Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Loah, I’ve added a short LD and chaining to your score.

Wyvern, that’s a shame. I mean, if you had gone to a fight and a hockey game broke out, I’d award the points. :tongue:

Gonna claim this before I get to work at least (for the sake of my team. :razz:). Will write out when I get back home…
Was between medium and long, but I’ll just say medium LD.

  • Did an exercise
  • Did tug-of-war with Letaali
  • Watched a fight with Ian1, martial arts were involved, but they were kinda amateurish. XD

My recall is still awfully sketchy… I wonder if I can get it up and running again. Soon, that is.

[color=#F781F3]I had a dream with ld4all members! lots of them.

Ld4all Flagship!

it was just an ND, and unfortunately i don’t think i made any points in it, but i wanted to share it.[/color]

I’ve added in Wyvern’s points. As of right now, the scores are:1. Lucidis (735)

  1. Wyvern (715)
  2. Scipio Xaos (400)
  3. Rhewin (395)
  4. drd (390)
  5. Siiw (325)
  6. Eterna (280)
  7. Loah (260)
  8. HeadInTheClouds (160)
  9. demented (120)
  10. ian1 (50)
  11. Koharo (40)
  12. Letaali, James_UK2008, Hodge_Podge (20)
  13. paual (5)
  14. Yev, mr_Block, Oleg (0)
    The Action team averaged 1.38 Task 2 subtasks per member and will get to do the Travelers’ Task 3 40-point subtask for full credit instead of half as a reward. The Shapeshifter team averaged 1.33 and the Traveler team managed 0.38. My condolences to Scipio Xaos, who very nearly carried his team to victory by himself.

Task 3 will be in the next post!


[title]Task 3: Obligatory LC Eating Task[/title]

You spent last week toning your body; now it’s time to let loose and indulge! I counted at least ten instances of eating and tasting things as prior LC tasks, and there’s a good reason this theme shows up so often. Dream food is the best food, and the best part is that it doesn’t contain a single calorie… unless you want it to. This task shows up in many LCs, so some of the subtasks will feel familiar. However, other LCs don’t have three teams to which to cater, so prepare to tackle this task in a new way!* In the words of the great Bart Simpson, “Eat my shorts!” Take a bite from an article of clothing and swallow it: [color=green]20 points[/color]

  • [color=red]LC eating tasks usually end up with a bunch of point claims from eating the nearest object in sight once lucid. Let’s change it up a bit. Eat junk food (snacks, desserts, or fast food that’s not from the health menu):[/color] [color=green]20 points[/color]
  • [color=#7030C0]Visit a setting based around gigantic food (e.g., a habitable gingerbread house or a world made of huge desserts):[/color] [color=green]40 points[/color] (Action team gets full credit as well for winning Task 2)
  • [color=#7030C0]Even Travelers need an occasional pit stop. Go someplace that serves fast food and/or desserts:[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color]
  • [color=blue]Can you overindulge in lucid dreams? Experience being fat and heavy, and spend some time moving your mass around:[/color] [color=green]30 points[/color] (I will not accept any self-deprecation via saying you’re already fat; if you feel this is actually the case, become comically so for the dream)
    Excluding Team Dreams and team rewards, there are 430 points available so far for the Action team, 435 for the Travelers, and 415 for the Shapeshifters. Remember that by the end of Task 6, all teams will have the same amount of points available given the aforementioned exclusions.

Here are the Team Dream requirements for this week.* [color=red]Action: Agree on what delicious junk food to eat. You and at least one teammate must eat the agreed-upon junk food for points.[/color]

  • [color=#7030C0]Traveler: Decide whether to find gigantic food together or to meet at a fast food / dessert restaurant. You and a teammate must both eat to earn points.[/color]
  • [color=blue]Shapeshifter: Similar to prior weeks, decide whether you’ll simply become fat or transform into a fat creature with a teammate. If the former, give me a passive control method to use with your teammate. If the latter, remember that you cannot use the creature for points for any other task.[/color]
    The winning team this week gets to choose next week’s task theme from two choices: Spheres and Altitude. Place your votes alongside your Team Dream, and the winning team will get the majority vote put in place! If there is a tie vote on the winning team, the choice made by team members with the smaller amount of total points will win to give them a fighting chance. Be sure to think about what each task theme may mean for your team’s subtasks when voting! What does it mean to travel to something related to spheres or to altitude? What kind of shapeshifting might come into play? What sorts of things might the Action team do? Place your votes and try to win!


SC trolled me into giving up onto lucidity forever. Holding and pushing me back in all the ways possible to prevent me from doing any task or any activity of my choice. From “literal” - spikey-bushy getting into my clothes and not letting go, to mystic - hallways leading to same or wrong places, to personal - SC possessed a dc to annoy me with fake information, broken-stuck-record’ey speech (repeating from exact same microsecond and syllable whenever I try to re-ask a question), finally turning into my mom, making me smash her face in and wake up.

All this lasted like 3? 10? 5 minutes? It was long and annoying CLEARLY LUCID dream. I doubt I will ever use lucidity stuff for anything other than escaping and instantly waking up from nightmare.

Last night in a dream I was given the abilities of Dr. Manhattan. The abilities in the dream (not all of them are Dr. Manhattan’s) were flight, gravity manipulation, mind control, teleportation and matter manipulation. I managed use everything else but teleportation and mind control. I moved a heavy object with matter manipulation. I just pointed my hand at the object and “felt it moving” before it moved. Before that I tried to force it to move but the power didn’t work like that. I did see some junk food too but I don’t recall eating any.

