Lucidity Challenge 44—Winner: drd

No I’m not dead! Just… not having much luck. :sad: Here’s an NLD’d task. Nether Portals were bound to show up eventually.

Sarben ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task I Part C5

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 5
Short LDs: 5
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E C4 & I5 | D5 | B3 | C5
Task 2: ~ none ~

Had a medium length LD last night. I shot a bow, and threw a bomb.

I’ve updated the scores with the previous two posts. The next task goes up in 18.5 hours!

A short lucid last night, disappointingly, no tasks done. I didn’t even make it to the duel… :neutral:

Also I threw some lightning bolts around in a normal dream. In another one, I did a RC which failed.

The Power team wins this week and will have a one-subtask advantage in Task 3!

Explorer: 4 subtask completions / 7 members = 0.57 subtask completions per member
Hero: 3 subtask completions / 3 members = 1.00 subtask completions per member
Power: 7 subtask completions / 4 members = 1.75 subtask completions per member

Current standings:1. Rhewin (720)

  1. obfusc8 (680)
  2. drd (530)
  3. Mew151 (415)
  4. James_UK2008 (260)
  5. Scipio Xaos (245)
  6. En’enra (180)
  7. Letaali (170)
  8. Oleg (160)
  9. Susan_Y (120)
  10. squoak, WasPeace, Yev, Hodge_Podge (0)

Task 3: Mario

Nintendo’s mascot is perhaps more representative of video games than any other character. With a child-friendly appeal and bright colors, the series has stood the test of time despite the public’s craving for dark plots and first-person shooting games, and I’d prefer to ask you all to have lighthearted lucid dreams instead of violent ones. Its appeal is also broad enough that I don’t think anybody will be confused about the subtasks. :smile:

Jump higher than possible IWL10 points: Most of you can fly in dreams, so this should be a breeze. That said, it’s Mario’s iconic skill (and even more iconic for his brother), so it’s an LC task for easy points.
Drive a go-kart, motorcycle, or ATV30 points: Welcome to Mario Kart! The games have branched away from just go-karts in recent years, so any of the three listed vehicle types will work. I’m aware that obfusc8 has already dealt with motorcycles this LC, but I made this subtask before I knew that somebody would find it simple. :tongue:

Reach the top of a flagpole30 points: The good prizes are at the top! 8000 points are there in classic games, and a 1UP is there in modern ones. Mario usually needs to jump from a high place to reach the top, and while you can do the same, you could just climb the pole itself.
Enter a pipe or sewer40 points: Mario usually travels down perfectly clean pipes and finds surprisingly few gross things underground, but what will you find? You don’t need to mimic Mario’s style exactly, so if you’re struggling to find a big enough pipe in your dream or if a sewer isn’t convenient, perhaps you could shrink near a sink and head down the drain?

Cause a bridge to collapse30 points: Every fourth level in Super Mario Bros. brought Mario face to face with his nemesis Bowser or an enemy disguised as him for a battle on a bridge over a pool of lava. If Mario wasn’t able to shoot fireballs, he was forced to duck behind Bowser and knock out the supports for the bridge to win the fight. You don’t need to cause a particular bridge to collapse, of course; any collapse you cause will be worth points.
Fight a gorilla40 points: It’s how Mario got started, and now it’s your turn. While Mario did it at a construction site to save a damsel, you get more choice. You could copy Mario’s fight, but you could also just run down to the local zoo and jump into the primate exhibit.

Use a power-up from the original Super Mario Bros. (mushroom, fire flower, starman) properly30 points: The three power-ups from this game have become pretty iconic, and I doubt there’s anybody involved in this LC that doesn’t know how they work. What appeals to you most? You could double in height and see the dreamscape from a new perspective as DCs look up at you. You could have the ability to create fire in your palms and gorgeous white clothes (just before U.S. Labor Day, you fashionistas). You could flash colors for a few precious seconds during which nothing can harm you. Grab a power-up and put it to use!
Become a turtle40 points: The most common Mario enemy species is the Koopa, a race of sentient turtles. While the iconic foot soldiers that march at you from the first game are still in the newer games (albeit bipedal), the species has expanded and included more powerful varieties. You could become a turtle from a Mario game for a task, including Bowser and all of his underlings, or you could become a turtle from elsewhere, such as a character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes of your childhood or even just one from the zoo.

Team Advantage Subtask! Wear and use a backpack-styled water cannon40 points: The entire game of Super Mario Sunshine revolved around Mario carrying a powerful water cannon on his back. He could use it to squirt targets, hover or rocket into the air by aiming it at the ground, or move fast by firing it behind him as he runs. For this subtask, wear such a thing and see what you can do with it!
Host Subtask! Battle a giant LC host50 points: Recent Mario games often end with Bowser being enlarged to fight Mario in a flashy-looking battle of man vs. colossus. Swap Bowser for the host and have a fight of epic proportions. As before, I’m sympathetic to not wanting to experience pain, so the “battle” can be pretty mild or more playful than aggressive if desired. This subtask may or may not have been influenced by En’enra; I can neither confirm nor deny this. :tongue:

As always, best of luck to everybody!

Motorbikes you say? Fantastic. :smile:

Very long lucid dream. I’ve already claimed longest ever, but yeah this one was pretty epic.

Tasks I think I did (lucid) -
-Jump higher than IRL
-Ride a motorcycle
-Save a damsel in distress… Well, I saved a whole town. I’m sure there were some damsels in there. If it has to be more specific then I guess this doesn’t count, but as I tried heroic stuff for a change, might as well try and claim some points.
-Used a backpack water cannon.

-Don’t feel that I successfully transformed into a turtle, but for a first attempt I got quite far.

The earlier normal dream doesn’t quite fit any of the tasks, although it had themes from some of them.

Mwahahah, just you wait until I get a proper lucid dream :devil:

I didn’t get a proper lucid dream last night, but I did get lucid.

Helloooooo LCers. I had a short LD with no tasks completed the other night. Last night I had a medium length LD, and I completed a few tasks. I jumped Higher than possible IWL, I rode a boar, and I threw a fireball that bounced. I only threw the fireball, my clothes didn’t change color like Mario’s would if he picked up a fireflower. IDK if that counts.

Does this count for the “drive a go-kart, motorcycle or ATV” subtask?

I for sure jumped high in a ND last night. I also might have fought a gorilla, in that I had an epic rhythm game-battle with Donkey Kong. Also I entered a giant green pipe-shaped entrance, but I didn’t really enter a pipe, I guess?

obfusc8, full body transformation isn’t something everybody’s into in LDs, but it’s at least an interesting diversion. Best of luck with that subtask. :smile:

En’enra, you didn’t tell me the length of that lucid dream, so I’ve marked it as medium; please tell me if this is not correct. Also, judging by your post, the battle’s going to be more painful than playful, isn’t it? :tongue:

drd, it doesn’t count, but not because of the lack of color. The subtask says to use a power-up, not the resultant power. Much of the LC can be done via willpower, but sometimes I want you to interact with something in the dream.

Susan_Y, simply ask yourself if it was a go-kart, motorcycle, or ATV. The dream you linked doesn’t say what the vehicle was, so if you can clarify that a fitting vehicle was used, I can award points.

Mew151, I’ll count the jump (cool suit :happy: ), but I’m not using “fight” as a synonym for “compete with”. You don’t literally have to engage in fisticuffs or wrestling—I’d count playing a certain part in a King Kong movie, for example—but it does need to be a confrontation with a hint of violence.

The scores are updated.

It felt about ten minutes long. I had the time to talk about what I saw around me and try to move stuff around, so I think it was medium.

We’ll see. :whistle:

By ATV, do you mean the thing that’s also known as a quad bike? (Rather than a 4 wheel drive Sport Utility Vehicle, like a Land Rover, or even a rally car like a Mitsubishi Evolution). If a specific vehicle type is wanted, I think I’m going to call my dream a near miss. A Toyota AE86 would be canonical for the kind of driving I was doing (see, for example. Initial D).

Another dream I had my photo taken, which is one way to find out what I look like in the dream. (There usually aren’t any mirrors). Sadly. I wasn’t wearing Link’s tunic, so no points for me there.

En’enra, y u so mean? :cry:

Yes, Susan_Y, it is also known as a quad bike.

I decided it would be a turn-based tickle fight. With a giant feather.

Medium lucid dream with jumping

Lucid dream.

That was a couple of minutes lucid, which is medium-length for me. It was entered either with actual Wake Induced Lucid Dream, or by me dreaming that I’m doing WILD. (I’m not completely sure which, as I didn’t spot the transition from the waking state). I haven’t succeeded with WILD before, so I’m inclined to count it as a new technique.

No subtasks completed (or at least, completed and remembered). I can’t remember fully the bit where I’m dreaming that I’m having hypnagogic hallucinations while incubating the Lucidity Challenge tasks, which is a shame, because there might have been some points in there. (I’m assuming that an actual HH doesn’t count, but a full dream of having a HH of the task that then turns into a 1 or 2 second dream of the task would count).

I’ve updated the scores with the most recent posts.

Two lucid dreams last night.

First one was short, no tasks.
Second one was medium. Attempted personal goal again but didn’t get very far. :sad: But I finally managed to complete a task I’d incubated for the previous lucid challenge… find my pet! :woo: