Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

Siiw, do we get to hear you sing? :happy: Also, you said in IRC that you weren’t sure if you wanted to claim completion of your personal goal; did you make a decision on that?

Eterna, I can’t tell if you swallowed the bite you got, but I assume you did and gave those points. You also get points for eating junk food, which I spotted after reading your DJ; be sure to say things in the post so that I don’t fail to award you points. Also, yes, you do get points for tasks done in an ND and for older tasks; I hope I didn’t imply otherwise! You said it was a “small” car, but I assume a small car is still a large, heavy object, so I gave points accordingly. Congrats on the three LDs, by the way!

Wyvern, if the massive vegetable plants had massive vegetables attached, then it counts! I hadn’t actually considered the giant garden fiction stereotype, so I find that to be clever. You didn’t say anything about the vegetables themselves, so I haven’t counted anything yet; tell me if I should award the points. Give me a second personal goal when you get the chance too!

HeadInTheClouds, yeah, you’d’ve received more points for moving the car with your mind and then smashing it with your hands instead of vice versa, as the strength task requires the object to be heavy and anchored or rooted so that you actually rip it out of the ground. Dream memory sure is fickle when it comes to getting tiny details straight. :tongue: You also get Team Dream credit even if Wyvern didn’t move the car thanks to poor wording on my part when I implemented that first Action Team Dream (you’ll notice I’ve been very explicit about actually involving the team member in the task since then :tongue:). As I told Eterna, yes, NDs still give credit and I hope I didn’t imply otherwise!


The Shapeshifter team seems to have made its Team Dream decision, although I still need a Task 4 theme vote from it. They’ll be meeting each other and simply pigging out until the weight shows on their bodies. They’ll get 30 points for doing this with a teammate, and everybody else can get 15 points for doing it with a Shapeshifter team member.

I’ve updated the scores with all of these posts. Three of the four of you moved up in the rankings!

Sorry Thorn but yes, I did swallow the clothing, I just assumed that was obvious since I didn’t say I spat it out. I didn’t mention eating fast food as it’s not listed. It says to go to a place that sells fast food/desserts, which I mentioned. The small car was a little RC one. Sorry for the confusion…

Edit: I just read that the junk food was an action team task. I never read it since I didn’t want to have too many things to do, so I don’t feel I’ve earned the points for that.

^ If you did it, you earned the points, accidentally or otherwise. :tongue: If you really don’t want those points yet, I’ll remove them if you say to. I will change the car to a small object, though, so thank you for clarifying that. If you want to eat junk food again, you can always join one of the Team Dreams for that, as they’ll all be about food or going someplace related to food. :smile:

Thorn, to be completely honest, I don’t think it should count as a personal task. I didn’t seek the image out consciously in a dream, or make it myself, so this would be no different from painting any dream landscape.

Forgot to add my new personal task. I really liked Lucidis’ idea with the map, so my next personal task will be to find a world map of my dream world. :happy:
I’ve seen a city map before but an entire world map would be neat.

I could only remember the inner monologue, but it was a LD nonetheless. A short one, though.

My team is currently being indecisive… had a pizza party and Rhewin had some too, but we still haven’t decided for sure what the junk food we’ll be eating is, so I suppose that doesn’t count for team points.
We also used pizza to turn us pretty damn fat, but no Shapeshifter group points because Rhewin and ian1 (who was also there) are part of the Action and Traveler teams, not Shapeshifter. Our dear TM even got to join in on the fun. XD


Medium LD. I still ate junk food myself (pizza) and still turned pretty fat and definitely moved around as such. It was an interesting experience. :peek:

/me goes back to bed

EDIT: Just looked at the group sheet and as it stands, pizza is winning, so we’ll see if the group points count, I suppose.

Had 2 LDs connected by a period of non lucidity. The first one was about 2 mins, and the second about 5 mins which is medium length.
I am claiming points for :
2 Lucid dreams
Completing my personal goal
Eating junk food
Multiplying numbers
Entering an activity lost by leaving bounds
Team dream 2
Attending an event
Growing to become strong
Performing an exercise

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in some kind of apartment in my home town. It was dark, I do not remember what I was doing. I became lucid, and I sat down and focused on what I was doing and what was happening, rubbing my hands together.

I said " I would like to talk to my SC", and my brothers cat appeared in the small apartment. I don’t remember the conversation very well, but I do remember apologizing to it for anything I have done ( being mean, ordering it around.), and I asked it to help me LD. It accepted my apology, and mentioned that there was no problem between us. It also had the voice of my younger brother. So all was good.

I decided, its time to eat!. I said “I just ordered a pizza” opened the door to the apartment, and a man handed me a warm pizza. I took it in and put it on the table. I summoned Wyvern, trying to focus on his avatar. He seemed to appear under the table, but I guess not, because on the table was a long red snake with wings on its back. I started eating the pizza, sharing with Wyvern and my SC.

Before leaving the apartment, I did some math, 8x8, and 12x12, I got them both correct. I also grabbed a pipe hanging from the ceiling and did some pull ups. I left the apartment, and lost lucidity.

I do not remember what I was doing but I was in another house, and became lucid again. It looked like there was a party going on inside this house I grabbed a rope hanging off of the wall. I said “Lets play tug of war!”. I summoned Wyvern again , saw him on the circular table, and then started to pull on the rope. I don’t remember seeing the face of my opponents, but I started pulling the rope through the house, eventually down the stairs. While walking down the stairs I noticed that I was pulling on Wyvern, he was stretching out as I was pulling (I guess he was playing too). There was no indication of us winning, but I did move far enough to assume I won.

As I was walking down the stairs I summoned Scipio. He walked from around the corner at the top of the stairs. He looked just like his avatar. I tried to transform into Machamp, but all I did was manage to grow in size (and maybe I had invisible arms). I remember walking through the house, trying to move stuff with my invisible arms. Things were moving, but I feel like it was pk, and not the arms doing the work. I decided, now is the time to move a car! I walked out of the house, calling out for Wyvern again, looking for a car to pick up. Just as I was about to pick up the car, I woke up.

Maybe team dream 3 as well, ate pizza with Wyvern and my SC.

In my dreams this morning, I visited a restaurant, where most of the decorations and furniture were giant bottles of drinks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as far as actually eating or drinking anything, because I got called to work. It wasn’t lucid.

I had 2 awesome dreams this morning:

The first I am unsure if I was having an OBE or an LD. I was in my bed, and felt the typical vibration before separation. When I exited my body the room wasn’t very clear. I tired to phase through my door, but couldn’t. I opened the door and it was snowing. So, I was either on a another timeline or I was just dreaming. As I walked down the street the scenery became clear, and I recalled the LC! I told myself to calm down. I looked at my hands and yelled “Kek!”, but nothing happened. I must have been in limbo between the waking, astral, and/or dream world because I could sense my physical body. That’s all I recall. It could have been a OBE because as I was going to sleep I kept thinking about separating from my physical body. If it was a LD, then I still haven’t gained any summoning abilities.

The second dream was a ND. I was at a low key fast food place. I ordered a hamburger and French fries, but I can’t recall if I ate anything.

Overall, it was a great experience!

3 lucid dreams again last night, 2 short and 1 medium.

In the medium one, I saw a guy riding a ride-on lawnmower, so I used telekinesis to lift him off the tractor and throw him into the grass. Satisfied that I had completed another task, I tried to smash the lawnmower with my bare hands. Unfortunately, I don’t remember whether I actually smashed it or not.

Also, not sure if this will count or not, but it happened in the same LD. I attempted the shapeshifter task for this week and made myself fatter. I was able to enlarge my arms and stomach/hips/waist area to be larger and fatter. It jiggled a little when I walked, and while I didn’t feel heavier, it did seem to affect my balance and I felt kind of wobbly. When it faded, I did it again for a second time. I’m not sure if it has to be all over the body, but those areas took up a good chunk of my body, so I thought that it probably would count.

As for the exercise task, what sort of exercise counts? Is it only things like walking, running, or playing a sport? Or can things like jumping out of a car and rolling count as well? I assume it is the former case, but if the second case counts, then I also did that in my LD last night. And, if my suspicions are correct and the former case is only what counts, then would jogging in place for a couple seconds count?

This will be a long post, so bear with me, everybody.


First, I need to address everybody’s point claims.

Oleg, I’m happy to see you lucid dreaming again. :smile:

Wyvern, I’m sorry to hear that you did it before the Team Dream was finalized, as it seems that pizza won by one vote. I’m ending this post by essentially asking everybody if you and drd should get the points and asking if this should set a precedent for any future incidents. It’s also a shame that I can’t give the Shapeshifter Team Dream points, as my Shapeshifter sign-up was just a sample; you’ll need to get Scipio, James, or HeadInTheClouds involved. :confused: That said, I can definitely award the non-team points. Given the four people involved, all I can say is that I was right; doodling is good for dream incubation! :tongue: The most I was expecting out of the Shapeshifter subtask was the word “interesting”, so to also see it described as “fun” was a surprise. :happy:

drd, as I just told Wyvern, I’ll end this post asking about the latest Team Dream. As I said in chat, I can’t give “grow muscles or become a strong creature” points just for getting taller, as it doesn’t fit either condition. You’ll get points for one long LD with a chaining bonus for the period of non-lucidity, as it sounds like it was one dream. I’ll let the tug-of-war count as an event as well because you were at a party, and my definition of event was “having a sizable audience”. Congrats on all of the points you earned, and don’t forget that you can give me another personal goal to complete for 25 points.

Siiw, a restaurant that happens to have decorations looking like over-sized food seems like a bit of a stretch for visiting a setting based on gigantic food, but I’ll count it. I had things in mind more like Candy Land or the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel, but your dream did fit, so you get points. :smile:

Hodge_Podge, you didn’t give me a length for that LD, so I marked it as medium. If this should be changed, tell me. Congrats on the LD!

