Lucid living

Hi, can someone explain me in his own words what is lucid living, how does it works, and what are the benefits of it in the way of getting lucid!
Thanks alot for the answer!

basicly trying to be more aware of your self and what happens around you. Not just going forward like a zombie but to look at the world and think about it. Smell, hear and feel everyting.

Living in the moment and noticing everything sensory that goes on around you.

When you think about it, we tend to spend a great deal of life sleepwalking, trapped in reverie, worry and distraction. Try to change that pattern.

Experience everything about the moment. Notice what nobody else notices. Listen to the faint hum of the air conditioning. Hear the sound of your footfalls on carpet. Feel the gentle pressure of the ground against your feet and the brush of clothes against your skin. Throughout the day, challenge yourself to prove that you are not dreaming by paying attention to these things.

Realize that every experience outside of the present moment, every emotion and memory, comes completely from within. When a strong emotion (particularly a negative emotion) springs up, examine it. Does it make sense? Why did you create it? All emotion, in dreams or no, is created by you. So are you dreaming? Are you sure? What have you been doing the last few hours?

Robert Waggoner has a great article on this. It is an excellent read and I believe it could be the key to super-consistent lucid dreaming.

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