Lucid Memetics - Part III

how did you do this!?

There’s a lot of meme makers around, Archery. My favourite is This one. It’s very nice and easy to use.

loved the WILD one, Ashiren :rofl:

(The site wasn’t working properly so I had to save the preview, but it’s readable :tongue:)

Or you could just use paint and copy+paste :razz:

Whenever I read or see in cartoon, episode or movie when there is (lucid) dream-related stuff going on.

If the creators have read about lucid dreaming…

I joined the IRC about 7 or 8 years ago, and used to talk alot there. Over the years, I talked less and less, and eventually the people I would talk to alot (NullAshton, TRJR, Dragon) started leaving, and Slinking Ferret died. After that, I haven’t really had much to talk about in the IRC, but my client still auto-joins it, like I set it to a few years ago.

I’m sure there are other lurkers though. There were when I joined, and most IRC channels have quite a few, so I’m not sure why I’m such a big deal…

@sherlawkdragon: because we always see you join and quit

But never see you talk XD

/me hugs :smile:

Have a nice day :3

An inside joke between me, ebilshrimp and Wulf

Hello, the currently famous “is lucid dreaming real?” questions are throwing me back to memes!

So, is it really real?


^ not mine

Maybe Lucid Dreaming is not for Humans!


It’s all these movies’ fault.


Haha, good memes you made there, and this Morpheus fractal zoom freaked me out a bit :tongue:

My Friends don’t understand my LDing needs


This one was inspired by Ashiren’s many links in chat.
I believe it to be my second greatest work XD

However I think you forgot this:

But that’s great anyway.

#LD4all Conspiracy


First Day LD4all Kid


Scumbag Joining IRC


Bad Luck Joining IRC


LDing? Impossibru!


Because of huge complexity of staying still while doing the DEILD Roll, several fellow dreamers have asked for an illustrated guide.
Therefore, OmkAR has approved the compilation of this quick DEILD guide:

Click on the most appropriate link:

Male Version

Female Version


I accidentally DEILD

I would like to remind that this topic is now 2 years old!