Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

The third dream here is my longest LD ever and has several tasks. I try to bring my plush to life but “fail” when the dream provides an alternate explanation. I later start music in a dreamscape and then change that music to different music. I tame a group of rowdy orangutans when I unexpectedly transform into one and teach them to swim. A human DC turns himself into a hedgehog plush, which I then turn into a miniature version of my avatar, so I brought a toy animal to life and transformed a DC into an animal (and if only one of these counts at a time, I brought a small figurine to life later).

I’m pretty happy with myself. :tongue: The only thing that frustrated me is, well…
I guess what has me angry or sad or something is that I caught the dream fading and fixed it not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES this morning
but because of DEILD, that’s worth nothing; it’s actually worth more to let it end and restart it
Saving the dream was a stupid decision on my part. I really should’ve just let the LD end once and re-entered for the chain bonus and “first time using a technique” bonus, but meh; I’ll find those 60 points elsewhere. That, or I’ll visit drd and Scipio in their homes and start shaking them when they try to DEILD. Either works. :wink:

Also, the second ND at that link has my pets being “found” as in the task description, in case the brief glimpse at them I claimed before doesn’t count.

Had a short lucid yesterday… I say short because I can’t remember some parts from the way I woke up. I did my personal task of creating stars by singing. Didn’t turn out the way I intended it too, oh well. :razz:

[spoiler]It began with an ND of watching TV with my friends. The show was about some love triangle going on between some galactic space people. One guy gave up on pursuing the women, he wanted her to be happy with the other man. I watched on the edge of my seat overcomed with emotion as the man guides the hands of the woman and man together. We switched off the TV as soon as the show ended. My friends wanted to play some ball toss game in the basement that was featured in the show we watched. Two stayed behind sleeping on the couch. I wake up around here.

I remained still and watched for HH. I see my phone and imagined myself using it. I find myself back in the previous dream now. Using the time on the top corner of my mobile screen, I do the time RC which proved I was dreaming. Immediately my vision declines, the right eye again. (IWL my arm was putting pressure on my right eye :razz:) My friends watched as I held onto my eye willing it to function normally. One asked what I was doing. I started to feel them all slowly become hostile towards me. I get up with one poor eye and looked at a wall that seems to have all my vitals… my vision numbers were dropping. I hopped through the wall before they could act. Here, it becomes a blur. I went off to do some task.

Somewhere I recalled my personal task. I stabilized by rubbing my hands together. My personal task requires me to be outside, so I hopped out a window. The sky was still blue and definitely not dark enough for my task. Hopping out the window I ended up deep in the sea… I swam upwards to the surface and flew up to a rooftop. I have no idea why… but somehow I had turned into the character SpongeBob… Then, suddenly, I find myself in my parent’s room. I stabilized by rubbing my hands together and reminding myself that I am still sleeping in bed. It was quite frustrating being so out of control. I didn’t want to waste time changing back to my real body. I jumped out my parent’s window to the rooftop and sang the first song on my mind. I don’t remember it now. My plan was to have the notes flow out of me towards the sky and become stars. I did not realize while singing, that the sky had gone dark. I was very frustrated, I kept teleporting uncontrollably back into my parent’s room. Not only that, but I also had acquired the character’s horrible voice. I managed to suppress it though. After a while the teleporting stopped, I was able to sing properly. The notes did not flow out as planned but when I looked up to the sky I saw many, many stars! I was facing the direction of the city and IRL you can’t see as many stars in that direction. The stars were mostly uniformly dispersed but some places were clustered. It was not as pretty as I liked it to be and my vision was still lacking in one eye. Somewhat content, I spend the last bit of the dream singing moon river. I looked up to the sky and see a gigantic waning gibbous moon. Then I wake up shortly after.[/spoiler]

@drd: wow, sounds like this was your week! Points, points everywhere!

@Scipio: close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades :razz:

@Siiw: there are no longer any “very short” LDs, they simply count as short. The only time it wouldn’t count as a LD for scoring purposes would be if you woke up while still questioning if you are dreaming.

@Thorn: somehow the image of you as a monkey is fitting :lol:

Scores are updated

If you have anything that could count for your team advantage, you have just over an hour to get it posted!

Team Participation*
Transformation: 17.6% (2.1 tasks per member)
Investigation: 4.7% (.57 tasks per member)
Creation: 4.2% (.5 tasks per member)

*Participation rates calculated by the number of tasks completed by a team divided by the number of members on the team. Average number of tasks is then divided by total number of tasks. 100% participation is 12 tasks per member in Tasks 2-4

Medium LD.

Tamed animals in my dream (made them into Nazi bunnies)
Talked with animals (Told them to mate and they responded :tongue:)

My second personal task was also kiiinda done, but I’m not satisfied. There were no SQUIDS! Not gonna count that.


Yea, I know Rhewin. Just a little frustrated that I came really close to doing it and was robbed of my chance to swim. :tongue:

As to today, a short LD, no tasks. It was a very low level lucid and I didn’t have a strong grasp of my thinking capabilities to do anything more than run on instinct and follow the plot.

Minecraft and Lucidity ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 4
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

Task 3 - Technology!

Isn’t technology great? It’s improved our lives in a lot of ways, and it seems like there’s always more coming out. Technology in dreams can get even crazier. After all, anything is possible. This week, we’re going to explore the world of dream technology. And while it’s easy to think of technology as meaning electronics, technology has been around for centuries. In fact, some technology lets us see the centuries.

Also, you’ll notice now that team tasks are now worth more in general. No more freebies, you’ll have to really work for these.

Use an electronic device (smart phone, computer, etc.) 20pts
Use an outdated piece of technology (steam powered, water powered, etc.) 20pts: to be clear, the power source doesn’t matter. It just needs to be something that is now obsolete and not in common use. So yes, an abacus counts. But a TI-83 does not. Don’t blame me, blame TI for never updating anything.

Use a 3D printer to make something 30pts: I don’t care how you make the printer work or if it’s actually a real-life model, just make it happen.
Build your very own robot out of whatever is laying around 40pts: it could be made out of anything, so long as it can move and do things on its own.

Ask a computer the answer to life, the universe, and everything 30pts: ok, it doesn’t have to be a computer. Just some kind of sentient technology works.
Go into the internet 40pts: exploring cyberspace is the easy part. Getting in is tricky. I’ll suggest going in through a computer monitor.

Turn a DC into a robot 30pts: this should be obvious, but turning a DC into a robot does not count as building one for the creation task.
Use technology in a way it’s not intended 40pts: cook some food in the refrigerator, mow the lawn with your TV, sit down and relax while watching the World Cup on the radio. I dunno. Surprise me.

Task 3 Team Tasks

Creation: your team is going to make an invention this round. It’s up to you to decide what your invention is supposed to do. You don’t need to all use the same components, but all of your inventions should have the same function. Remember to get one of your team mates to help build it!

Investigation: it’s time for time! It’s Rhewin, you know that I have to do some kind of time travel. Pick what time period you’d like to go to, and, with a team member, check out some of the technology of the time. Getting to the time period is the important part, it’s ok if the tech isn’t exactly historically accurate. This is especially true if you pick the future.

Transformation: upgrade time. You’re going to give yourself and a team mate cybernetic enhancements. Your team needs to pick out what enhancement you want. Then, in a dream, give yourself and a team member the enhancement. You only need to decide what the enhancement does, you can figure out the how in your dream.

[center]Transformation Advantage[/center]
Transformation Team! You have won the advantage for Task 3! This week you can create your own task as long as it involves transformation and is based on this phrase: Giant Robots.

You have 48 hours to create the task or I’ll make one for you. Transformation can include a lot of things. You can change yourself, DCs, the environment, whatever. Think creatively… or… transformationaly.

ARGH! I used a spinning wheel in a dream, before I had read the task! This is getting ridiculous. :cool_raz:

Does this count as taming an animal? From last night (Pre Task 3), normal dream:

I also hugged a grey seal… :confused:

Had a brief 45 second LD here where I ended up in the world of Legends of Treasure Island (cartoon version which aired on CITV in 1993-1994). If you’re not familiar with it, here’s some nightmare fuel from it that freaked me out when it first aired. :happy:

-Med LD
-Task 3: Used an electronic device while lucid
-Regained lucidity

The second dream here is a medium-length lucid dream with no tasks done (unless an automatic door counts as an electronic device, but I highly doubt that~). The third dream at that link is an ND in which I use a computer. I don’t think e-mail was intended to be used to communicate with somebody from a distance of 20 feet apart, but I know that’s not in the spirit of the task. :tongue:

@Siiw: :eep: I’ve decided you use AP to get on the forum at night and check the task, but then you forget about it the next morning

@obfusc8: sure

@james_uk2008: I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway >.<

@Koharo: O.o that was quick

@ Thorn: no. No it isn’t. So there.


Inactive players
A couple of members have not contributed since the first day. These players will be marked as inactive (i) on the score sheet. They will not count toward the team advantage until the become active again. To become active, they only need to get points on the board. LD points, quest points, whatever. They just need to do anything and they’ll be back at active status.

Note that this does not mean people with low scores or no points, only people who have not contributed to their teams or to the LC in any meaningful way.

And now for something different
Alright, it looks like all of you are getting the idea of how team tasks work. Now to make things a little MOAR interesting.

This week’s winning team will get a bit more than just an extra task. In addition to the advantage task, the winners will have the rules bent in their favor. Indeed, losing this week would be quite… unfortunate.

You see, this week’s winner gets to pick from…

[center]:@#$!: Rhawin’s Wheel of Misfortune:ebil:

Rhawin laughs at your misfortune[/center]

I will bend the rules for this week’s winners in one of the three ways below. Before the week is up, your team must decide on one of them (don’t tell the other two what you decided! Seriously!). Once Task 4 starts, I will bend the rules however the winners have asked.

[b]If your team does not pick an advantage by the end of the week, or if any of your members tell the other groups what you have picked, Rhawin won’t be happy. You don’t want to see Rhawin unhappy.[/b]

So what are these choices?

[u]1. Players must complete the Advantage Task before attempting any other Team Tasks[/u]
This is a great way to slow down your competition. They have to do your own, specially created task before doing anything else. However, this means you also have to do your own, specially created task before doing anything else. But that shouldn’t be a problem… right?

2. For this task only, all of the winning team’s Team Tasks are worth an additional +20pts.
This includes previous Team Tasks. However, the competition also gets an additional +20pts for doing your Team Tasks.

3. Two Teams trade places
The winning team can trade the places of two of our teams. They could switch the other two teams, or they could switch themselves with one of the others. You could really trip up some people with this. Be careful, you might make things easier on some people too.

It’s super mysterious… and fun! Or you could pick this and give it to another team.

Scores are updated

Edit: by Team Tasks, I mean the tasks your team votes on, not the ones I create.

I used a calculator as a gaming device in a non-lucid dream. It kept changing while I used it. It had an xbox logo at one point and two screens like 3DS and the interface was controlled with eyes etc. I found it annoyingly hard to use.

Here I used a PC to install a game, and a laptop to play a game in a ND.

A short and barely recalled LD here if it counts for anything.

I have to change the sleeping strategy. :neutral:

I had a short LD and two NDs with tasks last night.

In the first ND, I used Skype on a computer.

In the second ND, I had to deal with a monkey, who basically became my pet, but was still a bit wild. It was my job to take care of him, so I consider that taming an animal. At the end, though, he had somehow grown a tail with a spike at the end that looks like the spikes on Godzilla’s back. He stabbed me in the stomach with one by accident, which almost led to a fatal injury in the dream.

In the LD, I brought life to a stuffed animal. It was able to move around on its own, although it didn’t talk and still looked like a stuffed animal. I didn’t purposely control it, but I did think about what I wanted it to do to prove it was alive, and when I did, it did those things. It waved to me, so I waved back to it.

In the same LD, I also used an outdated piece of technology. I used a wall-phone, which are the home phones that are attached by a cord and stuck to the wall. I figured that nowadays, those had went the way of the rotary phone, so it should count. I actually dialed my home phone number (well, the best that I could do in the dream, as there were no numbers and my fingers had a mind of their own). I actually got a response on the other side. “Sorry, That is incorrect.” That or something similar, was what I heard. When I yelled at the automated message I’d received, I woke up.

Continuing with my streak of short lucids but nothing task related accomplished here’s another one. At least I’m lucid, right? :razz: Hopefully tonight I can actually do something. :tongue:

Short Lucid TF ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 5
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V
Task 3: ~ none ~

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

This morning I had a very very short lucid moment. I also managed to have a conversation with an animal in the same dream, although when I was non-lucid. Also, said animal in question comes from a television show (My Little Pony :grin:) but I didn’t “summon” it. I mean, in the dream I did turn on the television to watch My Little Pony, which I became a part of, but I didn’t… “summon” any ponies. And then I used technology in another normal dream. So yay.

I had a chain of 4-5 lds for a medium length. No tasks completed. I could no remember any of the tasks, so I practiced flying.

I had 2 short lucid dreams last night, and in one of them I had a short conversation with a dog:


For the Creation team dream, we’re going to invent thunder-works. They’re like fireworks, only they shoot out lightning. :razz: