Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

Congrats drd! :smile: Roll on LC 44. :smile:

Thanks Rhewin for all the crazy tasks and grats drd. :partying_face:

Congratulations drd, and thanks to everyone who made this LC so much fun, especially our wonderful host, Rhewin!

This has been my most successful LC yet. I had some of my longest LD’s ever during this LC and I really felt like I made some significant progress in this LC. I can’t wait for LC 44!

Thank you everyone. This LC was very beneficial for me. During this LC I had a week where I had 6/7 LDs. I learned some new things I can do in my dreams, and the length of my LDs has increased drastically.

I choose to pass the hosting rights on to the next guy.

Scipio Xaos, you’re next in line.

Congrats, drd! You’ve really earned it. :beer:
Also congrats to Mew too for his most successful LC. :happy:

/me loves when people improve :content:

And thanks to Rhewin for another great LC.

Congrats, drd! I had you in the beginning, but then you flew past me. Great job!

That being said, I’ll also be passing the hosting responsibilities off… I might have time to participate, but while I’m in Colombia… and taking classes in Spanish I think it’ll be best to not risk forgetting my studies or the hosting responsibilities… You’re up 'Vern. :razz:

And I know Wyvern is not going to host, so we’ve made our way to Thorn XD

Where will it end, people???

Edit: welllll, maybe it will be Wyvern. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!

@drd Congrats on the win man :beer:
@Mew Congrats on setting a new personal best and having your longest LD :lucid:
@Rhewin Thanks for hosting an awesome LC, and shaking things up to keep it fresh. Pretty original…:beer:

Changed my mind yet again. Don’t wanna host. Passing it to Thorn. :razz:

/me thinks he needs a break from LCs

For a while, I was kind of unsure about hosting. I’ve hosted two since LC 39 and there’s been a bit of a stigma around about the same participants getting the chance to host.I also didn’t like the idea of getting to host when I didn’t even finish in the top three due to focusing too much on a personal goal that simply refused to be completed. That said, if I don’t host, it goes even further down the chain and I’ll just project my thoughts about this problem onto the next people. :tongue:

I’m working on putting something together, and if it looks like it’ll work, I’ll start sign-ups soon. Even if things go perfectly, though, I won’t start any sooner than Saturday regardless of the number sign-ups, as I think people want a week off for personal dreams. If my plans don’t look like they’ll work, then I’ll post here to pass hosting to HeadInTheClouds.

Sorry for doing this to you, Thorn… again. :razz: If I were in the states I’m sure I would have taken the hosting opportunity… I just don’t feel I can do it while in Colombia and while balancing schooling in Spanish. :razz: