Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

I had a long LD here in which I listened to silence and later heard a “dialogue” (by which I mean a monologue with one sentence of a response when I realized that a monologue didn’t count).

ND: I was basically in one of those TV specials from the 70’s where they try to make Jesus a Hippie. It was nighttime and me and our group was outside of some old car wash. Two DC’s were having a conversation about whether we should open the car wash the next day or relax. The one thought it would be fun while the other wanted to have the day off, though he never said why. Jesus (who appeared to be quite distracted by a flower in classic hippie fashion) said “brothers, stop. I hear the night.” Of course, his voice was all hippie-ish. Reeeaaaal laid back, surprised he didn’t drop a “groovy”.

Anyway, listened for whatever he heard but there was nothing other than silence. Normally I hear at least something in most dreams so once I woke up this seemed odd, though I didn’t notice during the dream. Eventually a car pulled up, and I recognized (FM) the guy as being a local jerk. A few of the others spoke up, basic stuff like “aw man, it’s Steve… let’s ditch him.”

A DC and I tricked him into pulling his car into the car wash which kind of ruined the car since we left the hood and windows open. Steve, who didn’t know we did it, looked quite upset. I felt sorry for him and comforted him, and even offered to try to jump start the car. When I did though, my car almost exploded into flames >.>. As I put the flames out, music from Jesus Christ Superstar played, though instrumental only.

tl;dr dialogue, music and silence in an ND.

Edit: The sight task is also involved, Steve’s car was extremely vivid when wet. I could see the water droplets and the fabric was also cearly moist. Just one of those fun things I noticed.

Rhewin: Lots of points. :razz:

Letaali: I’ll count that as a “lucid moment”. :wink:

HITC: About the “grand” celebrity brawl, did you step back in awe? (Or have a similar reaction.) If so, I’ll accept it as grand.

LDbc12: About your 2 second lucid, if you think it was a lucid tell me. It’s up to you to tell me if you felt the “click” and just instinctively RC’d or you weren’t sure so you were RCing. :razz:

EDIT: LDbc12, since you completed your personal goal you are free to pick a new one or try to accomplish that one again. Whatever you decide, please let me know.

Okay, I decided to join. :razz:
Average length 15-20 minutes.
Personal task: Do everyone else’s personal tasks. :razz: (I guess this will be in 15 parts for me)

Last night in a ND I was skating with my boots on an icy road in the middle of a winter night. I heard loud bass coming from a car that was approaching. I jumped into some snow and heard some generic techno as the car passed. No idea what song it was. This is all I recall, so I don’t think I’m going to bother writing it in my DJ.

Had a dream involving fight club, skyrim and my love of pancakes. (ND)

Me and my friends go into a cave and i clearly remeber me reciting the fight club rules but to do with pancakes.

“first rule of pancake club, you do not talk about pancake club”
“second rule, no pancakes for breakfast”
“third rule, if it is your first night here you must flip a pancake”

Made me chuckle.

Not sure if i get points for that as a hear a dialogue.

Yes, I’m still alive and participating, but my recall does not seem to be…

Here’s an FLD in which I hear music while playing a game, and also have a fair bit of dialogue. I also just realized that in the dream from the 28th, I forgot to mention that I distinctly heard the music in the game — I hope it’s not too late to get credit for that. :razz: I wrote it in my dream journal that day but failed to mention it in this topic.

Scipio: I did stare and laugh, so if that counts, then yes. Otherwise, no.

I had a dream last night where Jerry Seinfeld was playing a Tuba looking instrument. It sounded a lot like a saxophone and had a consistent, repeating melody. Every one or two notes he would play a higher pitch note that was also blunted in its timbre. The unique notes were supposed to be him cussing us out and was basically like the bleeps on television when someone cusses. I don’t know what I did to make him that mad :tongue: .

I also saw something inspiring last night, with the 11th doctor regenerating into the 10th doctor, but only for an hour. I was laughing after the Seinfeld dream, but I was pretty ecstatic after this dream. Can’t wait for the 50th anniversary episode :bounce: .

Also, I saw something grand in a dream the night before last night. I was in some kind of flying ship fleet, but I forget what the ships looked like (I remember one or two of them looking like fruit or fruit related packaging). However, we were attacking some army of planes and Star Wars looking ships that were all gathered in the air around a place that looked like the floating city in Star Wars. There were even a couple Millennium Falcons in their fleet. They were spread out everywhere, and it was crazy just how large and powerful of an army these other ships that I can’t remember were going up against.

I guess i will consider that as a lucid moment, since the dream sign was pretty obvious, and the RC instinctively came right after that “click” moment you mentioned. Also, I will make my new personal task to teleport somewhere.

Last night I started to question if I was dreaming or not. Woke up because I wanted out of that nightmare.

Well, I’m not completely out of it like I had thought. I had a sort of attempt at the sound challenge:

I wouldn’t count it as a short Lucid Dream though, I was just lucid enough to remember the challenge. I think I still remembered some of the conversation and got excited about it when I first gained lucidity and started to wake up. I went back to sleep right after though and don’t remember anymore.

Also realized there was a part of my dream where I was playing the piano, but I don’t remember that part much.

Wyvern: Welcome aboard! And I take it you won’t complete your personal task until you’ve completed all of ours? :razz: That’s gonna be a lot of work… Keep me updated on who’s you have completed so I can “verify”. :tongue:

muccy: Making me chuckle too. :razz: And yes I’ll count it as you were speaking to others.

Lumessence: :sad: Me too. :razz:

Thorn: :wink:

HeadInTheClouds: I’m sorry, but the celeb fight doesn’t count then. :sad: The objective was to see something grand not funny, though, it sounds interesting. :smile:

LDbc12: Good luck!

Jessica: Were you lucid or not? If you were, no matter how short it was, it counts as a short lucid dream. If you were, however, just thinking that you could be dreaming, or just imagining so, and you didn’t actually feel that “click - I’m dreaming” moment, then it will only count as a Lucid Moment.

Sorry, I was lucid then. Got the “click” right after the conversation. The reason I feel it wouldn’t count is because my dream ended then, so maybe the reason I knew I was dreaming was because I was already waking up.

Yep. It’ll be a good challenge. I’ll keep a list of completed tasks. Going by the first ones posted. (You know, seeing how people may change the tasks along the way.)
I have a semi polyphasic sleep schedule. (5 hours core sleep, 2-3 naps.) I might not always claim LD points for the short naps. I’ll make a note.
Also, I’m a slow typer. Bear with me… :razz:

Here’s two NDs. The first has dialogue (as well as my fist in somebody’s face, but we’re not at the “touch” task yet). The second has dialogue, a grand sight, and music.

10 LDs in August! I’m happy that I set a new personal record for most in a month, but sad that it’s not nearly enough for this competition.

From 2 nights ago. Some LD points and heard some music. Recall has been neglected for sometime.

Still have to post 2 long ones from last night. Vivid dreams in all their glory.

I saw a massive portal ( bigger than Earth) to another world be shot with a beam through a ring that was the size of the Earth. That felt grand.

I don’t know if FLD can be chained, but I had a FLD/lucid dream (hard to tell which one it was), lost that false/low level lucidity, and then later in the dream had an actual FLD. Overall, I would still consider the first part of the dream to be a FLD or a low level LD.

I had an ND with dialogue here. Today’s the last day for early points with dialogue, so hopefully it becomes a smaller part of the total points from here on out. :tongue: