Lucidity Challenge 44—Winner: drd

Okay, we’ve got 10 people, even if the teams are weighted pretty unevenly. :tongue: As I said before, I will start on Saturday so that people have at a week off after the previous LC. If you’re not involved yet, know that more sign-ups are allowed!

Score! Got En’enra! Obfusc8, I almost hope we get a Hero vs Power task in there… after watching you in the last LC, I would love an epic battle XD

Sure! I’ll practice my super-villain voice in preparation. I must warn you though, I have the ultimate power of [color=red]mind bullets[/color]! :devil:

  1. squoak - Explorer - Teleport somewhere unfamiliar to me
  2. James_UK2008 - Power - Shapeshift into the Arbiter
  3. Letaali - Explorer - Reach the frozen planet
  4. Mew151 - Explorer - Play DDR Dream Mix
  5. WasPeace - Explorer - Teleport somewhere unfamiliar to me
  6. Scipio Xaos - Explorer - Fly to SPACE!
  7. Rhewin :tardis: - Hero - Regenerate
  8. Obfusc8 - Power - Meet the Sandman
  9. En’enra - Hero - Have a turn-based battle
  10. Oleg - Explorer - Be able to honestly say, “The dream lasted a while and I wasn’t an idiot whatsoever! :happy:
  11. drd - Power - Visit the Academy
  1. squoak - Explorer - Teleport somewhere unfamiliar to me
  2. James_UK2008 - Power - Shapeshift into the Arbiter
  3. Letaali - Explorer - Reach the frozen planet
  4. Mew151 - Explorer - Play DDR Dream Mix
  5. WasPeace - Explorer - Teleport somewhere unfamiliar to me
  6. Scipio Xaos - Explorer - Fly to SPACE!
  7. Rhewin :tardis: - Hero - Regenerate
  8. Obfusc8 - Power - Meet the Sandman
  9. En’enra - Hero - Have a turn-based battle
  10. Oleg - Explorer - Be able to honestly say, “The dream lasted a while and I wasn’t an idiot whatsoever! :happy:
  11. drd - Power - Visit the Academy
  12. Yev - Hero - Speak to an animal

I’m going to try the LC again. A different personal goal than before, and the team isn’t what I’d usually do, either, but I want to try something different. :smile:

Before we start Task 1, it bears mentioning that even with a video game theme running throughout the LC, you should not feel as if you must perform a subtask as it would be done in any particular video game unless otherwise stated. You are of course welcome to do so, but not required; the tasks are not meant to be esoteric, so your own interpretation will be just fine!

Task 1: Achievement Unlocked!

Most LC participants predicted that I was going to theme each task after a specific game or franchise. For the most part, they’re right, but I wanted to do something different for the first task. After all, with only two Team Dreams this time around, there needs to be another team activity to keep you guys occupied, right?

This link contains not only the scoreboard, but tabs at the bottom where I’ll post a copy of each task so that you have one place to go for any information about the LC. If you have issues viewing this, please tell me ASAP. If you click the Task 1 tab, you’ll see a grid with sections for all three teams, a few squares with subtasks and the games/genres that inspired them, and point values attached to each row. While every other task in this LC will be formatted as it was in the past two LCs, Task 1 will use this grid to inspire some teamwork and to play with some game mechanics; namely, we’ll use the ideas of non-linear progression and unlockable content.

Whenever you do a subtask on the grid, you’ll get points based on the row it was in and will get that amount halved if it’s not colored for your team. This will also fill in the subtasks for all adjacent cells for every LC participant to see, with Pac-Man rules applying to the left and right sides (i.e., do a subtask on the far right side, and a subtask on the far left will be revealed, and vice versa). The game themes listed are just what inspired each subtask and needn’t influence how you approach the subtasks. The number of subtasks your team has revealed from the start and their values is based on the size of your team; bigger teams can theoretically move faster, so the smaller teams get a slight head start. The trick is to work with your team to reveal as many subtasks for your team as possible so that you’re earning maximum points! Perhaps this means you delegate who tries what, or perhaps it just means you motivate your teammates to keep them invested in the LC.

It’s also worth noting that if anybody happens to finish an unrevealed subtask by sheer coincidence and posts the dream in this topic, I’ll credit it and perform the necessary reveals, so be sure to type out your dreams if they fit a team theme because you may get lucky! On the flip side, if a subtask is revealed after you’ve done it and you previously chose not to post a dream containing it, I won’t accept it late; this would trivialize the strategy behind point claims because participants would simply avoid revealing any other team’s subtasks!

You can click a cell on the worksheet and then click the small speech bubble to its upper-right to see who has completed a subtask; the bubble will not be there if a task has not been completed by anybody. As with the previous LC, the team leading in current subtasks done per member at the end of each week will get a bonus subtask for the next task. While you won’t be deciding the details on your own as was done in the previous LC, it’s still extra points for your team, so dream to win!

Subtasks revealed so far:* Eat dream food that does not exist in reality20 points

  • Swim underwater20 points
  • Find a map of your dreamscape20 points
  • Speak with a non-anthropomorphic, “real” animal30 points
  • Enter a television or monitor30 points
  • Fly between skyscrapers30 points
  • Enter a portal30 points
  • Ride and jump (ollie) on a skateboard30 points
  • Ride a mine cart30 points
  • Reorient your personal gravity40 points
  • Shrink and explore without transforming any further40 points
  • Become a giant as you leave a town40 points
  • Reach the Earth’s core40 points
  • Catch a Pokémon40 points
  • Enter the LC host’s dream or mindspace (2)40 points
  • Find an ancient artifact20 points
  • Charitably give money to a DC20 points
  • Dress as a soldier20 points
  • Score the game-winning point(s)30 points
  • Learn proper weapon use or karate from a DC30 points
  • Buy a potion from a shop, then test its effect30 points
  • Enter your secret superhero base/lair30 points
  • Wear a utility belt and use a gadget from it30 points
  • Attend an event held in your honor30 points
  • Fight a villain with the LC host40 points
  • Acquire a loyal, powerful, undomesticated pet40 points
  • Stop a threat from space (aliens, meteorite, etc.)40 points
  • Save a princess or damsel in distress40 points
  • Pilot a mech from within it40 points
  • Stop a robbery40 points
  • Become invisible20 points
  • Breathe fire20 points
  • Use psychokinesis20 points
  • Become muscular30 points
  • Manipulate or produce electricity via willpower30 points
  • Sprout wings without transforming any further30 points
  • Usurp a king/ruler and take charge30 points
  • Take and use a powerful DC’s ability/form (1)30 points
  • Grow and use a prehensile limb (arm, tail, etc.)30 points
  • Without transforming, cause an earthquake40 points
  • Transform an appendage into a weapon40 points
  • Have the LC host give a power/transformation (1)40 points
  • Shrink a DC and play with him/her40 points
  • Outgrow Earth40 points
  • Learn and use “dark” magic40 points
    (1) This power or transformation cannot complete another LC subtask by its sheer existence, although it may aid another subtask’s completion.
    (2) You can enter through a door, simply teleport there, physically climb into the host’s head, or whatever you like; the subtask is NOT implying a need to attempt shared dreaming.

If you cannot access the task grid on your mobile device, I will keep a picture copy here.

Had a long ld just now. no tasks completed

I created a sword using summoning skills, and transformation, and I lifted a car with my hands.

I guess I should be fishing for subtasks that are not revealed:
-I drove a massive truck
-I had a dog
-I jumped from night to day and teleported to a car.
-I was a character in a crime puzzle game, I was chained, had to rescue my son and leave the building without getting caught.
-I saw a point-and-click screen with cool animation. There were potions on the street next to a body.

  • I had to restart the level twice.
  • I had to manage hp, hunger and suspicion.
  • I found a way to cheat the system and left through the roof before saving my son. This made the game jump to the next chapter and my boy automatically teleported there anyway.

Edit: Here are the dreams

Is ‘psychokinesis’ just an umbrella term to the powers in the game in general? I thought it was something specific, so I looked it up. However, my search didn’t lead to anything. Would it also include the powers only enemies have, because in lore, their powers also come from this meteor? I’m going back to sleep assuming it is, then…

Edit: Woke up again - here’s the whole gist of tonight. A short LD, as well as a completed task.

I would be happier if I wasn’t aching all over. I think I slept in a bad position, and that may have affected the quality substantially.

Also, I could list stuff that could have been potentially hidden tasks, but not much happened tonight, anyway. I’ll definitely do it if I get any long dreams, though.

Oh wells. Everyone good luck, again. :tongue:

Two lucid dreams to kick off the challenge…

One short with both Power team tasks done, used psychokinesis/telekinesis to beat up some gangsters and I also managed to breathe fire.

The second LD was by far my longest ever. I swam but not underwater, also I attempted my personal goal multiple times but failed.

Additionally, in case these are other hidden tasks, I drove a 4x4 around pulling skids in a muddy flooded field. I also flew.

Had 2 medium length lds last night seperated by wbtb. I used pk to move some objects, breathed fire, started something on fire, then inhaled the fire to give myself the ability to spit fireballs. I think I was at the academy, but I do not want points for my personal goal. I made money appear in my pocket, but i woke before i could give it away.

Oleg, no lore is necessary; the word is the “correct” term for moving objects with one’s mind. Remember that unless I explicitly say so, you don’t need to have knowledge of any particular game. This LC is open to everybody, not just gamers! :tongue:

I’m in a bit of a rush today, but I did update the scores and put new subtasks on the grid; I’ll put up a photo copy and a text copy as soon as I can. Congrats to obfusc8 for doing two subtasks! Nobody found any unrevealed subtasks, but everybody’s on the right track. :smile:

Alright… so I was typing up these dreams as you posted the new subtasks and saw that I completed one of the revealed subtasks. Since I had the dream last night and am posting them less than an hour after you updated the subtasks, I think it’s safe to say that the “if a subtask is revealed after you’ve done it and you previously chose not to post a dream containing it, I won’t accept it late” rule doesn’t apply?

Anyways, I swam underwater and ate food that doesn’t exist in waking life in some ND’s last night. Well, the “food not existing in waking life” part is debatable, since someone could make it in waking life, but I’m considering it based on the way it was prepared, as cheese does not work that way in reality. Also after I got the food it looked much more alien than when it was being prepared.

But yeah, points.

Image of the current revealed subtasks for those that can’t see the document.

Alrighty! First dreams of the LC… no lucids… but I did things! :happy: That being said, I know I did the Swim Underwater b[/b] and the Usurp a Leader b[/b] tasks. There’s also LOTS of space for tentative tasks…

I wasn’t aware we had to list what we thought might count, just that if we thought we did something that would count in the dream to post it. If I’m wrong, let me know and I’ll make a detailed list of things I thought might count. For now I’ll just append a size=75[/size] tag if I think there’s something in there that might count.

I Don’t Drink ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task I Part C4 size=75̶[/size] EARLY
I Drink? ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task I Part I5 size=75̶[/size]
Mission of Grave Importance ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ size=75̶[/size]

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 0
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E C4 & I5

EDIT: When things don’t bear fruit, the size=75[/size] tags will be converted to size=75̶[/size] tags. If they do produce new results… I’ll come up with something. XD

Yes, Mew, it’s fine if you have the dream on the same day. I’m more concerned about people not posting things because they don’t want to aid other teams, then seeing subtasks they did and suddenly deciding they should have claimed it after all. Such a thing would trivialize the strategy behind the task.

I’ve marked Mew and Scipio’s dreams, updated the scores and task grid, and updated the text and photo copy of the grid in the task post.

Alright, after this night I think there is no need to be posting “possible subtasks” that I might have done. Anyway, here are the dreams and I did stuff like:

-Saw a massive explosion
-Warned and tried to help people
-Survived from the street collapsing and turning into a massive chasm
-Encountered two massive beasts: mechanical/ice dino and spider

Did a RC last night and didn’t become lucid. Did plenty of weird stuff in my normal dreams last night (as usual :wink: ).

Possible tasks?
-Briefly became a giant spider.
-Turned into a giant.

Overall, this entire dream felt MUCH longer when I was still dreaming it…

Anyhow, there was a LD, as well as a task, I think.

  • Played Mario Kart.
  • Had someone arrested.
  • Flew about the place.
  • Went through a conveniently-placed portal.
  • I made two DCs disappear (which I see as killing them in a very fancy way)
  • A third DC saw me perform the aforementioned, and gained abilities of her own. Now, if only this was reversed…

The surprising thing was, I had myself wake up at multiple intervals, but they all seemed useless, because I only remember the initial dream… :[

No LD’s last night. Did some video gamey stuff but it was mainly just related to video games as a concept and not actually doing video game tropes in a dream.
Stuffs that I did:

  • I played a racing game
  • Had some video game memorabilia, such as posters and bed sheets
  • Briefly read a video game manual

Yeah, so probably no points. Dreams are here