Lucidity Challenge 35 > winner Koharo!

So… when are we starting?

  1. Czaranis, 4-5 minutes, FUS RO DAH!
  1. Samick, 20-30 seconds, become lucid at least once a week, ask a DC “What you represent?”, listen to music created by my SC.
  1. Scipio Xaos; 3 Minutes; Find the Lucid Switch
  2. fennecgirl; 2 Minutes; Find Dream Guide, Meet CALD characters, Revisit Old Dream and find out what’s happened since last visit, Teleport
  3. Mason; 6 Minutes; (1) Shapeshift Completely into a dragon, (2) Dive into the sun.
  4. MagykKatte; 5 minutes; visit Victorian London
  5. Lucid Wolf; 4 minutes; Fly, jump or climb to the top of the Great Pyramid
  6. Thorn; 4 minutes; Control a fifth limb (tail, arm, leg, etc.)
  7. Rhewin; 5-7 minutes; Defeat Xander in our lucid duel! (It’ll happen someday)
  8. demented; 1 minute; 1. Communicate with my SC. 2. Have lucidity for more than 10 minutes. 3. During whole contest gather 21 lucid dream (an LD every two days).
  9. (Sandy); (5 min); (Get out of always being indoors or cityscape))
  10. Nicklebrick; 20-30 Minutes; read a novel/story a random DC has wrote down
  11. DaveTheJoker; 1 minute; Ask a DC: “Am I dreaming?”
  12. Czaranis, 4-5 minutes, FUS RO DAH!
  13. Samick, 20-30 seconds, become lucid at least once a week, ask a DC “What you represent?”, listen to music created by my SC.

Alright, signups are closed. I’ll be starting the challenge on Friday, probably in the early afternoon my time (GMT - 5). Will update the first post in just a moment.

This would also be a good time to review your goal. Make sure it’s feasible, but not too easy. Also remember that the more goals you have, the less each is worth.

Task 1 - Steal That Hat!

Hats? Who doesn’t love hats? But you know what? People rarely have hat’s when they become lucid. So for your first task, steal a hat from a DC.

Find a DC with a hat - 5pts
Attempt to take the hat, but fail - 5pts
Successfully take the hat, but lose it soon after - 20 pts
Successfully take the hat - 30pts
Find out it’s a special hat - 5pts
(eg: Mario’s winged hat, or that there’s a key inside the brim)
Use said “bonus”/special ability - 15pts

Where else the hat takes you could be an interesting adventure :razz:

This task will close next Saturday at 18:00 GMT, when the next task is posted.

Muhahaha! This means I finally have an excuse to play TF2 again! Incubation ftw!

My first LD since the contest started:
I would classify it as a very short LD. I do not think I made it to a minute of being lucid this time. Neither my grandmother, the insane teenager, or I were wearing hats, and I lost all clothes at some point anyway.

WOW I got lucky! I had my first LD in 4 months last night. I didn’t even know the LC had started! Put my dream in the Spoiler Tags. This LD is long for ME, I about a minute, but we can mark it as average because it is still short by most standards. This was also my first time using lucid commands, or having any sort of dream control at all (even though it was minimal). Thanks!

[spoiler]I was at school wondering around crowded halls aimlessly looking for statistics on Mexican immigrants vs Indians. (Day residue) I asked one teacher and he became very upset so I continued on. I then asked another teacher, she was middle aged, tired looking and walking down the hall. She said that she was an immigrant- her family moved from Italy a long time ago- she said they were American now and spoke English. I said “right, that is what immigration is supposed to be”. She said “yea”.

For some reason there were tons and tons of shopping carts around. I got the teacher one, and she said thanks. When we exited the building, I said goodbye and she said she was terrible sorry about my intoxicated professor. (The one who got really angry must have been drunk)

I walked a few feet when I noticed a white teen male, about 6 feet tall with the door to my car open. I started yelling “stop you ***’ theif” he grabbed a bag which had a laptop in it and began running away. I began to run after him. I wondered if he was armed, but I decided that since he hadn’t shot me yet, he wasn’t. Kept running until he reached an empty boat trailer like ours, and he stuffed the laptop bag under the wheel-well. I kept yelling and running and I noticed that there were about 5 other people there standing with the kid, waiting to make a stand. I slowed down, bet kept walking towards them. Suddenly, I became lucid! I yelled: “THIEVES GONE!”

Instead of the thieves leaving, I was transported to an unknown place. It was bright, and calm. It was natural light, sunlight. A young woman my age talked to me- I asked " Why have you brought me here? She said “I control the ___ and the ____. You control the ____ and the ____ it is not yet your time, but you need know”

I can’t for the life of me remember what the blanks are!!! I remember she said controlled something about “Land” or “Landscape” but other than that I can’t remember.

All right, cool to see this contest cranked up! Good luck everyone.

Achieved last night:
Short LD

This LD lasted about 3 minutes, just shy of my average of 4. Therefore, I’ll classify it as “short”.

Details of the dream:

[color=blue]Wife and I are staying in this huge, luxurious hotel room somewhere on vacation. It’s daylight outside. Wife is putting away groceries in the hotel fridge but all I want to do is sleep. I curl up in the bed and nap. Seconds later, though, I’m awake and Wife is still putting away groceries.

I’m frustrated that my nap was so short and I nose pinch RC out of habit. I’m astonished that I am actually able to breathe. I blow it off, assuming that I simply didn’t pinch hard enough. On the second try I get a deep, clear breath and[/color] [color=red]I’m dragged into lucidity.

I want to get out of the room and go for Task of the Month (swim in the Cretaceous-era sea.) I tell Wife that I’m having a lucid dream and that I need to leave for a while. She looks skeptical. “You and your dreams. What about our vacation?” I tell her that I’ll try to get back after I finish up but I know it’s very, very unlikely that I’ll be able to make a roundtrip across millions of years back. Better than her getting eaten by a mosasaur. Wife asks me to “at least help me put away the groceries” but I leave before she can suck me back into the dream plot. Even though I know it’s a dream I feel guilty leaving all the work for her to do.

Daylight is streaming through the door at the end of the hallway and I walk outside. There’s a wobble in my vision as I cross the threshold. I paw my hands through my hair and lick my arm and the dream scene snaps back into stability.

It’s clear and cool like midday in Northern California. Across a broad field of grass I see a river snaking its way toward the horizon. I imagine that this river leads to the Cretaceous ocean and will myself to rise up into the air and fly. The wind buffets me as I soar into the air and my dream body feels light, insubstantial, and kite-like. I rise higher and higher into the air and tantalizingly I see the sparkle of the sea maybe just a mile further along the river.

I will myself to fly toward the ocean but the wind is just tossing me around as I rise higher into the air. I have no more mass than a leaf or a piece of paper. I try imagine that I have on rocket shoes but they just make this weak fizzling noise and the wind noise increases to a roar. Frustration gets the best of me and [/color]I either lose lucidity or fade to oblivion.[/spoiler]

I wanned to incubate how I meet 11th Doctor and take his “fezz”, whatever way it is spelled. But ended up being that Doctor myself. And there were plenty of V. van Gogh’s hats there. Finally I made at least 2 dc’s to wear it, also did that myself. During dream, I believe, EVERY part of the task happened at least once, except for hat being somewhat magical. And I wasn’t lucid, yet, had some control.

Two short LD’s over the last couple of days

A fragment… Sigh. Not the way to end the NC or start the LC…

I had a short LD last night.

Short LD.

Just popping in to say that this challenge is brilliant! :lol:

Here’s three NDs. No hats yet, but I’m aiming for Notch’s. :razz:

Can I still join? :tongue: (I know it already started but I don’t mind being a few days behind)

Edit: I find it very hard to judge how long a dream is. I guess my average is about 3 minutes. My personal goal would be to bend the elements in a LD (so like shooting fire from my hand, make a wall of water, let air lift me up and easily throw boulders around.)

[color=green] :neutral: Ditto…Ive been off track lately.[/color]

Ansie, I can add you in, no problem. You can start with this first task, I’ll count anything you post after this as being towards it.

Koharo, just need a goal and average dream length, then I’ll add you in. Just try to get that to me before I announce the second task on Saturday.

After this though, no more new entries, I think 15 is a good number :tongue:

Just under 40 hours left until I post the next task; tallying of scores will come shortly thereafter.

[color=green]I couldnt really calculate my LD time I’ll go out on a limb and say my average is 4-5 minutes.

My LD goal for this event is to shuffle (the dance). [/color]