Lucidity Challenge 44—Winner: drd

^ Yet another person incubating me as something vicious, I see. That said, I had a lucid dream this morning in which I was a gigantic dragon, so maybe you were close? :smile: I didn’t destroy anything other than a car, though. If only your ND was the LD and vice versa.

The scores are updated. You’re still in third, but the top three are extremely close!

Had two LDs here this morning which at 1-2 minutes a piece makes them short for me. I tried summoning Bowser as per the LC but couldn’t quite get things to work out.

^ It’s enough to move you into fifth place, so congratulations on that.

Task 5 will be going up in 12 to 13 hours. If anybody has any last words to say about their favorite subtasks in the hopes on influencing Task 5, it needs to be now. Once I go to sleep tonight, I will not be tweaking the task anymore, as last-minute changes have a way of causing issues and not being well thought out.

I wasn’t planning on joining this until I heard about the power team. I always want to learn new powers, and train then so I knew this was the one for me. Here are the new powers I learned:

Causing earthquakes
Creating a DC mask and using it to TF (I never expected their faces to rip off so easy)
Using Koopa magic to TF DCs

Everyone knows that I’m a Zelda fan, but I enjoyed the Mario tasks the most. Specifically, I liked the jumping task. There are a few of the tasks that I’m currently incubating, and these are:

Running on a wall, and then standing on the wall
Changing my hand into a hookshot, and then use it
Talking to my cat
Draw power from a huge gem in the distance

Please Thorn, I want to learn a new power!

It was another week with many points earned but very few of the latest subtasks done. Task 1 really seems to have people enamored, so hopefully I can recreate that success with Task 5! Also like last week, the winning team is the same whether I remove inactive members from the totals or not; the Hero team will be getting a slight advantage in Task 5, so congrats to it.

Explorer: 0 subtask completions / 7 members = 0.00 subtask completions per member
Hero: 4 subtask completions / 3 members = 1.33 subtask completions per member
Power: 3 subtask completions / 4 members = 0.75 subtask completions per member

Current standings:1. Rhewin (1120)

  1. drd (1110)
  2. obfusc8 (1100)
  3. Mew151 (525)
  4. James_UK2008 (440)
  5. Letaali (410)
  6. En’enra (360)
  7. Susan_Y (270)
  8. Scipio Xaos (255)
  9. Oleg (160)
  10. squoak, WasPeace, Yev, Hodge_Podge (0)
    It’s a tight race for first place! Honestly, I wish I could just say “you three are so close in scores, so you should each run one team next LC”, but I’m expected to declare a winner when all of this is done. :tongue: Dream hard!

Task 5: Redux

I had a fifth video game task planned out that was going to be philosophical in nature, as some LCs tend to have such tasks and I never made such a task in any of my three LCs. However, after checking with what everybody enjoyed about this LC, I decided that now was not a good time to start. Instead, all active members get a Team Dream-styled subtask or host subtask catered directly to them that builds off or combines with other subtasks for
huge scores!

The names don’t mean that the subtasks are restricted in any way; they only show whose desires inspired them, so do whatever you like! Since Team Dreams and host subtasks require summoning another DC, these subtasks will be worth big points, so make the best dream incubations you can to make them stick in your head. Log into IRC and plan with other participants, visualize scenarios in your head repeatedly, tease me about the horrible things you’ll do to me (as some of you already have :tongue: ), or simply play the video games in question… whatever you do, make it something you crave so that it leaks into your dreams! Hopefully everybody has a fun final week!

Susan_Y: Fly low over a large body of water with another LC participant or the host50 points: Susan said she didn’t care for the violent subtasks and wanted to play an instrument to affect the environment as in Task 2. She also said she was trying the shapeshifting subtasks, but as you’ll see in the rest of this week’s subtasks, everybody else liked those too, so this one will go without any required transformations. Let’s have a fun, non-violent subtask instead. Task 2 was originally going to have a subtask based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’s Great Sea, but that idea never came to fruition until now. Just as in the game, travel over water, although do it with dream flight instead of a sailboat. Try to choose a method of flight that also completes other subtasks, and when you’re done, take a dive if you haven’t earned points for swimming underwater yet. Flying coach class at 30,000 feet doesn’t count; fly low, graze the water, feel the sea breeze, enjoy the company of another DC, and really take in a pretty dreamscape. :smile:

En’enra: Become a dragon with another LC participant or the host50 points: En’enra said she liked every subtask, so thinking of a subtask themed after her desires was pretty difficult. :smile: Her dream of the LC host as a dragon influenced several other participants, as dreams with the host as a dragon or being vicious and destructive started coming from other participants, so let’s use that as the basis for a subtask just as in the last LC. After all, what’s an LC without dragons? The type of dragon you and your partner become is not restricted in any way, so become whatever interests you the most or whatever lends itself toward other subtask completions. In particular, you may have a good mental image of what this would look like combined with Scipio’s subtask…

Scipio Xaos: Combine with another LC participant or the host to become one being with two consciousnesses50 points: Scipio said he was focused on the “Take Control of a Powerful DC”, “Learn and use ‘dark’ magic”, and “Enter the LC host’s dream or mindspace” subtasks from Task 1. The first and last of those go together if tweaked slightly by having the dreamer fuse with a DC to make one being in which both original minds have consciousness. You’ll need to hear the DC’s thoughts in your mind or give it a separate head for points; if he or she just disappears, then it’s just like any other “fuse with a DC” subtask from any other LC and not worth anything. Notice that this subtask doesn’t actually complete either of the subtasks it’s based upon unless the DC appeared strong beforehand, but that’s not the point of the task (although it’s allowed). Whether or not you get points for other subtasks depends on what single being the two of you become and what you do; if you share a body with the right DC, you can do many Team Dreams and “with/join the host” subtasks in what was previously a very unconventional way! Simply fuse with a member of a certain team and complete a Team Dream or fuse with the host and bring in a third DC for the competition in some of the host subtasks.

obfusc8: Become a robot with another LC participant or the host50 points: Yes, this was a subtask in the last LC, but very few people did it. obfusc8 said he wanted to try the transformation subtasks, wanted to pilot a mech, and designed a character with a mechanical torso. Old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons use the idea of being “roboticized” as a plot point as well. With all of that considered, this subtask was an obvious fit for this LC even if it appeared just one LC ago. The type of robot you become can make other subtasks easy. Perhaps you’ll have built-in hover boots for Task 4 or a built-in shrink ray for Task 1? Perhaps you have built-in weaponry to stop an alien invasion, fire an arrow, use a bomb, wield a sword, or other such subtask… including, of course, transforming an appendage into a weapon for Task 1? Heck, maybe you become a sentient drill and reach the Earth’s core for Task 1. Transform in a way that sets you up for success.

Letaali: Have another LC participant or the host outgrow Earth50 points: After this Task 1 subtask came up in IRC yesterday, it started getting discussed as if we were throwing a gargantuan party in space. Eat the sun, play ball with a planet, enjoy the celestial view… there’s a lot to do out there when you’re that size and can survive via dream logic. Given that conversation and given that it’s Letaali’s favorite subtask, it’s now turned into a Team Dream, although any participant or the host is fair game to join you instead of just your teammates. What past subtasks can you combine with this one? Will you visit a tiny (relative to you) Rainbow Road as in Task 4’s Explorer Team Dream? Will you have a colossal sword duel in space with the host for a bunch of host subtasks? Will you stop a threat from space as in Task 1 by using your sheer size? Perhaps you could ignore other subtasks and just revel in the fact that you and your dream partner could control the fate of everything on Earth. It’s ultimately up to you.

drd: Have another LC participant or the host shrink you50 points: To counter Letaali’s subtask, let’s make drd’s subtask the opposite! He said that he really wants to learn a new power, and he hasn’t done the “shrink a DC and play with him/her” or “shrink and explore” subtasks from Task 1 yet. If you can get the DC to shrink you and then return the favor by shrinking it (or vice versa), you can have fun exploring together and scoop up many Task 1 points. In fact, if you explore a location that fits another subtask, you can earn even more points; perhaps you could enter a drain pipe for Task 3, or perhaps your shrinking powers are needed to solve a puzzle to unlock a door for Task 2. Perhaps the method of shrinking is itself involved in another subtask, e.g., have a Mario Kart race for Task 3 and be on the receiving end of the powerful Lightning item that zaps and shrinks all opponents, or perhaps your arm transforms into a shrink ray as in Task 1. Whatever the case may be, get some help getting shrunken and have an awesome tiny adventure!

Mew151: Dance with another LC participant or the host and include something other than human anatomy in the dance50 points: Mew was another difficult person to plan for because he named all of Task 1 and 2 as well as a video game genre that the LC wasn’t planning to touch. This subtask is the closest the LC will get to rhythm games, as I can’t simply award Mew free points. You must find another LC participant or the host and dance, either competitively or together, and you and the DC must include something other than human anatomy. You could transform into something and dance, pilot a mech and move its arms and legs, grow wings or a tail and include them… the possibilities are endless and all very, very silly to include in a dance. :smile:

James_UK2008: Transform another LC participant or the host into a creature via passive dream control50 points: James likes the transforming subtasks just like everybody else who posted, but if I say to transform into something with another participant or the host, he’ll get easy points if he gets lucid at all; he’s been using me as a transformation helper for ages. Instead, let’s flip the scenario around! You must turn another LC participant or the host into something by using a physical thing, magic spell, etc. as the trigger instead of pure willpower. You could do something quick and easy just to finish the subtask, but if you transform the other person into something that helps with a different subtask, you could easily combine this with other things. The trick is to force the transformation yourself and not leave the DC to his or her own devices; if the DC both finds the passive control method and uses it of his or her own will, you don’t complete the subtask, so have a say in at least one of these two parts of the transformation. Try handing him or her a pill, an injection, a Task 4 jewel, or a Task 1 potion to trigger a transformation, force feeding it to him or her if you must… and perhaps save a dose for yourself!

Rhewin: Finish this month’s Quest (play in a leaf pile) with another LC participant or the host50 points: Rhewin is still active in the LC but didn’t post anything to influence this task. :sad: That said, this month’s Quest is the first one in a while that Rhewin didn’t have to format and post, so let’s make this subtask in his honor. Simply playing in the pile with somebody from the LC earns Quest points and this subtask’s points, which is quite a hefty sum. That said, you may be able to add in a subtask or two if you try; what if you spice up that boring leaf pile by completing the shrinking subtasks? If those leaves are actually the Super Leaves from Super Mario Bros. 3, perhaps they give you a way to fly, or perhaps you “conveniently forget” that the tail they grant in the games isn’t prehensile and do some of Task 1? Maybe they’re a sign that other Mario power-ups are nearby for Task 3?

Team Advantage Subtask! Do something that would be embarrassing in waking life in front of another LC participant or the host40 points: After a month of being given tasks based on fantasy worlds, you should be pretty aware that nothing you do in lucid dreams has actual consequences. With that in mind, break your inhibitions a bit and do something “embarrassing” in front of somebody else from the LC. Pick your nose and eat it, say something you’d never want anybody IWL to hear, strip naked, let loose a loud belch or smelly flatulence… do whatever you “like”. This likely doesn’t build off of other subtasks, but since you need to summon another LC participant or the host for other subtasks anyway, you can finish this quickly while working on other things. Maybe if you pretend to do something embarrassing with confidence, the other DC will join you in doing it. :razz:

Host Subtask! Thorn: Have another LC participant or the host ride a hoverboard/hoverbike or use hoverskates50 points: This isn’t actually a host subtask and is more of a subtask based on the host’s desires from the LC, but the previous weeks had a nice pattern going in the subtask order and it seemed too nice to break. Also, I like the idea of hoverskates. :smile: Simply have somebody else from the LC use Task 4’s hover-tech for these points. You can of course do it alongside him or her for points, but you can go further and get even more subtasks done. Does such futuristic technology let you reorient your personal gravity for Task 1? Since you’re technically not touching the ground, riding it or skating could be called flight; perhaps you can ride it or skate over a large body of water for Susan_Y’s subtask? Have you sported a grind on a long rail for Task 4 yet?

This is a long task post, but I felt as if I needed to give so many examples. I loved working alongside people to come up with interesting dream incubations. While I wasn’t asking for flattery when I called for favorite subtasks, I was given much flattery anyway, and I’m truly happy that so many people enjoyed this LC. For the last time, I wish you guys the best of luck; let’s have an awesome final week of the LC!

[center]May the best dreamer win!


I haven’t done anything this LC since I’ve kind of been distracted with other daytime things, and have kind of had poor recall too. But, I had a short LD this morning! It’s been a long time since I had an LD…


^ Welp, now I feel bad for not having a subtask for you. I could only work with what I saw. :sad:

In any case, congrats on getting lucid again after so long! My lucidity’s been flaky all LC long too, so I can relate. I’ve updated the scores.

Had a very nice LD here this morning which at around five minutes long makes it a medium LD for me. As per the new task that was issue to me, I summoned Thorn and gave (her) a potion which was shared with me which started the pair of us transforming into King Koopa. The transformation itself didn’t complete unfortunately but it did get very far and was extremely detailed.

^ You moved up to fourth place with that. I’m glad you were so satisfied with that dream, and it bodes really well for everything else in Task 5! Don’t fall back a place now!

I’ve updated the scores.

Woah, James passed me in the LC! I better fix that!

I did various things in a ND this morning:* Used Psychokinesis

  • Rode on a hoverboard
  • Rode on a hoverboard with another LC participant
  • Transformed an appendage into a weapon? (I’m not sure about this one because I never saw it transform, it would just become a weapon whenever the dream needed it to be a weapon)
  • Merged my consciousness with two other LC participants

So uh, yeah.

^ So when are you going to gain lucidity? :smile:

I’ve updated the scores.

Had 2 long LDs last night. The tasks I am claiming:
Monthly quest
Do the monthly quest in front of the host
Do something embarrassing in front of the host
Grind on a long rail

^ Yet again, drd takes the lead. You guys aren’t just going to stand back and let him take two LCs in a row, right? Dream harder, everybody!

I’ve updated the scores.

Dream. First visit to the Great Sea from the Zelda universe. No flying, so no points for me there.

In a different dream last night, I became semi-lucid for a moment. I was trying to debug a computer program, and realised that it was a dream of a program. (Electronic devices can behave strangely in dreams, especially if they’re complicated ones that have C compilers). For points scoring, this probably rates as “you wonder if you are dreaming but do not become lucid”.

^ Consider those points added, then.

*Scipio resets the “Days Since Last Lucid” counter to 0. :biggrin:

2014-09-08b - “Glass Steps and Ladders” ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 6
Short LDs: 6
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E C4 & I5 | D5 | B3 | C5 | H4
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: ~ none ~
Task 4: ~ none ~
Task 5: ~ none ~

^ I’ve added your short LD into the scores. When do we get something besides Task 1 and short LDs outta you? :tongue:

So I think I did something embarrassing in front of another LC participant in a ND last night. Basically I got caught looking at… something by Scipio.

^ You would find a way to do that non-lucidly, huh? Welp, points are points. :tongue:

The scores are updated.