Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

ND with taste a few nights ago.


+ate something (chocolate Egg)
+ate something good (chocolate egg)
+touched something (painting)
+touched something with texture (painting)
+saw something grand (dragon)
+saw something vivid (I believe i could come close to reproducing this painting.)

Also… So close, Thorn, so close…

I had a fragment that i had logged here and saw that i had 960 points. I have no idea what I actually have, so it may be interesting to see how accurate that was. Though that seems a bit more than my personal guess.

Okay, I think I’ve done some tasks. :smile:

Dialog on Wednesday (first dream) [link], Thursday (first dream) [link], and Friday [link].

First dream, dialog, and I guess you could say there was a touch sensation, when I got sprayed in the face with a sprinkler, though that’s it touching me instead of me touching it. It felt like being sprayed in the face with water. :lol: Kind of like being slapped, but without the pain.

Second dream, saw something in vivid detail (maybe). It was the hinge on a cabinet door. :neutral: The description is in the DJ entry.

Third dream, dialog, and heard music (coming from a book). The music was only an instrumental, and I know there was a guitar in there, and drums. It was a pretty slow-paced song. Also, touch, when I grabbed a pen that I had in my pocket.


Finally broke through my empty patch of LDs last night.

I think there may have been a hint of Task 3 in there as I could feel the heat of the sun on my back.

Length of LD time here was probably around 1-2min

From what I hear in #ld4all and from James’ post above, everybody who has been focusing on his/her dreams had a great night/morning! It’s amazing! I was even a DC in James’ and Wyvern’s dreams, which is always an honor to me. Other people talking to me online are in a great mood too, so I’m constantly RCing to make sure today is real. :tongue:

I had an eventful morning as well. The first and second NDs each have dialogue. The third dream has singing during the ND portion, then becomes a medium LD and has dialogue, what I would call touching something unusual (a shrink ray that morphed into a seltzer-spritzing power drill), touching something not unusual (Scipio’s head), and tasting something normally consumable (seltzer).

Here is last night’s entry

Bleh. My recall is bad. I have to depend on random lucid dreams to remember anything.

LDbc12: Yea you can still get early points, but I’m only counting that dream once. Yea you can still get early points, but I’m only counting that dream once. ( :wink: )

demented: Welcome! :razz: Kinda late, but hey, we weren’t at max capacity yet. :razz:

Thorn: Horrible taste in music? :razz: Have you seen the bonus task? :tongue: (Of course you have.)

(In regard to TM inclusion:) Feel bad, Thorn. Feel bad. :razz: :content:

Lumessence: Yay! You’re back! :grin: Sure. I’ll score them like you suggested, and I’ll also try to keep an eye out for things you might miss or not understand (like extra details). :smile:

Erhmm… CHEESE CAKE! :happy: :happy: :happy:

Gratz on your personal goal. New goal noted. :lol:

BrandonBoss: Judge you by your LDs? But that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. :razz: Well, anyways, you had a heck of a run with task points in one of those. You did most of the tasks.

Letaali: I’m gonna need more information on your dreams here if you plan to get any early, lucid, or combo points. Also, you need to link your DJ entries in the thread if you want me to read them. :wink:

james_uk2008: I need a lucid dream length for your LD here.

OlegEqualzName: I’m gonna need more information on what you think you accomplished in your dreams here. I could guess, if you’d like, like Lumessence has allowed me to do on some of her dreams, but you’ll probably get more points if you stake a claim as well. :wink:

Task 6 - Emotion
And the plot thickens…

Or, at least I hope it will. :razz: This week you move beyond the senses (but you can still earn points for previous tasks!) and into the realm of how you feel. As a follow up to details you can perceive, visual; auditory; touch; scent; and taste, we know go to the details that can only be felt within your mind. So go on and “feel” something!

[b]1. Feel any emotion + 50

  1. Feel said emotion with intensity + 60
  2. Feel multiple emotions simultaneously + 70
  3. Feel the emotion still after awakening + 80
    For that last one, lucid points will be awarded if the emotion was felt while lucid during a dream. Also, by “after awakening” I mean that as you awoke you still felt the emotion. Good luck!

