Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

Time for my daily post! Here is today’s entry.

The first dream had dialogue as well as a “bad” smell: I realized I was smelling a fire and panicked. I also touched a door and held it in place as it tried to open.

The second dream had dialogue and nothing else.

The third dream was a medium-length LD. It had dialogue, observing something in vivid detail (my body yet again, although this time I didn’t do it for the sake of the LC points), and touching something (individual clothing items, which I’m aware only count once).

Dream dump from the week. Posted summaries because hell, I don’t feel like writing all that. Did not count a few of them due to being personal, recall issues, and/or not doing much in relation to LC.

2 mediums and a long one respectively.
#2218 medium (full version is PM’d): vivid, dialogue, smell something good, shrink, see something grand, touch something…

#2220 medium: smell food, dialogue.

#2222 long with chain: dialogue, see something inspiring, hear music, shrink.

I felt really hot water in one of my ND, so hot that it scolded me. I then felt cold water, but it wasn’t as cold as ice. After that, I ended up feeling some slimy soap, which might be considered unusual.

Also, I had a FLD the other night.

Had a ND with dialogue in it a few nights ago.

Another day, another DJ entry here.

The first dream has dialogue in it, a touch sensation from a helmet, and a sensation of a cool wind smacking me in the face (if that counts as “touching” something cool). It also has a grand sight, in which I see what may be the future of my home city.

The second dream has dialogue.

OlegEqualzName: I understand the school bit. I’m in college. :razz:

And you could, but didn’t so no personal goal points. :razz:

Task 5 - Taste
You all knew it was coming… so…

This week treat yourself to various items of delicacy! You’re goal will be to sample the world around you in a way that is often not done in dreams. Points will be awarded upon the following criteria:

[b]1. Taste some food and recall the taste + 40

  1. Taste something “not-food” and recall the taste + 50
  2. Taste something you made + 60
  3. Taste something impossible (like fire) + 70
    If you think you’ve earned points, please post them. Also, if you have questions as to whether or not something will qualify as “not-food” or “impossible” please ask. Generally, something “not-food” is not edible IRL while something “impossible” is something that cannot be tasted IWL like fire. Note that the two groups are mutually exclusive, at least when it comes to this challenge.

Bonus Task
Congrats go to Wyvern who completed the Shrinking bonus twice. This week’s bonus (which comes from something squoak said in chat :smile: ) is…

* CHHHEEEEEEEEESSSSSEEEEEE!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

Welp. I leave the interpretation of that up to each of the contestants. :happy:

This task will run for one week until approximately 6 PM EST, Sunday, September 22, 2013. Good luck!

Not many options when it comes to this weeks Creativity Points… I have to give them to Rhewin, though, as his recount of the cookies and Michael Jackson was the most entertaining of the Task 4 dreams submitted.

LC 38 Scoreboard

  1. Wyvern ( 3765 )

  2. Thorn ( 3610 )

  3. Rhewin ( 2965 )

  4. LDbc12 ( 1435 )

  5. HeadInTheClouds ( 945 )

  6. BrandonBoss ( 390 )

  7. Lumessence ( 300 )

  8. Letaali ( 190 )

  9. OlegEqualzName ( 185 )

  10. Yev ( 115 )

  11. Jessica ( 105 )

  12. James_UK2008 ( 90 )

  13. muccy ( 55 )

  14. Mew151 ( 55 )

  15. Ecila6 ( 20 )

  16. argon ( 0 )

  17. catt ( 0 )

  18. Scipio Xaos ( 425 )

Last night I had a short LD here (the second dream). I smelled three things. (I’m not sure if the third thing i smelled counts, because, well, i didn’t really describe it well… but i did describe it a little…)

Also, i can still get early points for that, right? Since the dream was last night?

Last night I had a short LD here (the second dream). I smelled something good and then something bad.

So i can still get early points for that, right? Since the dream was last night?

The Chat People told me it’s never too late to sign up ;3
demented / 1 minute / outsmart my sc (in major way, at least for a several seconds)

ps. because cheese

I haven’t been able to post this weekend because of going out of town. I don’t remember the dreams very well, but here is one I remember and tried to keep on to so that I could post here.

I am in radio station and there is a spot for sheep, but they all got away, so I go all crazy Link on them and start catching animals. The sheep texture was basically the same as real life, but a little less coarse. I caught about 10 of them at random times through the dream.

I just recalled having a FA a few days ago which turned into a short LD after a reality check…

ate cheese in nd

Here’s today’s DJ entry. All three dreams had dialogue, and the second dream also had game music. Yes, it’s always game music; I guess I just have horrible taste in music. :tongue:

Oh wow… have i really been gone that long?
I apologize, I havn’t had a chance to be online for a while.

In This dream

I believe I completed most of this with the weapon I discovered. Touched it, It had a strange texture, and I’d definitely say it was unusual. When I tried to replace the cell, it burnt my hand.

For whatever else you feel i completed in this dream, i leave up to you. It can be rather difficult to determine what you would consider “additional detail”. So if that is not too much trouble, i would like to leave that up to you.

As for this one, I’m not actually sure, looking back at it. I looked back at the rules of the overall challenge, as I believed you could get points for completing previous tasks, but I can’t seem to find that… I think this dream was rather vivid, and the dialogue was quite extensive. (“Hearing a conversation”), is what I believe I completed in this dream, if past tasks apply.

Again, i apologize for not being online and not answering your questions. I should however, be able to get back to work on this. I hope this enough to answer your questions…

As for that other part… We were discussing the touch tasks in IRC, and went a little too far. And I believe it was Thorn, who was mentioning me summoning you as a ‘stud’, for extra points in regards to the subject… That is probably why that slipped.

Oh, man. I feel a bit bad that my joking comment got into your head and stayed there, but at the same time, the thought of a dream of yours making you reluctantly see a muscled Scipio and making the real Scipio have to read it gives me such a wonderful feeling of schadenfreude. He would totally give you extra points for flattering him! I’m trying the same strategy! :tongue:

In any case, here’s the usual two NDs with dialogue from me.

EDIT: quoted for new page.


Yay, been having absolutely zero recall lately. First time I stopped trying to get recall in ages really, but I am back in the business now. I normally only have LDs at night, but my LDs are trying hard to get in naps when I take them apparently.

Please don’t judge me by these LDs either. :razz: I normally have more fun adventures at night time. haha. (touch, taste)

I normally LD every other night, not once a week. :meh:

Today’s DJ entry has an ND with dialogue followed by an ND with dialogue, a touching sensation (a hand), and seeing something grand (seeing somebody come back to life in a religious context). If you don’t consider it grand, you can call it inspiring instead — I’m an atheist, but I’m sure this kind of dream would be inspiring to somebody else!


Tasted food, recall taste.
Tasted something I made,
I guess my salty tears filling my mouth counts as eating something ‘non-food’
I ate my attempt to impress somebody, or they forced it down my throat.

And I think Cheesecake is the ultimate cheese.

Aside from that, vivid, dialogue.
Strangely, the emotions didn’t linger after waking up. Though as I was eating breakfast, it occurred to me how successful last night actually was.

Last night i had a medium LD.

My recall’s gone down lately… school… :sadyes:


a very short lucid. I think that the dream had just started as well because I only remember sight being there. Don’t remember the feel of anything there, even the phone or being knocked down. Even right after waking. :meh: