Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Oleg, I’m sorry you were close but not quite there. :sad:

Siiw, I see no reason why it wouldn’t count, so congrats on the points. :o

Yev, I was actually just about to PM you to see if you were still participating; I know you’ve been keeping a steady DJ, but I wasn’t sure if you were still focusing on the LC. I have my answer now. :happy:

The scores are updated. Rhewin has been busy with real-life things, so I have temporarily marked him as inactive so that he does not affect the team averages. paual’s forum profile shows her last log-in as in April, so I have marked her inactive as well.

Good news and bad news!

The bad news is I tried to dream incubate about eating popcorn. Sadly, I awoke hungry and confused! Lol.

The good news is I have dreampt about my workplace for the last 4 nights. So, I will do more RCs at work. Hopefully I will trigger a LD in upcoming nights.

Think positive, and positive things will happen!

First LD all week and I tried to earn some task points… sadly no dice (or pizza even).

Hatsune Miku - Trace Adkins - Adele Crossover ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 2

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain.
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.

^ As I said in chat, I can’t count the chain points as you said you were unsure if you DEILDed between lucid parts at any point, and your dream journal only shows re-entering the ND and becoming lucid. That said, you still get the points for the short LD, and I updated the scores to reflect that.

The next task goes up in under 14 hours! Get your team point claims in ASAP!

With Task 3 coming to a close, let’s look at the current standings!1. Wyvern (960)

  1. drd (760)
  2. Lucidis (735)
  3. HeadInTheClouds (495)
  4. Eterna (490)
  5. Siiw (485)
  6. Scipio Xaos (420)
  7. Rhewin (395)
  8. Loah (300)
  9. James_UK2008 (260)
  10. demented (160)
  11. Letaali (95)
  12. Hodge_Podge (85)
  13. ian1 (50)
  14. Koharo (40)
  15. Oleg (25)
  16. paual, Yev (5)
  17. mr_Block (0)
    There are many pockets of close scores. I respect that not everybody is on the level of the top three, but most people have some rivals with similar scores, and I hope these rivalries serve as motivation!

The Shapeshifter team averaged 1.33 Task 3 subtasks per member and gets its vote of Spheres set as the Task 4 theme! The Action team averaged 0.86 with a vote of Altitude and the Traveler team managed 0.83 with no vote. I’ll put up the unused Altitude task in the team workspaces so that people can see what could have been, but remember that it is worth a whopping zero points; don’t try to do it for the sake of the LC. :tongue:

Task 4 will be in the next post!

Task 4: Spheres

I don’t really have an interesting description for this task as I did for the previous ones. I was running out of task ideas and thought of a random noun, and it just so happened to make for an interesting, medley-style task!* Hold something spherical that is not a part of your body: 10 points

  • Hold something spherical that would be impossible to hold in waking life: 20 points (must be done with a different object than the previous subtask; you can reallocate points later if needed)
  • Play a sport involving a ball: 30 points
  • You’ve heard of dream spinning; have you tried dream tumbling? Roll head over heels for five seconds or more: 40 points (this is worth so much because it will either stabilize the dream or completely ruin it :tongue:)
  • It’s a good thing you don’t need oxygen. Visit a foreign planet: 30 points
  • WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE. Transform under the light of the moon: 10 points
  • Be the sphere! Inflate like a spherical balloon or fill up like a spherical water balloon, then float (only if full of air), bounce (in either case), or roll (in either case): 30 points (can be combined with the 40-point subtask above)
    Excluding Team Dreams and team rewards as always, the Action Team has 565 subtask points available so far, the Traveler team has 540, and the Shapeshifter team has 525. As I’ve been saying all along, an equal amount of points will be available for all teams by the end of Task 6 and throughout Task 7.

The Team Dream requirements for this week are as follows.* Action: Decide on a sport that uses a ball to play with at least one teammate.

  • Traveler: Describe a foreign planet that you will visit with a teammate. You can give me a name, you can give me a description, or you can link me a picture. The planet needn’t be real, so fantasy planets are okay!
  • Shapeshifter: Decide on inflating or filling up with liquid with a teammate and also decide whether you will float, bounce, or roll (if applicable). As always, you and another teammate must do it together.
    The winning team this week will get a bonus subtask next week that can easily be combined with the team’s other subtasks and will be worth 40 points! The other teams will be able to attempt it but will only get half-credit as usual (and would of course get half-credit for the other subtasks that easily combine into it). The bonus subtask will also not be applicable to a Team Dream. That said, points are points, and you should want the prize!

Had an FLD today where I was trying to do last weeks LC. I summoned and ate a chocolate brownie if it counts for anything. Sadly I hadn’t read this weeks task beforehand!

^ You already claimed junk food points, sadly. :sad: That said, tasks don’t expire, so you would have earned those points if you didn’t already have them. As you said, you have this week’s tasks now, so be sure to check in with your team’s page and start planning!

Short LD - nothing more, nothing less. Fortunately.

I made balls of mozzarella cheese last night. I t wasn’t lucid. I have only the phone today and tomorrow and will type it up properly later.

Oleg, there’s always something you can do if the tasks don’t come to mind; your personal goal is worth points and should be easy to remember!

Siiw, I’ll add your task points.

The scores are updated.

My recall has been lacking recently, so its a little choppy, but I am able to stay lucid longer that I previously was able to. I am claiming points for:

Medium LD - 5 minutes
Week 1 action team dream
Holding a sphere that I can’t hold in reality
Holding a sphere that is not part of my body
Playing a ball related sport

SPOILER - Click to view

I remember talking to someone about stuff to do while in a LD, but it did not cause me to be lucid. I ended up doing a random RC. When I became lucid, I was in some apartment that slightly resembled one of the places I lived in my childhood. I think my brother may have been there as well. The first thing I did, was condense energy into a ball. The more condensed it became the more visible it became. When it was small enough, it turned into a rubber ball. I was disappointed.

Afterwards, I summoned Wyvern. After calling for him, I noticed something popped out of a nearby doorway. It was a scarecrow (more like a stick man). I asked “Are you Wyvern”?, and the scarecrow replied yes. I grabbed something limp (I think it was a cord of some type) and transformed it into a baseball bat. I looked on the counters of my apartment for anything that resembles a ball to hit. I grabbed some kind of fruit, and walked out of the nearby door, onto a roof. It was dusk outside. Wyvern was outside as well. I placed the fruit on the ground, and hit it like a golfball into the sunset.

Next, I remember being in some kind of diner, I asked by brother, what should I do for the LC. I don’t remember what he said, but I do know his input wasn’t very helpful. I walked outside, grabbed a car, crushed it into a ball, and then threw it. I went back into the diner, and rolled on my sides for a few seconds (which increased my lucidity). Then I asked my brother what to do again…no help. I remember something to do with fire and ice.

I walked outside, and summoned Wyvern again. This time he was an average sized man with short curly hair. When I asked if he was Wyvern, he replied yes. I then picked up the nearest car using pk, and tossed it to the side.

drd, I added in all of those points. A shame you rolled like a cylinder and not like a sphere. :tongue: I updated the scores with your latest dream.

The Action team has decided to make dodgeball its ball game of choice. As usual, 30 points to them if they play dodgeball with/against a teammate and 15 points to other teams if they play dodgeball with/against an Action team member.

I was in a setting based around gigantic food. Massive rye bread slices formed a circle that was floating in the air above a mountain range. I was climbing it with invisible rope. The slices were several hundred meters tall.

^ The massive bread is supposed to feed the massive dragons that you keep killing in your NDs. Now we have too much bread, and it grows to hundreds of meters tall. Way to go! :tongue: I’ve updated the scores with your points.

It’s been 48 hours, so let’s confirm the remaining Team Dreams. The Traveler team has two votes to visit Venus out of three votes total, so Venus it is! Cue jokes about where men and women come from. Travelers can get 30 points by taking a teammate to Venus, and other participants can get 15 points for taking a Traveler team member to Venus.

The Shapeshifter team needed to lock in two aspects of their subtask this week; what to be filled with and how to move after being filled. For the former, I received one vote for helium, one for “It doesn’t matter to me”, and didn’t receive a third vote, so helium it is. For the latter, I received one vote for floating, one for rolling, and didn’t receive a third vote. Since the same person that voted for helium also voted for floating, I will maximize fairness and choose rolling as the movement method so that both voters get some say (this also maximizes LC points if they roll head over heels!); you can always float after getting the LC points. :tongue: tl;dr: Shapeshifters each get 30 points for filling himself and a teammate with helium and rolling around as spherical balloons, and other participants can get 15 points for filling themselves and a Shapeshifter with helium and rolling around as spherical balloons.

Had a short length ld 2-3mins. Im claiming points for reading someones thoughts.

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in someones house pushing the floor down to make the room bigger, and i became lucid. I went outside and started running. I tried to start rolling like sonic, but i ended up on my back. I saw someone, and said hello to them telepathically. He responded and said “Hi my name is xxxxx” (I dont remember his name, but it started with an x). When he spoke to me, i saw the form of another person for a second.

I also remember flying somewhere in there.

drd, I know for a fact that Wyvern has points to claim, but he hasn’t done so yet. I updated the scores with your points, so enjoy your short stint in first place. :happy:

Alrighty then. I do indeed have points to claim from 2 nights ago.

Had a long LD where I played some American football and then realized the ball wasn’t spherical, so I quickly switched to dodgeball with some DCs. (No team members present and this was before the team task was decided on anyway)
Another part of the dream I was on another planet… but that was kinda lame because I just appeared there by chance. I’d prefer to willingly travel there… or at least explore more, so I won’t count it.
There was some archeologist person digging about the sand on the planet and found a mask… which promptly turned into some Metroid/facehugger like creature and clamped onto his face. This caused a freaky alien transformation for him. It also reminded me of an RP character of mine, for whatever reason, so I turned into this:

Which I’d consider to be a strong creature. :razz:

Welp, there’s those points. Is it wrong if I was excited when I saw drd pull ahead of you for a bit? It wasn’t anything against you, Wyvern, but rather watching somebody new take the lead that made me excited. I’m sorry! :tongue:

The scores are updated.

At one point stuff happened.

Said stuff… well, I suppose that videogame-elements got mixed into the fray, and that’s where some of the strength came from (it was armoured plating, kay? ._.). Mostly, I attacked robotic enemies, and I caused large damage on the exterior metal plates. The interior’s remained okay, though. Still, though, it was more than what could be done in real life…

… does that count for ‘smash something sturdy’? If not, that’s okay. I still have a fail-safe prepared, I believe… :>