Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

I had a short LD here

I felt something cold
and I felt an emotion (surprised)

I eat a lot of butterfingers. :smile: I also landed on a parking garage floor that was 100% the coldest thing I have ever felt. I jumped up and kept working.

I don’t know if magical energies swirling is in the tactile area.

Lot of stuff in here. happiness in two of them and frustration at a DC. :smile: long LD (since it was a chain) about 20 minutes or so.

Oh! And I fought with a sword 2 times in the dream chain. I can change my task or do it again right? I am planning on fighting more with swords.

I got really angry in a ND, and when I woke up I was still pretty angry towards the person IRL, although they didn’t actually do anything outside of the dream to make me angry. It only lasted for a little bit, and after a minute or two, it was just a slight irritation with that person.

Today’s DJ entry broke my LDing streak. :sad: I had some dialogue in an ND as well as touching something (a large cookie that I had to balance) as well as tasting food (aforementioned cookie).

Yesterday, dialog. [link]

Today (first dream), I felt an emotion, I’m not sure what to call it… I’ll say I was agitated. That’s because of the bossy people in charge of the movie theater, who are suddenly telling me when I’m going to watch the movie, and where, and taking my ID away, which made me stressed out and not able to enjoy the movie like I should. Also, I’ll say I touched something cold, when I felt the floor of the elevator under my feet, which was noticeably cooler (and more polished :tongue:) than the carpet in the hall, if that counts.


Another LD from this week. (medium)

Vivid, dialogue, listened to/sang music, tasted food, touched something cold, felt happiness, happiness continued after waking up. :content:

Also edited my last LD to count “arousal” as an emotion, which also continued after waking… :peek:

This is gonna be a long one XD

From several weeks ago (when smell task was current):

ND where I had a conversation with a DC in a convenience store. He was complaining that the cashier sucked. I could hear music playing in the background, though it had no real melody or rhythm that I could discern. I remember his face clearly, lots of course hair. He smeared something on my arms that was black and definitely smelled bad. Don’t remember anything with quite the same smell… perhaps rotten tuna? It felt slimy and not at all pleasant.

Next ND was on a cruise ship on a river. Lots of bright lights, and I would consider it grand. Saw a swimming pool that was generally awesome with its decor (I think New Orleans based) that definitely inspired me to go swimming from the looks alone. Carried on various conversations with different DC’s, including a really fat Iraqi man with disturbingly vivid body hair.

Another ND with Wyvern that included general kissing and whatnot. Felt warm, moist, pleasurable, and soft. Conversations were had. Smelled his hair <3.

From last week (when taste was current)

Had an ND where I ate a hamburger. Not much to say other than that. It smelled nice, for sure, and I could stretch and say that seeing a picture of it inspired me to order it :razz:. Oh, I do remember it feeling slightly greasy.

ND while I was at work, though electronics department looked like a blockbuster. My manager and I found a room filled with old VHS tapes. I could see them in very vivid detail, was even able to read most of the labels with no issue. The rooms smelled dusty for sure. Also, as geeky as it sounds, all those sleeve covers looked grand to me in a nostalgic way.

Had a medium length LD, but I have since forgotten most details since I waited so long to post :razz:

From this week (emotion, obviously)

Had a huge string of LD’s earlier. It started with an ND were my wife brought a stray cat home. We argued (conversation) about keeping it. I felt extrememly frustrated at her. It’s fur felt kind of greasy and there were bumps on its skin. It’s meow also sounded incredibly disturbing. The dream then jumped to me being at S__rs and watching a demo video which also had music playing.

Here’s the LD portion which was a separate dream. I’ll put this in spoilers because it is so long.

[spoiler]I woke up but fell back asleep into the same dream when I got comfy again. I was reading the stray cat’s tag when I realized I couldn’t read the numbers and became lucid. The first part was long (maybe 15 minutes), though my dream was unstable. I had roughly 4 FA’s in which I had to RC to regain lucidity. I could see the dream in very vivid details in all situations. I jumped out of my bedroom window from the second floor and could feel the sensation of falling. While I was outside I heard some lawn equipment in the distance I talked to a few DC’s and asked them what they were doing; they said they were just trimming the hedges.

After a couple of FA’s where I kept getting reset to bed, I jumped out the window again and saw a bunch of guys loading TV’s into a van. I knew something was up and remembered I hadn’t contacted the Dream Police in a while, so I pulled out my badge and yelled for them to stop. The shot at me (the shots were ver’ loud) and I had to dodge them. I felt annoyed because of their attempts. Other Dream police showed up to help me out. Unfortunately, as had happened several times, my eyes tried to force themselves to close, and opening them lead to another FA. I looked at my phone in the FA and the time showed I had to be at work soon. I knew it was probably wrong, but it made me paranoid so I woke myself up.[/spoiler]

I woke up and checked the time and realized I had about another 45 minutes to be able to sleep, so I used WILD. This next chain included roughly 4 FA’s as well in which I needed to RC to regain lucidity.

[spoiler]I RC’d in the bed and could feel the air passing through my fingers as I inhaled, definitely an odd feeling. I rolled out of bed and walked into my apartment, but my “RL” eyes tried to open. I let them open, RC’ed again and knew I was still dreaming. I told myself I would find the TARDIS when I went through my bedroom door, but as I walked into the hallway, I found it had been replaced with some form of antique shop. There were books, appliances, and (creepy) dolls everywhere that I could see very vividly. Another FA/RC and I was in bed again.

This time when I opened the door I found the TARDIS. I would call it both grand and inspirational as I immediately wanted to explore. I walked in a found the control room. I listened and could hear the sounds of the engine humming exactly as it was supposed to. I felt extreme joy at this, and also felt (in the other sense) the control panel. It was the mix of metal and plastic one might expect. I felt my eyes trying to open again, saved the dream for a bit by concentrating on the details of my skin, but had another FA.

After I regained the dream again I was back in the TARDIS. I worked at the controls of the TARDIS (one of which felt oddly slimy) and then flipped the main lever. She made all the noises she was supposed to as she traveled into the votex. I called to The Doctor but got no response. I could see from a view screen that the TARDIS landed underground. I walked out feeling curious about where I might be.

I FA’d one last time, but woke myself up as I was still worried about time.[/spoiler]

In an ND, I was stuck in a hotel in which I was not allowed to leave. I had several conversations with DC’s asking to leave, but most said it was not up to them. There were a lot of trees and streams in the lobby which were vivid and I would say the hotel was grand as a whole. I could smell popcorn coming from a movie theater area. I got in a Matrix-style fight with CIA agents and felt pain when they hit me with a cart. Emotionally, I felt confusion, anger, and frustration.

Edit: the last two LD’s would both be long with the chains included

All NDs last night.

I touched some books with a hardcover, which felt like they do IRL. I also was rummaging through and touching some really old magazine/paperback books that were surprisingly like what you would imagine IRL (very crispy, but not crinkled). I also went into a bookstore later, where I could see all of the books and movies very vividly. I can still remember what they look like extremely well (For the most part, they were all Harry Potter).

I also remember a conversation from the dream. I asked someone how to say goodbye in their language (I was in a foreign country chasing Voldemort, ended up at a garage sale where I rummage through the books that I described touching earlier). He said “how do you think you should say goodbye.” I said “I’ll go first.” Then he said “I hate it when my uncle talks like that. Most of us just say goodbye” (goodbye was actually in a foreign language[The word actually means hello IRL]). I then said “goodbye” as instructed by the person I had been talking to. He told me I said it too loud, so I said it again quieter.

I also had feelings of hope and being ecstatic last night, although I don’t know if these will count for emotions.

Some ND’s in which stuff including touch and vocaloid.

Four NDs here. The first dream has dialogue (and worry, but I forget why I worry, so I am unsure about if it scores). The second dream has intense fear that manifests for a few seconds after waking. The third dream is a fragment with a moment of panic. The fourth dream is an FLD and has taste (squash, chicken) and dialogue.

Lumessence: Lol. :razz:

Also, as long as you can remember exactly what was said, it will count for Dialogue.

I gave you points for the (fear, anger) dream.

Thorn: Did some research and I’m going to say for the sake of the LC confusion is a mental state, not an emotion. Sorry. :sad:

New Personal Goal noted. :smile:

muccy: Nice try! :happy:

Mew151: TOO EAZY eh? :razz:

Wyvern: :eek: I better have tasted good! :razz:

A WHOLE NEW FRIDGE??? :biggrin:

HeadInTheClouds: Yes the same sight can be counted for both parts.

BrandonBoss: I wasn’t able to score your dreams here as it was difficult for me to follow your DJ entry. Could you please separate your claims in each dream into sections where you were / weren’t lucid as well as clarify which parts happened where? It’s difficult for me to score in its current form.

And yes, you can repeat the same personal goal again if you’d like. :smile:

Rhewin: That took a bit, but your dream dump is scored. :smile:

Task 7 - In Greater Detail
And so we come to the final quest in our journey. You all have been focusing on the recollection of one thing: detail. But what good is a singular detail in the midst of a sea of forms? Nothing. It is singular. And with that, you shall search now for greater detail.

This week’s task will charge you with not only quality, but quantity. You will need to perform tasks similar to the previous ones simultaneously! Not one or two, but at least three to gain points! Of course… should you manage to take in all six at once you shall have accomplished the true purpose of this Lucid Challenge, and so I wish you luck!

[b]1. Take in a panoramic view of the scenery around you.

  1. Listen to your heart and the world around you.
  2. Feel the earth in your hands; feel the world hold you.
  3. Breathe in the aroma of the dream spirits; let them fill you.
  4. Taste the nectar offered to you by your mind.
  5. Let emotion inundate you; let your mind be swept away by the currents of your subconscious.
    You may notice there are no scores listed. That is because this task is scored on how many of the above are completed in one sitting. NOTE: you need to experience the six (or any smaller combination thereof) within a short time frame in order for it to be counted as simultaneous. Also, note that if you claim Task 7, you are not eligible for points from the previous tasks. Additionally, previous tasks are only worth one fourth of their listed scores, rounded down.

[color=red]Please note that a DJ entry is REQUIRED to claim Task 7 points. If you do not have a DJ on the forums feel free to post your dream in the thread or PM it to me. When claiming Task 7 be sure to mention that you are (claiming Task 7) in your post and state which of the six portions you believe you accomplished. I will give the final ruling after reading your submission as to how many points you deserved.

Remember, the more detail, the more likely you’ll earn points![/color]

The scoring is as follows: 1000 * (1 / 2) ^ (6 - n) where n >= 3. (Sorry for the maths. :razz:) Note that Lucid, Combo, and Early points involved apply to the six components individually. This means that should you complete at least three (say 3 for this example) you will earn 3 lucid, 3 early, and 2 combo sets.

If you have any other question, please feel free to ask!

You may notice this post is up earlier. Should you still have tasks that complete emotion to submit I will accept them, but I will be unable to post this at 6 per normal. Task 6 will only award early points, though, until 6PM EST (or one hour from this posting) so if you have your dream after, I’m sorry. :razz:

This task will run for one week until approximately 6 PM EST, Sunday, October 6, 2013. At that point in time the awards shall be given out and the next (possible) Task Master shall be crowned! Good luck!

Bonus Task
Congrats go again to Lumessence (for completing the task twice!) and to Mew for his… err… “completion” as well. :razz: Since we’re in the act of creating bonuses from my addictions, why not one more. This weeks bonus…

* Click the Cookie!

Yup. I just did that. :razz:

This week the creativity points are more of “Interesting Points”. I wouldn’t say any of the accomplishments of this task were ‘creative’, but Lumessence’s emotional tasks were at least emotionally touching to me while reading them. As such, she gains this weeks creativity points.

LC 38 Scoreboard

  1. Thorn ( 7510 )

  2. Rhewin ( 5140 )

  3. Wyvern ( 5045 )

  4. Lumessence ( 4030 )

  5. LDbc12 ( 2030 )

  6. HeadInTheClouds ( 1945 )

  7. BrandonBoss ( 1185 )

  8. James_UK2008 ( 600 )

  9. Yev ( 545 )

  10. Mew151 ( 355 )

  11. Letaali ( 190 )

  12. OlegEqualzName ( 185 )

  13. muccy ( 175 )

  14. Jessica ( 105 )

  15. Ecila6 ( 20 )

  16. demented ( 10 )

  17. argon ( 0 )

  18. catt ( 0 )

  19. squoak ( 0 )

  20. Scipio Xaos ( 755 )

Since Scipio likes math and most of you don’t, I’ll note that it seems to break down as follows with lucid, combo, and early points added in:

1 or 2 task parts: no points
3 task parts: 315 points
4 task parts: 510 points
5 task parts: 830 points
6 task parts: 1400 points

This does not include points for lucid dream length, new induction methods, or creativity points.

This task is a weapon. In Rhewin or Wyvern’s hands, that weapon might be a blue shell. I am scared.

Okay, I have a huge backlog of dreams to post. But after I’ve posted them, I will have completed my personal task.
Just putting my new randomly generated personal task here so it’s declared beforehand. (using Thorn’s !idea script in irc :razz:)

Um… sure… why not.
You do what ya gotta do.

Okay, I tried Task 7 in a medium-length LD and wrote about it here. It all comes down to how true this is:

dude, I almost went to bed with part 2 incubated wrong
Just focus on great enough detail for each sense near simultaneously and that should probably net you points.

