Lucidity Challenge 44—Winner: drd

Two dreams last night, one of them lucid:

I woke after the first dream, typed it up, then decided it was too early to go make breakfast (as it was Saturday) and went back to bed. I’ll skip the beginning of the second dream, but it ended like this:

I’m lying in bed, in a room with two single beds. A figure gets up from the other bed. He has antlers like a stag, or a tangled mass of tree branches. He’s coming across the room to attack me. I jump to my feet, and calmly sweep my hands in front of my face. I can see my hands, but I don’t feel contact with anything in front of me: no monster.

I say out loud: “I am dreaming and I want to wake up.” Then I think to myself, wait, I could do the Lucidity Challenge. I look around the room and there’s a Siamese cat on the mantelpiece. But I can’t stabilize the dream, as I’ve already started waking up. The whole scene is sucked into blackness.

So that’s one lucid dream, of “short” duration for me, induced by a combination of WBTB and transition from a nightmare, both of which I’ve done before.

I’ll put this short lucid moment here, to end this phase of the challenge with it:

SPOILER - Click to view

I recall becoming lucid last night. I was searching for some kind of an office, but everywhere I went, DCs told me that that was the wrong place. After a while I started paying more attention to the layout of the building, and I realized that I was dreaming. I asked a DC if I was correct, and she confirmed it. I was about to go out of the office to perform tasks for the LC, and that’s where my recall ends. So, a very short lucid moment.

No LDs, no tasks that I know of…

Although I’m betting there’s an LC Host related task in the Hero section, so linking this on the off-chance, as Thorn featured in it.

I did some tasks last night in a ND. Specifically I did the “Shrink down and explore” task and the “Score the winning points” task.

Susan_Y, that’s the part I didn’t know yesterday. I didn’t know that being hooked into the computer system was letting you control them directly. It’s still a bit of a borderline case but it’s more on the “worth points” side of the line now, so I’ll credit it.

obfusc8, there were no points there. It seems like En’enra’s dreams have tainted everybody’s perception of dream-me. Not that it’s wholly wrong; I can pull off dragon transformations pretty well, so it’s partially accurate. It’s more the evil and aggressive traits that aren’t so accurate. :smile: Beyond that, though, you’d swear half of the subtasks were host-insert tasks given how people have been talking in chat and posting in here. :tongue:

The Hero team wins this week and will have a one-subtask advantage in Task 2!

Explorer: 24 subtask completions / 7 members = 3.43 subtask completions per member
Hero: 19 subtask completions / 3 members = 6.33 subtask completions per member
Power: 14 subtask completions / 3 members = 4.67 subtask completions per member

Current standings:1. Rhewin (430)

  1. drd (360)
  2. obfusc8 (325)
  3. Mew151 (245)
  4. Scipio Xaos (195)
  5. En’enra (180)
  6. Oleg (160)
  7. James_UK2008 (140)
  8. Letaali (105)
  9. Susan_Y (80)
  10. squoak, WasPeace, Yev (0)

As a reminder for new LC participants, Task 2’s appearance does not mean Task 1 is no longer worth points. However, we’ll always consider only the latest task when calculating which team wins each week.

You’ll likely want to use the workspaces you were PMed about to set up the first Team Dreams of the LC this week! You’ll have 48 hours to set things up.

Task 2: The Legend of Zelda

When I said the LC was themed after video games, a few people told me they were really hoping for a task based on this series. Luckily for them, I had already prepared such a task! The Legend of Zelda series really invites you to get invested into a world as if it’s your own; in fact, the games start by asking for your name, as “Link” is really just a filler name for the main character. Hopefully you all get equally invested in your dreams, as we have four weeks of the LC to go!

Shoot arrows with a bow20 points: I’ll bet your aim in dreams is infinitely better than it would be in waking life. Whip out a bow and perform some target practice!
Blow something up with a bomb30 points: Everybody loves explosions! Just don’t stand anywhere near them. :razz:

Ride an animal30 points: Link’s been known to ride on horses, birds, turtles, and other animals. Why not try getting around your dream world on your own mount?
Solve a puzzle to open a locked door40 points: This mechanic is a staple of the series, but can you get your dream world to create such a scenario? Maybe you need to find a hidden switch in a room, or perhaps you need to answer a riddle. Maybe you need to light torches as in the games; did you breathe fire for Task 1 yet?
Team Dream: If you know the Zelda series, you probably already expect this task to involve exploring an old temple or a video game dungeon. What I want from the Explorer team is not necessarily the appearance of a temple, but where LC participants will find it. The Explorer team will decide on where you may find such a temple. Once that’s decided, find it and explore it for 40 points or explore it with an Explorer team member for 40 more points.

Wear the traditional tunic30 points: In the games, there is only one acceptable garb for the hero of each era. Don the familiar green tunic from the series for points. If you somehow don’t know what it looks like, there’s always Google Images (but you must know, right?).
Hear a DC’s problem(s) and solve one/them40 points: The Hero team will often be performing actions directly related to defeating evil, but being a hero is also about being a good person. Hear out a DC’s needs and solve it; as the one in charge of your dreamscape, you should be able to will the problem away effortlessly.
Team Dream: Bosses in The Legend of Zelda games are rarely just other people and are usually large beasts. The Hero team will decide on a beast for LC participants to fight. Once decided, fight the beast in question for 40 points or fight it with a Hero team member for 40 more points.

Play a tune to affect the environment30 points: The Legend of Zelda games are often rooted in music, and music can be used to affect the game world. Sometimes the effect is small, such as opening doors, and other times the effect is widespread, such as summoning rain. Play an instrument and get a noticeable effect on something around you.
Use a mask to shapeshift40 points: One particular game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, was very unique in that its world’s inhabitants were very attached to masks. While some of them served as simple symbols, others had magical effects. Five of the 24 masks in the game transformed Link when worn, each into a different being with unique powers, and you’re tasked with experiencing something similar. While Link found the transformations… jarring, to put it lightly, you won’t be required to experience any particular feeling. Put on a new face and become something new!
Team Dream: Link has a tendency to find useful and powerful magical items along his journeys, and the Power team is going to decide on a magical item to use. Once it decides on one, you can get 40 points by finding and using the item and 40 more points by meeting a Power team member and having you each use it or more than one of it. I know that drd was really hoping for a Zelda-themed Task, so I’m sure he’s got some ideas and can explain whatever he picks. :smile:

Team Advantage Subtask! Use a Hookshot or Clawshot40 points: The best part about being Link is that once your adventure is over, you have a full wallet and a whole bunch of cool and/or magical gadgets to take home with you. A recurring gadget in the series is the Hookshot or Clawshot, which is a hook or a claw attached to a retractable chain, which is itself attached to a handle or glove. You hold the handle or wear the glove, aim the hook/claw, fire it at a distant object or surface, and watch it rapidly and automatically retract to retrieve distant objects or to have it pull you to a wall or ceiling. Use one in a dream for points, and if you’re really feeling daring, dual-wield them to zip around without needing the ground!
Host Subtask! Have a sword duel with the host30 points: What’s a Zelda game without a sword? It wouldn’t be what any true warriors strive for, I assure you, so let’s have a duel! I can understand if you don’t want to experience dream pain, so I have no problem with the swords being made of foam if you want. :smile: That, or perhaps it’s more unique than just drawing a sword and fighting; maybe we’re in the future wielding lightsabers, or maybe we’re pirates fighting atop a ship, or perhaps it’s a turn-based RPG where only one person swings at a time. The details are up to you.

Best of luck to everybody!

Saturdays are awesome :smile:

Really long fun lucid dream last night. My second WILD ever!

Several tasks done, some possibly open to interpretation…
-Made a bow and arrow and fired it.
-Spoke with a horse
-Rode a horse
-Put on a mask and transformed.
-Shrunk a DC… well, made him quite a bit smaller, and then we had a play fight. Not sure if this counts as I didn’t make him tiny as in smaller than a human or dwarf, more like the ultimate weight loss treatment. :tongue:

Omg Obfusc8, great job! :happy:

I had a non-lucid dream where I:
-became a powerful and muscular giant
-was in a soldier uniform
-rescued a damsel in distress (kinda…well I tried to, but she ended up in the bottom of the ocean along with the temple)

Also did these things that probably are not worth anything:
-fought in a temple that was in a floating sea (Team Dream not decided yet, damn it…)
-found a massive beating heart made from stone and coral from the bottom of the ocean

I tried and failed to do the “ride a mine cart” subtask last night. The dream image I was aiming for was a mine corridor, with rock walls and wooden pit props holding up the ceiling. Instead, what I dreamed was this:

I unlock the heavy door with a Yale key. It opens into a walkway alongside a house. The brick outside wall of the house is on my right. Overhead, there are horizontal wooden beams every few meters. Each beam is attached to the house wall on the right hand end, and to a vertical wooden support post on the left. There is possibly also a wooden trellis, 1.5m high, along the left. Wisteria plants grow up the trellis and vertical posts, and along the overhead beams. After about 15 meters, the walkway turns 90 degrees to the right. After I’ve turned, the back wall of the house is on my right, and a lawn is on my left. A paved terrace is in front of me. Tables on terrace are set out with a buffet for a garden party: salad and cold meats.

No mine cart, so total fail on the subtask. At least I got the basic layout I wanted to appear in the dream (wooden beams overhead, sharp town to the right).

I fired a bow and talked with a real cat in a ND or two. Unfortunately, the “bomb” part of my incubation did not find its way into the ND.

Okay, everybody, the scores are updated. It looks like obfusc8 got off to a good start with this task!

I had a sword duel with the host and rode an animal in some ND’s from this morning. :grin: Still no blowing things up! I want BOOM :sad:

Another short lucid… :shrug: That being said, at least I’m keeping up the three per week rate. That’s good. :smile:

Lucid and a Voxel Game ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 4
Short LDs: 5
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E C4 & I5 | D5 | B3

Alright, I’ve updated the scores. Mew151 is going to win the LC on ND task incubation alone at this rate. :tongue:

Had a medium length LD. I was underwater.

^ I’ve updated the scores with this too.

The Team Dreams are locked in for Task 2. The Explorer team voted to find its temple in a desert, the Hero team voted to tackle an ogre, and the Power team voted to wear a Bunny Hood, which is an in-game item that looks as you’d expect and makes the wearer more agile. He runs faster, jumps farther and higher, and looks adorable. :3 Remember, performing the Team Dreams solo is worth 40 points, and doing it alongside a member from the creating team is worth an additional 40 points.

I declare bankruptcy!!! - Michael Scott

?? Hodge_Podge - Power - Materalize objects on demand!

Well, I took your Zelda and raised you a Batman! In an ND last night, I took the reigns of the Dark Knight after he had been missing for some years. The dream itself was fun, but it’d be boring to read. Mostly I kept getting into the cave, getting caught by a police lady who looked like a manager at S__rs, and then escaping back to the cave again. Loop x4.

Let’s see, In the dream I

  • solved a puzzle to open a safe that was secretly a door that hid a slide that went to the Bat Cave (which looked more and more like a clothing store for Batman as the dream went on, complete with a shirt and tie Bat Suit)
  • speaking of the Bat Cave, I entered my secret hideout
  • used a clawshot to get up the side of a building
  • heard a DCs problem and tried to solve it (a girl said that we needed a new Batman and I decided to fill the role).

I think that’s about it. Your move, LC.

^ My move is to edit in the “use a gadget from a utility belt” subtask that you told me you did in IRC but didn’t edit into your post, so consider this a note for posterity so that I know where that came from when I verify the scores closer to the end of the LC. In any case, I’ve updated the scores.

Some tasks worked their way into my normal dreams last night…

In the first, I ate a chocolate orange that was orange coloured but not an orange, or chocolate. It has the texture of cheese. It tasted very bland.

I did a hero task!! :rofl:
While dressed heroically as a soldier, and attempting to rescue my better half from an evil enemy bunker full of soldiers, I blew up a jeep and a tank with explosives!