Lucid Memetics - Part I

Close Enough to LD


the one with multiple FAs rocks :happy: also the one with “had a LD before my REM cycle”… good stuff guys :happy:

I had to do this:

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Lol, those pictures are just brilliant :razz: :lol:

Which is why I never use TRN, Im too active on forum…

SPOILER - Click to view

Grah :tongue:

*somniologist :tongue:

I love these, keep them coming :grin:

I’m not very knowledgable regarding memes, so I’m hesitant to create something myself.

XD I don’t think they’re actually using memes, more trying to make some up. Don’t worry, Q. I don’t know much memes either. :razz:

Thanks for watching, and I’ve now corrected the typo.

All pictures here were created specifically for LD4all. Look at the first post, where the authors are listed. The meme faces and non-captioned pictures itself are “public domain”.
For instance, I had to edit Determined Face to get eyes closed (second panel): “No, you can’t do it everywhere! (DEILD Fail idea by ommie)” But it’s not needed to create a comic, just assemble and caption.

Feel free to use it.

You probably don’t need it, huh? :tongue: I should stop teasing you!

Counting Sheep?

Too Lazy To Fly

Lol Kitty, what if the wolf gets a lot of sheep under the eyelids as a HH in the presleep? :tongue: How is he supposed to eat them then?

Mastering WILD

2011-05-18 (Man vs WILD reference)





yay my chocolate!!! :happy: lol these are all awesome, keep up the good work

Don’t blame the mods!



Idea by Tggtt

haha lol Mimmo that one looks hilarious :rofl:

Lol Tggtt and Mimmo, great pictures :grin:

may 20 22:13:28 mimmo, please no Me Gusta comics for transformations
may 20 22:13:36 <Mimmo_O> mmmm
may 20 22:13:37 <Mimmo_O> yeees
may 20 22:13:41 did you hear?
may 20 22:13:41 <Mimmo_O> transformation
may 20 22:13:43 <Mimmo_O> ME GUSTA
may 20 22:13:45 “mimmo, please no Me Gusta comics for transformations”
may 20 22:13:50 NOT ALLOWED
may 20 22:13:54 NEVER

I told you NOT to do it!
What have I done here???

why did you not want it? xD

I love these :happy: Hopefully I can come up with something soon to contribute.

Hahaha I LOVE ragecomics!!!
This is such an awesome thread!!! :happy:

I’m sure this has happened to all of us :razz:

Epic LD