Lucidity Challenge 46—Winner: obfusc8!

LC 46 Signups (Name - Team - Personal Goal)

  1. Oleg - DRD’s Team - Travel to a different planet.
  2. James_UK2008 - Thorn’s Team - Transform myself into Lizardman
  3. Mew151 - TEAM SCIPIO - Play DDR Dream Mix
  4. eMander - Team Thorn - Bring an inanimate object to life.
  5. stari_maga- Team DRD- fly with wings
  6. Obfusc8 - Team Thorn - Street race in Tokyo
  7. En’enra - Team Scipio - Explore Castle Never
  8. LDbc12 - Team Scipio - explore the ocean
  9. Susan_Y - Team Thorn - shapeshift
  10. Letaali - Team Scipio - Move with willpower

Getting lucid during all the stress got my motivation up. Maybe I can join the LC even though I have a lot of stuff going on in waking life? Yes. Here I am.

Okay, we have ten sign-ups! I checked with the other hosts, and Friday seems like the best day for us to start.

Susan_Y, if you don’t mind me saying so, joining a team with shapeshifting in the description and then making your personal goal “shapeshift” seems to give you a slightly unfair advantage. I offer three choices for this situation; you can change the goal to a specific shapeshift, you can change the goal to something else entirely, or you can leave it and know that your first shapeshift will not also earn you points for any shapeshifting subtasks. Do as you will, and if I get no response, I’ll default to the last option.

In any case, we’re starting soon! As Mew151 would say, “HYPE!”

Sorry Thorn, I couldn’t think of a good personal goal this time round. How about I leave the personal goal blank? (So no extra points for me for personal goal).

^ That’s silly, though. :smile: You said you wanted to shapeshift, so surely when you imagine completing that goal, you imagine yourself in a particular shape. What’s that shape? As I said before, if you give me a specific shape, it’s perfectly fine, as you would have no way of knowing whether or not the LC has it (and if there is overlap, I’ll just use the same conditions as before to prevent double point gain). As it stands, your personal goal of “shapeshift” was made with full knowledge that my team would have a shapeshifting subtask at one point. :tongue:

All budding lucid dreamers need goals. While I appreciate your willingness to sacrifice points for the personal goal because of your inability to think of one, I need to drive you to set one for your own sake.

I want to change my personal goal to “Move with willpower” and what I mean by that is the ability to visualize yourself in another location in the dream and suddenly be there. First it would be just a short “jump” to an object I can see in the dream. Like a shadowstep, voidwalk or blink ability in some games. This will help towards my goal of reaching the frozen planet, since it’s important that I can visualize the target location to be on the other side of the door/portal.

Edit: So what I want to learn is dashing/blinking like in the game Dishonored and teleporting like in the movie Jumper.

Okay, let’s get this show on the road! Know that the hosts are each contributing to the tasks, so if you see sudden shifts in writing style, that’s why. For this task, I came up with the concept and wrote the description and generic subtasks while the other hosts each wrote their own team subtasks. Likewise, over the next two weeks, you’ll get tasks from drd and Scipio, so there’ll be several “flavors” of tasks. :smile:

Task 1: Fly!

The first time I encountered a LC Task about the simple act of lucid flight, I scoffed a bit. I felt that it was something of which everybody was capable and thus shouldn’t have been a Task. I still think flying a simple thing that everybody can do, but I was certainly wrong about not having it as a Task; in every LC in which I’ve competed since, I’ve been desperate to get into the air, but I always kept myself grounded because a long flight would distract me from getting points. I often prayed for the LC to end so that I could stretch my wings once more. I’m not going to subject this LC’s participants to the same need to be grounded that I would feel, so let’s open this LC by taking to the skies!

Post a setting in the LC topic and fly in it30 points: My most memorable flights are so not only because of how I flew, but also because of the sights I saw. I have fond memories of flights over a large body of water, through a archipelago of floating islands among a pink sky, and over a city alit with neon. Where will you fly? If you don’t describe or share a picture of the setting here first, you don’t get the points! Choose a setting that you truly want to fly in—don’t just say “I always dream at my house, so I’ll fly there for easy points”—and know that once you state a setting, you can’t change it!

Ride a living thing for flight30 points: Go ahead, ride anything you want (except for Thorn—no overlapping with that host subtask!) as long as it’s alive. Do it the drd way, just hop on and fly away!
Take a DC on a flight40 points: Sometimes I like to take a DC with me when I fly. I usually grab them by the hand, or just teach them how to fly. Do whatever is best for you, just make sure they stick around during the flight.

Ride a non-living thing for flight30 points: Catch a ride in an airplane, pilot a giant mech through the air, stand atop a rocket or missile, or whatever you like.
Fly with style40 points: The first thing I did when stretching my wings was stylize them. Clearly flying alone wasn’t enough. For this task you need to trick out how you fly! You could go the route I did and colorize your wings to a specific shade of plumage or you could do something like add oversized boosters to your jetpack. Maybe extra large tassels for your magic carpet? Whatever you choose you have to make a change to how you currently are flying in the dream to gain points.

Fly using sprouted wings30 points: Anybody who knows me (or has seen all of my LD4all avatars) is aware of the pride I take in my dream wings. Think of the wings you want, whether leathery, feathered, insect-like, or something else entirely, then put them to proper use! This cannot be combined with the following subtask.
Transform into something that can fly and do just that40 points: I’m personally pretty good at transforming into a dragon in dreams, and my flights with that amount of mass have been quite the experiences. You could be that, or you could be a bird, a flying robot, a jet, an insect, a bat… the possibilities are many.

