Lucidity Challenge 39: Congratulations, Koharo!

Haha, yeah, I’ve been lurking for YEARS, but only now officially joined in, but yes it is a pleasure to meet you (and the rest of the people here!!) too!

But yeah, I can definitely see AND relate to that, and thank you very much, I’m quite looking forward to it!!

Good luck to everyone too :smile:

  1. LDbc12 (1-2 minutes)
    Personal Goal: Waterbend
    Desired action: Meet Peter Pan
    Desired setting: A Rainbow!!
    Desired form: Fox

LC 39 Signups List [Name (Average LD Time)]

  1. Mew151 (10 seconds)
  • Personal Goal: Shoot fireworks from my hands
  • Desired Action: AERIAL BATTLE
  • Desired Setting: Sky, above floating circular grassy island above more sky.
  • Desired Form: Mew (see avatar)
  1. Scipio Xaos (3 minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Find a Name for My Guitar
  • Desired Action: Use my Kinetic Accelerators
  • Desired Setting: Castle Story Floating Islands
  • Desired Form: Machamp
  1. squoak (10 minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Firebend
  • Desired Action: Fly some more
  • Desired Setting: Skyloft (Legend of Zelda)
  • Desired Form: Absol
  1. ian1 (5 minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Fly
  • Desired Action: Bring an inanimate object to life
  • Desired Setting: This place
  • Desired Form: Dinosaur
  1. Yev (1 minute)
  • Personal Goal: Receive useful advice from a DC
  • Desired Action: Fly
  • Desired Setting: A city along the coast
  • Desired Form: Wolf
  1. Masonc1 (5 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Dream Time Distension
  • Desired Action: Turning people into pretty monster things
  • Desired Setting: Great Sea, like in Wind Waker or One Piece /get the idea
  • Desired Form: Wyvern
  1. Lumessence :universe: (5 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Return to the year 5017
  • Desired Action: Sprout flora in an otherwise plantless area.
  • Desired Setting: A city, or other settlement in the sky.
  • Desired Form: Phoenix
  1. Siiw (3 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Discover or create a song
  • Desired Action: Make something grow or heal
  • Desired Setting: Fantasy world (book, game, Ceeia etc)
  • Desired Form: Extended senses
  1. James_UK2008 (5 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Try and stabilize dream a bit more to extend time within LD.
  • Desired Action: Change a DC into another creature.
  • Desired Setting: A tropical island/jungle.
  • Desired Form: Lizard-Man (Wonderboy 3: The Dragon’s Trap)
  1. IkranMakto (15 Seconds)
  • Personal Goal: Fly on an Ikran
  • Desired Action: Meeting with someone from IRC or DC/DS
  • Desired Setting: Park nearby argon’s house from one of my HI’s
  • Desired Form: Ikran
  1. HeadInTheClouds (1-2 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Become aware of my dream body
  • Desired Action: Clone myself
  • Desired Setting: A cliff overlooking some water
  • Desired Form: Flip my gender
  1. paual (2 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal:Meet Davesprite
  • Desired Action: Consume dreamfood
  • Desired Setting: A field with flowers and some trees, with a lake in the middle
  • Desired Form: A human/bird hybrid
  1. Ecila6 (1 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Flying to the moon
  • Desired Action: Explode!!
  • Desired Setting: Dream Island above the moon
  • Desired Form: 6Alice(The exact opposite of me!)
  1. Demented (1 Minute)
  • Personal Goal: Spend time in Ancient Greece.
  • Desired Action: Find ommie.
  • Desired Setting: Beyond the boundaries of dreamworld.
  • Desired Form: Plant!
  1. LDbc12 (1-2 Minutes)
  • Personal Goal: Waterbend
  • Desired Action: Meet Peter Pan
  • Desired Setting: A Rainbow!!
  • Desired Form: Fox

Updated my desired setting to a sky settlement.

I had a dream not too long ago where it was raining and I ran to where the rainbow was hitting the ground. (who didn’t try that when they were little?) I reached it, and flew up into it, traveling through it’s length. Though entering it, I was only flying through the purple section of the spectrum.

And that is still a back-burner goal. I will make you read about yourself in such an appearance.