I dealt with all five senses and emotion, but still don’t seem to have covered all of the task. I definitely completed Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. For Part 4, I did use my sense of smell on the wet grass in which I was laying, but there were no spirits of the religious, paranormal, or alcoholic type anywhere; I also did not feel full. For Part 5, I did taste a plant, but it was not a nectar-producing plant. For Part 6, I feel that I managed the first half, but I am unsure about the second half about being “swept away” unless a change in dream scene at the same time as the emotion counts.

The following ND had dialogue, and depending on how touch is counted, a feeling of a person’s weight on me (although she touched me instead of me touching her).

EDIT: I asked yesterday about a touch sensation via my foot in an ND (the FLD at the end of yesterday’s DJ entry), then forgot to claim it in my mad rush to get points posted in time for grading. Is it too late to claim those points and their combo points? If not, are they lessened since I’m putting in the claim after the 75% reduction on task points?

Thorn: Aww… All the fun… :razz: But seriously, guys, those are the right numbers. :wink:

And Thorn I scored your Task 7 dream as n = 4 because senses 4 and 5 weren’t very detailed.

Wyvern: New personal goal… noted as soon as you post the other dreams. :razz: Till then you’re still on the old one.

^ I am not entirely sure how to describe the smell of wet grass or the taste of spinach. I can really only describe spinach as one of the few vegetable tastes that doesn’t make me want to vomit. If you’d like to buy me some spinach, I can perhaps go eat some and try to describe it in terms of sweetness, sourness, and bitterness…? I can say it was soggy and juicy, but that’s tactile, not taste. I can say it tasted like my mother’s spinach, but I don’t think that’s the detail you want. Please tell me what you need to know, as the scoring increases nearly three-fold between four parts and six parts.

EDIT: Answered in chat. I’ll probably just ignore the smell and taste parts, as I don’t think I’m capable.

Here is an insignificant amount of points. Dialogue in the first dream, and dialogue, touching (weighty boxes), and intense emotion (fear) in the second dream.

EDIT: I spoke to Bombax in yesterday’s LD as well (for dialogue, combo, and lucid points). I didn’t claim it yesterday due to miscommunication about the rules.

I completed my personal task in a ND. I teleported from one side of a room to another.

My latest dream: Credit Card Payment Facility

I think I have Tasks 1, 2, 3 and 6 in there.

On sight: I put some detail there on the 3D puzzle I was given.

On sound: I had two conversations, one with the lady guard in Filipino and the last one with the two professors in English.

On touch: again the 3D puzzle. I remember playing around with it with my hands.

On emotion: I felt a bit uneasy when I was being held up by the first professor. I felt defensive when Nate started implying it was easy to pay bills. I felt upset and defensive on the verge of crying when I realized they had misunderstood me and thought I was a certain way when I wasn’t (felt this strongly, and it stuck a bit upon waking). I felt freaked out when I saw the guy from the toilet.

I had a dream of playing cookie clicker… damn you, Scipio, damn you! My browser hasn’t been shut since Sunday :razz:

Everyone: Well… despite what vision I had of this task being a perfect culmination… it is far from perfect… In fact… it seems I broke the LC… Or at least the general understanding I get is that I’ve done it pretty poorly…

The good news? The deadline is this Sunday… the bad news? That’s nearly five days away…

One thing I’d like to note, though, is that I won’t be taking new dreams after 6 PM EST on Sunday (unless you have an exceptional case like having a dream at 5:45 and you want to get it typed up… in that case, send me a PM and I’ll accept your dream). Therefore, try to have all of your dreams submitted by then (unless you’re in the exceptions group :wink: ). Sometime after 6 PM, estimated thirty minutes to an hour, I will post the results.

Results are eligible to be contested and changes will be made if any arguments made are reasonable. I will post, during this time, the document I have containing the info on how I scored everyone’s individual dreams.

Thorn: Sorry for the confusion… :sad: As an additional clarification to everyone, if you do Task 7 in a dream you cannot claim Tasks 1 - 6 in that dream. You can claim them in the next, though, if you wish.

LDbc12: You may post a new Personal Goal if you’d like, or you can decide to attempt this one again. Whatever your decision please post it in the thread. :smile:

Jessica: I scored your dream as having components of Tasks 1, 2, 3, and 6; not as Task 7 since the components didn’t occur simultaneously. (Just in case you were confused.)

Rhewin: :razz: I haven’t dreamt of it yet… surprisingly. :razz: