Lucid Living

What’s lucid living? Sorry if this is a dumb question

there’s a ‘big Lucid Living’ topic, if you wanna know more.

I practice it everyday, almost all day. It is used by the dream yogis of tibet as a day time technique, and goes great with RCs.

Right, what it is. Lucid Living is where you bring up the feeling of being in a lucid dream while awake. In simple terms, it’s just pretending to be dreaming, but like RCs, you really must put feeling into it. Really believe that you are dreaming. Be aware of all details, and take note of how your environment interacts with you.

This is a very condensed explanation, but it is pretty simple if you read up on it. Again, the Big LL topic is a great resource. The last post is probably one of mine, in which I quote from a book on Dream Yoga. It explains it in a very simple way.

That’s a start. hope it helped :content:

What I felt yesterday when I tried reallly hard to get a lucid dream , the next day I was feeling like I’m in one in a way although more like in a less real more rather then a “lucid”

well, it’s really a choice, as it is a technique for improving awareness of life and the nature of reality. It’s the feeling of being totally lucid while walking in the waking world. taking in all that is around you as a dream. Doing this will improve LD frequency and give you a great deal of perspective in RL.

that sounds AWSOME! i want to live lucid!!!

I know this is a old topic but i get caught up a day dream and it feels like you in the dream is that lucid living or just a regular daydream

No, that’s not a lucid dream, just a daydream. However, you can use day dreams to practice for lucid dreaming. Here’s a link to an article that goes over that tech: Lucid Daydreaming (LDD)