Considering that I was a DC in this and found it very amusing, I think I’ll be fine with whatever you’re planning. :tongue: It’s really hard to faze me with a dream (that’s not a challenge).

The sign-ups are 75% full! If you plan to join, do so quickly! If we hit 20 people, we’ll start midday tomorrow (my time). If not, we’ll wait.

[color=olive]16. Koharo :yinyang: (5 minutes)

  • Personal Goal: Test the limits of an ability
  • Desired Action: Hanging out/dates with dream girls
  • Desired Setting: Costal/Tropical region (Bar, fight tourney, beach, patio, event, or gym)
  • Desired Form: The usual/My anime form v

[spoiler]…That ability list is kinda old…

…This many already…? This’ll be eventful… [/color]

  1. StarryGwee :nuu: ( 3.5 minutes)
    Personal Goal: Explore Valinor, the blessed realm
    Desired Action: Sprout into a giant tree, the Telperion
    Desired Setting: Middle Earth
    Desired Form: A fallen leaf traveling by the wind of Manwë


  1. Catt (0 minutes)
    Personal Goal: To hug the one i love
    Desired Action: To fly with wings in the sky
    Desired Setting: Grassy ditch filled with fireflies
    Desired Form: a cat of course :yuck:

Welp… I’ve already “accomplished” HeadInTheCloud’s Desired Form. :razz: A few times in LDs and NLDs. So if you need any tips… :wink: :tongue:

  1. Rhewin.
    Personal Goal: Finally defeat Xander in the Lucid Duel
    Desired Action: Use the sonic screwdriver
    Desired Setting: The TARDIS
    Desired Form: Myself. But that’s apparently frowned upon in this establishment, therefor I’ll go for the Rheccoon

Dang, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a LC fill up this quick. This is going to be interesting. :woo:

I’ll take any tips you have to offer. :tongue:

  1. Faith
    Personal Goal: successfully use a dream clock again (for dream-time extension)
    Desired Action: listen to some music (preferably nothing I’ve ever heard before?)
    Desired Setting: Aura (;
    Desired Form: a superhero :spinning: namely someone like Zatanna or Hawkgirl maybe. Ooh a gender-bent Nightwing or Deadpool would be cool :3 who knows-- just a superhero (or villain maybe)

Ooof what a long while it’s been since I’ve LDd… So I’m not sure what to put as an average time. Before I stopped I would usually set my dream clock to 14 hours because it was a comfortable amount of time for me-- basically a day in the dream. That way I’d have plenty of time, but never ware myself down at all. But honestly it took a while to get good with my dream clock so I would be surprised if my LDs were cut much shorter. My first LD was maybe an hour to an hour and a half long (I chained it, miraculously)? So maybe that would be a good base… But it could have dropped past that from general lack of motivation :meh: anyways, hope to get back into things again and am excited to see how this all works out :spinning:

We’ve filled 20 spots in record time! If there are any stragglers that still want to join, please let me know — I know that some people didn’t get a chance to log into the forum between the last LC ending and this one filling.

In any case, I’ll put up the first task in the afternoon my time (GMT -4).

Rule 63… in your dreams? :tongue: Oh, and I can imagine a gender-bent Deadpool. Please… I want to read that dream. :razz:

Oh… and you’ve had 14 hour dreams???

*Scipio doesn’t recall reading about it in you DJ… He actually doesn’t recall your DJ at all! :sad:


[color=olive]Deadpool & Nightwing fan as well huh? Nice. Surprised to see Nightwing listed, I believe he’s often overlooked, and Deadpool heh simply awesome sums that up. These 'll be interesting reads indeed. Welcome back.

@Thorn Heh a record indeed. Someone is gonna be pretty busy, keep an eye on that dream time.

@Scipio That avi…Heh nice…

*Koharo takes his usual spot under the tree awaiting the first task… [/color]

Heheh thanks guys :3 You could say I’m a little excited for the superhero one :wink:

Three posts here: this one has the task, while the next two have optional, bonus exercises. Read them all! Also, here will be the official scoreboard!

Task 1: Power Up!

Okay, let’s get started! As many people from LD4all’s chat already know, the theme of this LC is dream control, and we’ll start dealing with that right away.

Dream control isn’t just about using sheer willpower to twist the dream as you see fit. It’s also about using some trickery. Everybody has schemata defined by their experiences, and we can use them to do something small in-dream that will lead to something big. A popular schema can be observed in the “lucid pill”: we “know” that the pill will give us some ability or makes the lucid dream more stable or clear, and thus instead of creating the ability or changing the entire dream, we need only summon the tiny pill, swallow it, and let the schema handle the rest.

Your first task is to take advantage of such things. Drawing from things you’ve seen in television, video games, literature, or even in your own imagination or in past dreams, create/find/summon an object that changes you or bestows an ability upon you. Maybe it gives you a superpower, maybe it changes your shape and/or size, maybe it lets you access a world parallel to our own… whatever you desire, “know” that the object will grant it.

To prevent any abuse of an arbitrary distinction being made in this task, some definitions are being set. We define an “object” as some solid, liquid, or gas with which you can interact, whether it comes out of your pocket or from thin air; we’ll exclude visible magic spells, futuristic laser beams, drawing from spiritual forces, etc. for now and get back to such things in future tasks. We define an “empowering” object as one that gives you an ability and doesn’t require you to keep a hold of it, e.g., Mario touches a Super Mushroom and doubles in size as the mushroom ceases to be — he doesn’t need to keep contact with a mushroom to maintain his size. An object that you keep on your person is defined as one that is portable and must be taken with you to use its power, e.g., if you have a magic watch that stops time in your dreams, the watch needs to be on your person to use it. Objects that can be both empowering and kept will be considered to be kept if there is any aspect that must be physically kept with you for continued use.

The following points can be earned only once:

  • Create/find/summon an object that empowers you on touch or by consumption: 20 points
  • Utilize the above object and experience an effect: 20 points
  • Create/find/summon an object that you keep on your person from which you can draw power or with which you can affect your dream in an unrealistic way: 20 points
  • Draw power from or affect your dream with the above object and experience an effect: 20 points
    The following points can be earned once per object after your first object of a type:
  • Recreate ALL of the effects from empowering objects from prior Task 1 attempts (optionally WITHOUT recreating the objects), then successfully use new empowering objects: 10 points per new object
  • Find that ALL of the objects you kept on your person in previous Task 1 attempts are STILL on your person, recreate ALL of their effects, and then acquire new objects to keep on your person and experience their effects: 10 points per new object
    As you can see, you may be able to earn the “only once” points in your first dream very easily if your dream control is good. The dreams after that are worth less and will require an extra action every time they are repeated, so everybody can score well but only the good LDers will get a few steps ahead before Task 2!

Bonus: Group Incubation

By popular request, Group Incubation will be an option for many tasks this LC. It will be worth points, but will not be required at any point (as there will be repeatable options in most tasks for people that do not want to work in a group). Check your PM inbox for a link to instructions and a multi-user document for planning!

Bonus: LD Idea Generator script

Some people noticed that the structure of the sign-up sheet was similar to that of a script I’ve run in the LD4all chat room for a while. Indeed, the script itself will give bonus tasks that last for only one day each and will be posted here (you don’t pick your own). As the script randomly picks a dream action, setting, and form, the odds of getting anything coherent are slim. However, in the interest of participant-controlled difficulty, I will award 30 points anytime you complete such a task! If you see the script spit out something reasonable, be sure to jump on the opportunity!

Today’s nonsense from the script:
Eilatan, in your next LD, you should do a disco-style dance while in a subway tunnel and in the form of a statue!

You don’t have to be Eilatan, of course, but if you (agaisnt all odds) manage the rest before the next randomly generated idea is made tomorrow, the points are yours!

If you would not mind taking a straggler, i would really love to sign up.

Muccy ( 10 seconds)
Personal Goal: Juggle 5
Desired Action: Fus Ro Dah
Desired Setting: A beach.
Desired Form: A God.

^ You’re in! Best of luck to you, god-in-training. :tongue: I hear ambrosia is delicious.

For all participants, notice that I removed the word “expected” from the task, as Lumessence brought up the possibility of receiving a surprise from a DC and not knowing its effect. I think that many people would find a surprise more difficult, but it’s not something I meant to forbid, so I’ve corrected the wording.