Bonus Task
Congrats go to demented and Lumessence for completing the past week’s bonus. This weeks bonus is…

* Do something involving Vocaloid!

Yup. You knew it was coming! :tongue: I don’t care what you do, it just has to involve Miku… or Kaito… or Luka… or Teto… or… or… or… :razz:

Welp… Who to give the creativity points to… hmm… I’ll have to go with… LUMESSENCE! :happy: Why? Cheesecake is the ultimate cheese. :happy:

LC 38 Scoreboard

  1. Thorn ( 4530 )

  2. Wyvern ( 3765 )

  3. Rhewin ( 2965 )

  4. Lumessence ( 2420 )

  5. LDbc12 ( 1810 )

  6. BrandonBoss ( 1185 )

  7. HeadInTheClouds ( 945 )

  8. Yev ( 325 )

  9. Letaali ( 190 )

  10. OlegEqualzName ( 185 )

  11. Mew151 ( 165 )

  12. muccy ( 155 )

  13. Jessica ( 105 )

  14. James_UK2008 ( 90 )

  15. Ecila6 ( 20 )

  16. demented ( 10 )

  17. argon ( 0 )

  18. catt ( 0 )

  19. squoak ( 0 )

  20. Scipio Xaos ( 630 )

Now I’m wishing Bright lights, Teal hair had waited for this task… Though I am guessing our little Miku adventure may have contributed to this task.

Hey Scipio. The length of that LD was around 1-2 minutes.

Lost-Hope Redemption

1 medium LD, chain x2
LD task completes=
+Felt emotion
+felt emotion intensely
+felt multiple emotions simultaneously
++bonus task (Kagamine Rin)

LD others:
+touched something (Rin’s forehead)
+see something in detail (I think Tankapillar is a better name. I described it in my DJ as to what I saw it while I was lucid a moment before. Since I saw it first while I was not lucid, I just felt to describe it when it first came up, but the details did come while I was Lucid)
+see something grand (Sphere of annihilation, white version)

ND other task completion=
+tasted something (hot chocolate)
+touched something warm (hot chocolate)
I had wrote chocolate milk, but just noticed I had.

Also… I’ve been unsure of this. When you say “Hear a conversation”, is it just overhearing others speaking, or does you as a participant count?

Last night I had a short LD. No DJ entry.

It seems like my usual dialogue points were “exchanged” for emotion points in this morning’s NDs. The first ND had me shocked, taken aback, or however you’d like to describe it. The second ND started with frustration that then changed to frustration and surprise simultaneously; it also had music.

In chat, we can’t seem to decide if confusion is an emotion. Some sources on the web say that it and interest are “knowledge emotions”, but other sources say that it’s a state of mind not considered an emotion. The frustration was derived from the confusion, but the surprise makes it fit part 3 of the task despite the ruling on confusion. I’m just asking for future reference, as I’m often confused in dreams but rarely make the logical leap to “I’m confused because I’m dreaming.”

Short LD. WOOP WOOP! :smile: I attempted my personal goal and it failed FU FA.

ND with emotions, specifically anger.

I think this task might be way TOO EAZY
Because I got another ND in which I experience emotions!

#1 and #4 here were NDs which featured stronger than normal emotions for my usual NDs.

Here is today’s DJ entry. The first dream has dialogue, tasting, and intense emotion. The second dream has dialogue and emotion.

Chose not to write in my DJ today. Though I think I can claim

+felt emotion (fear, anger)
+felt felt emotion intensily (fear, anger)

If that’s not enough information, I suppose I can pass on these points.

Okay… I kinda have a lot to write. Working my way backwards. Dreams will all have dates. This is the first dream from last night.
Short LD, something vivid, dialogue, smell food, taste food, touch something. (in that order)

Scipio’s daily dose of Thorn’s dreams is here. The first dream is a fragment with dialogue. The second dream (a long LD) is where the fun is. Every point category from the ND part is also in the LD part, and I don’t believe it counts twice, so I’ll simply recount the lucid part. I heard dialogue, heard music, touched something textured (a balloon), touched something cold (a drink), tasted something (a drink), felt emotions throughout the dream (happiness, disappointment, amusement, hubris), and felt an emotion carry over from the dream to waking.