big locked door. this door keeps things out of your mind and keeps you in your mind, i wonder what would happen if you unlocked this door?

just a thought…

Maybe will have to try picking the lock to the ‘ability cupboard’ next time im in a lucid dream, though Im worried mine will be empty :sad:


I have thought the EXACT same thing, going to a door in your mind labled “Memory” or something. Open it, and you have it. You’ve heard of a photographic memory or Perfect pitch (Hear any sound and know it instantly) maybe THIS could be possible?

This is EXACTLY why I wanted to LD in the first place! (well, of course do other things like flying)
I’ve always wanted a better memory and I’d really like to try and see if I can achieve some sort of improvement on my memory when I get a LD.
Someone who has frequent LD’s should defiantly try this!

Definitely. I fully believe it’s possible. Telekinesis as well. I also think you can learn how to teleport in real life. I need to try this, but first I must Lucid dream lol!