Also, I can’t believe that I wasn’t lucid. I made choices and I learned how to use the abilities. Usually everything just works in NDs…this was different. My first time experiencing something like this. I was pretty happy in the dream though.

demented, you know that I don’t believe you should give up lucidity altogether, but this isn’t the place for me to argue. I’ll acknowledge your ragequit, give you the points for the long LD, and mark you as inactive on the scoresheet so that I know not to include you in any team averages.

Letaali, that sounded fun! Hopefully you keep that ability while lucid. :smile:

I’ve updated the scores.

Had an LD here. Not taking the rather amusing ND battle into account, the time whilst lucid was probably no more than 30 seconds.

This LD ties you with Koharo for 12th place. Sorry you didn’t get to space! I’ve updated the scores.

I had a short LD which was mostly spent on singing. No LC tasks done.

Had trouble sleeping last night, but eventually had three(!) medium LDs. :smile: (they weren’t chained or DEILDs).

In one dream I tried to eat a DCs top while she wasn’t looking (which was hilarious!) and in another I visited a McDonalds. In the third LD I tried to complete my personal task and fly competently. I got the hang of it in the end, but don’t feel that I done it well enough to say I completed the task. It felt awesome though, and I’m sure I’ll nail it the next time. :content:

I also had an ND where I used telekinesis on a small car, but since it’s old, and an action team task, and an ND I doubt it’s worth anything but just thought I’d mention it.

My dreams are steadily getting longer again… :peek:

Long LD last night where I was apparently an idiot and confused parts of a simple eating task, but I did my personal goal so at least I got that going for me.

If the teams had their group incubations set up, I could have done them all. A member from every team was present (Letaali, ian1, Scipio). I even lamented about this indream. :razz:
I also visited a garden with massive vegetable plants that towered a few inches over my head, but I don’t think that’s what you meant in visiting a setting based on gigantic food.

I had 3 LDs last night, 2 short, 1 medium.

I moved a heavy car around with my bare hands, which I thought was worth points in the dream, but I don’t think it actually is. Then, I smashed the car (I think using telekinesis) horizontally and found Wyvern standing around on a sidewalk. I then levitated the smashed car, which was huge, and started to play around with it. Then, I tried to throw it using my telekinesis towards Wyvern, but I had issues actually letting go and it kept rocking back and forth, swinging over my head. I eventually let go of it, but it didn’t fly very far.

Also, I don’t know if tasks done in a ND count anymore, but I did visit KFC and Chick-Fil-A last night and ate some fried chicken as well.

Siiw, do we get to hear you sing? :happy: Also, you said in IRC that you weren’t sure if you wanted to claim completion of your personal goal; did you make a decision on that?

Eterna, I can’t tell if you swallowed the bite you got, but I assume you did and gave those points. You also get points for eating junk food, which I spotted after reading your DJ; be sure to say things in the post so that I don’t fail to award you points. Also, yes, you do get points for tasks done in an ND and for older tasks; I hope I didn’t imply otherwise! You said it was a “small” car, but I assume a small car is still a large, heavy object, so I gave points accordingly. Congrats on the three LDs, by the way!

Wyvern, if the massive vegetable plants had massive vegetables attached, then it counts! I hadn’t actually considered the giant garden fiction stereotype, so I find that to be clever. You didn’t say anything about the vegetables themselves, so I haven’t counted anything yet; tell me if I should award the points. Give me a second personal goal when you get the chance too!

HeadInTheClouds, yeah, you’d’ve received more points for moving the car with your mind and then smashing it with your hands instead of vice versa, as the strength task requires the object to be heavy and anchored or rooted so that you actually rip it out of the ground. Dream memory sure is fickle when it comes to getting tiny details straight. :tongue: You also get Team Dream credit even if Wyvern didn’t move the car thanks to poor wording on my part when I implemented that first Action Team Dream (you’ll notice I’ve been very explicit about actually involving the team member in the task since then :tongue:). As I told Eterna, yes, NDs still give credit and I hope I didn’t imply otherwise!


The Shapeshifter team seems to have made its Team Dream decision, although I still need a Task 4 theme vote from it. They’ll be meeting each other and simply pigging out until the weight shows on their bodies. They’ll get 30 points for doing this with a teammate, and everybody else can get 15 points for doing it with a Shapeshifter team member.

I’ve updated the scores with all of these posts. Three of the four of you moved up in the rankings!

Sorry Thorn but yes, I did swallow the clothing, I just assumed that was obvious since I didn’t say I spat it out. I didn’t mention eating fast food as it’s not listed. It says to go to a place that sells fast food/desserts, which I mentioned. The small car was a little RC one. Sorry for the confusion…

Edit: I just read that the junk food was an action team task. I never read it since I didn’t want to have too many things to do, so I don’t feel I’ve earned the points for that.

^ If you did it, you earned the points, accidentally or otherwise. :tongue: If you really don’t want those points yet, I’ll remove them if you say to. I will change the car to a small object, though, so thank you for clarifying that. If you want to eat junk food again, you can always join one of the Team Dreams for that, as they’ll all be about food or going someplace related to food. :smile:

Thorn, to be completely honest, I don’t think it should count as a personal task. I didn’t seek the image out consciously in a dream, or make it myself, so this would be no different from painting any dream landscape.

Forgot to add my new personal task. I really liked Lucidis’ idea with the map, so my next personal task will be to find a world map of my dream world. :happy:
I’ve seen a city map before but an entire world map would be neat.