HeadInTheClouds, your fat definitely counts! I expected that many people would only think to focus on the stomach and/or hips, so it’s nice to see that you thought about the arms as well. For exercising, I’m looking for an activity that is done with short, repeated reps that is done for the sake of exercising; running someplace just to get from A to B won’t count for the task, but running in place or running because you do so for the sake of exercising will count. My first instinct for this task was for people to do calesthenics such as push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and running in place. For the most part, I just ask that people do things “in the spirit of the task” instead of trying to fit task points to things they did while lucid without aiming for the task (NDs being a bit of an exception, of course). So, no, I wouldn’t count jumping from a car as exercise, as most people wouldn’t make that jump for the sake of exercise. Congrats on your task points, though!


Next, I need to confirm the two Team Dreams that haven’t been made yet.

The Action team ultimately decided by a narrow margin to use pizza as their junk food of choice (which is why I need to have the final section of this post). The Traveler team didn’t tell me anything this week, so the only input I got was Siiw mentioning in IRC that she’d prefer to visit a restaurant with a teammate instead of a land of gigantic food; the Traveler team will thus need to visit a restaurant with a teammate. As always, teams can get 30 points for doing their planned dreams with a teammate, and other teams can get 15 points for meeting a member of the planning team and having the planned dream.


Finally, we had two people finish a Team Dream this morning just before it was actually decided, which deserves to be discussed.

Given Wyvern and drd’s situation, I want to ask a question about it to all LC participants, with a bit of weight given to responses from those not on their team to make it less self-serving. If somebody does the Team Dream before it’s decided—not before the task itself, but between the task post and the Team Dream creation deadline—should points be awarded once the decision is made and turns out to be what the dreamer did? The 48 hour deadline was given to minimize the amount of times this should happen, but we have some proficient lucid dreamers that can attack tasks quickly. If we count it, we run the risk of people changing the Team Dream just to match previous dreams for team and individual points, but if we don’t, we’re essentially putting a temporary lock-out on an aspect of the task. Give me some opinions, guys.

EDIT: Talking in chat, the prevailing opinion is “no, don’t count it”, even from the people who would get points. Therefore, I won’t count it.

I’ve updated the scores with all of the most likely points. I’m really happy to see so many lucid dreams and so many points being scored this LC!

[color=#F781F3]I ate some pizza! It was kindof a weird white pizza. I don’t recall the taste… And there was something about biting someone’s clothes…

we were talking about trying to find some kind of special rune. i guess it had to do with a game? i thought you had to do a special task to get it, so i hadn’t gotten it yet. but then someone told me all you had to do was go to the area and touch it.

so we both went there, and they touched it with their shirt. for some weird reason i wanted to see what it tasted like (it kindof seemed like it was a frosting that stuck to their clothes, so i grabbed their shirt and bit down on it. I didn’t swallow anything, but just tasted that… i guess that doesn’t count though?

but it was all ND unfortunately…

for the team dream question. im not sure about that. because really what if it turns out not to be the team dream? also, it gives people an extra night to accomplish a task, more than they should have.

Loah, you were so close to the points for eating clothing; I do need you to actually eat some, including swallowing a bite. You do get points for eating junk food, though; a shame you don’t remember the taste. :sad:

I updated Loah’s score and have been collecting some opinions on the early Team Dream situation. Talking in chat, the prevailing opinion is “no, don’t count it”, even from the people who would get points. Therefore, I won’t count it.

I don’t think we should get points for completing the team dream. I think it should only count after the final decision has been posted in the forum.

Huge journal entry today.

In the first LD, I remembered the LC and started eating raw sugar candy canes which started turning me into an anthro Panda. There was a bit of weight gain but I dont think it quite hit it’s full potential as it ended a tad too soon. Was very detailed though. This one was probably around two minutes.

In the second LD, I again remembered the LC and was successful in summoning both Headintheclouds and Scipio (a first I might add). I told them about the LC and tried to summon a pile of burgers which didn’t work out. There was a lot of other activity/detail in this one and it lasted at least 15 minutes which is rather lengthy for my LDs. :smile:

Another short LD.

james_uk2008, from what little I know about Minecraft, I can mark the Enderdragon as a strong creature for Task 2. The chubby panda qualifies for Task 3 as well. Congrats on getting such a long LD, by the way!

HeadInTheClouds, noted and put in the scores.

I’ve updated the scores. There’s a big gap between third and fourth; can anybody get over that hurdle?

I toyed with the idea of me dreaming, so I guess that’s of note?

But honestly, I need to start putting effort into these things. I’m lagging behind and I don’t like that.

^ Wondering or thinking you may be dreaming is worth 5 points, so it is of note! I’ve added the points to your score. Also, that statement “I’m lagging behind and I don’t like that”… statements like that are usually the ones that drive me back into LDing after I get lazy. I had a similar thought yesterday, acted on it, and became lucid this morning, so hopefully the same works for you!