As sign-ups took much longer than usual for this LC, the hosts want to see who is actually still around before we have any Team Dreams. Therefore, this week will have host subtasks instead, and Team Dreams will begin next week.
Note: drd’s host subtask was typed by Thorn, not drd. It shouldn’t actually affect anything, but if Team drd’s members want to yell at somebody if the subtask goes horribly wrong, I need to take responsibility for my actions. :tongue:

Have drd make you fly40 points: drd’s all about getting powers in dreams, and he’s certainly willing to provide such powers to the LC participants. Have him get you into the air via his willpower or via a given power. He may just psychically move you through the air, or he could have a potion or injection prepared that’ll grant you the power of flight or make you sprout wings.
Have Scipio gift you technology for flight40 points: “Scipio’s the technology guy…” Apparently so! So… LucidTech is open! Step right up, one and all and take a look at what we have in our Flight wing! Everything’s free to try, just come to me and ask for technology to get you off the ground! Jetpacks? Boba Fett would be jealous! Hoverboards? We had them BEFORE 2015! Flying mechs? Better than anything you’ll find in today’s games and anime! And, if you act quickly (and ask nicely :tongue: ) I’ll even let you try out my Scales armor! (Think Iron Man, but currently with less gadgets.)
Transform Thorn into a living flying ride40 points: As previously stated, I take pride in my dream wings, and I’d love to give you a ride. That said, I can’t really flap well if you’re on my back, and I don’t think I could hold you beneath me either… if you want the points, you need to alter me somehow to make a more comfortable flight and then catch a ride. Make me a bigger creature or simply enlarge me, or perhaps turn me into a balloon you could ride; any alteration will do if it gets us into the skies!

Extended Task: Board Game!

It’s been a few LCs since we’ve had an extended task. [sarcasm]I’m sure you’re all just thrilled to have it back![/sarcasm]

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from past LCs, it’s that participants love games. 20 Questions in LC 39 did well, Design-a-Kaiju from LC 42 was fun, and LC 44 Task 1 saw participants ignoring some later tasks just to fill in the game board I presented. With that in mind, let’s give gaming another go!

Here’s the board for LC 46.

Unlike in LC 44, you won’t be unlocking tons of subtasks at once in this LC. Instead, you’ll move from space to space along the arrows on the board, attempting to create a string of subtasks that lead you from the start (center-left) to the finish (bottom-right). There are no Early, Combo, or Lucid points attached to this extended task. White squares have 50-point subtasks in them, colored squares have 80-point host subtasks in them, and the white rectangles on the right side…? Well, we’ll score those when we get to them.

As always with these sorts of games, there’s a catch! When the subtask on the last space of the board is completed, the LC will immediately end. The trick is to pace yourself; if you’re scoring well, race to the end, and if you’re trailing behind, ignore the board completely and do other Tasks. There’s a point on the board that will stop people from progressing until all three hosts have had a week each for their Tasks, but once that restriction passes, it’s all about having a good strategy and dreaming well!

You’ll be able to see the themes for subtasks in each area of the board to help you aim for appealing subtasks. You can see any subtask that any competitor has reached, but you only earn points for subtasks you can reach given your completions. If you complete a subtask two arrows away from the farthest point you’ve reached, it doesn’t count! You can, however, do things in sequence in your dream, e.g., you’ve seen subtask 4 thanks to another competitor but haven’t beaten 3, so you do 3 and then 4 in your dream (but not 4 and then 3).

The subtasks here have very specific settings and actions compared to those in the weekly Tasks. This is meant to be tough; the people who will be moving across the board and trying to finish the LC will be the high scorers who want to clinch a victory, and we don’t want to make ending the LC easy!

Even if you’re aiming to finish quickly, you may not want to take the most direct path. Subtasks are still worth points—enough to turn the tide of the LC—and you may find some helpful rewards in the dead ends on the board. You’ll also see some colored arrows between subtasks; if you finish some subtasks under extra conditions, you may find additional subtasks or earn a reward!

Plan your strategy well! Best of luck!

My setting will be the sun. I will fly near it or in it.

My setting will be a mountain range which I’ll be taking flight over.

The ocean. I’d say my setting would be the ocean as far as the eye can see. The ocean. Ocean ocean ocean.

I’m tired.

I normally fly by the sea or shore, so this time it’ll be a forest. Big expanse of trees.

I would like to fly over/through a canyon.

I will fly over or near a volcano/lava.

I choose to fly through a futuristic city.

I will fly through this city. I chose this location in a previous LC, but never got the chance to go there.

I choose to fly through space, in particular, the Galactic Sea from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Here, I had a decently long LD - I flew, too…

To be fair, the flying part is at the very end. I doubt that I flew before that, because it felt as if I was just jumping about rather than actually flying in the sky. Oh wells.

I’m not exactly disappointed with it, especially considering this is the third night of actually trying.

Erm, so, apparently I picked the wrong team… anyways, scored some points:

Short LD - Drd (somewhat ungraciously) made me fly.

Medium LD - Flew with a DC, over my chosen setting (forest/woodlands).

Full dreams posted here

As a host I found Scipio’s spoiler tracking-tag useful, so I’ve started my own:

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 1, Medium 1

Tasks: Get Drd to make you fly. Fly with a DC. Fly over a chosen setting.

Oleg, not a bad start!

obfusc8, you say you think you’re on the wrong team, but another host did that ungracious thing, so I don’t think he wants you on his team. :o Congrats on the early lead!

The scores are updated.

I flew in Pegasus Pony form in a ND this morning. I was transformed, but I don’t know if we actually have to witness or at least intend the transformation to get the points for “Transform into something that can fly and do just that”. I was a pony from the start of the dream scene. If I didn’t get those points then I flew with sprouted wings. DJ entry here.