Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Had a LD, and at least 3 DEILDs afterwards for a combined long length. I completed the monthly quest, and the trading task. I’m not claiming my personal goal as I’m not satisfied with what happened, I want to see a visible beam.

I’m back…
-I managed to water bend and got a tour of the city/town in Saints Row IV (non-lucid and an hour or so before task 3)
-Exploring a forest, I found a Decepticon. He was restored and later aided Optimus against a new threat. (non lucid)
-2 short LD 's (close calls/nothing task related)
-3 long LD 's (2 via DEILD)
In the last long LD I fought a pack of wild animals, and set them and the forest a blaze with holy fire while lucid. Also had a near miss with the monthly quest…The hole wasn’t in the ground… .-.

Incubated burning forests with Minecraft before going to bed. :tongue:

Alright… last night in a long LD, I travelled through a forest with some characters of mine. We came across a pool of water in middle of the forest where we encountered a large lizard that rose out of the water. It was Godzilla! Or something that resembled him, anyway. For the sake of the task, I figured he’d count as a spirit animal.
“Guys. Guys, I think the forest is gonna be in trouble. WE GOTTA STOP IT.” he said in a way that did not seem too wise… but he at least had some foreknowledge.
Fireballs then came raining from the sky that I may or may have not been responsible for… :razz: The fire didn’t have too much time to spread before sent a bunch of rain down on it, successfully putting it out.
Godzilla decided to join our party.

Later had a conversation with a dwarf. My perspective switched many times. I made some tea with some random purple berries I found growing in a shrub in the town. It tasted incredibly sweet, almost like the grape flavored Freezies, only more tart.

And the dream continued on… some stuff about the LC, some Bowser stuff where I happened to put out a second forest fire (forests lighting themselves on fire are now gonna be a thing in my dream world, aren’t they…), and some stuff with an old coworker.

Wait for me! I have dreams to dump!
/me during a busy week.

Basically, I only had time for dreams today. :peek:

SPOILER - Click to view

Tuesday: 1 I RCed and spoiled the dream +
1 Medium LD.
Thursday: 1 Short LD and 1 Long LD.
I got in a long quest searching the mysterious multiple path forest in the search for the hidden shrine. (ignoring the split HLD sequence)
Friday: 1 Medium LD.
I made everything on fire, including another forest just to extinguish the fires again. I had more success this time, but extinguishing the fire made everything dark.


Alright, guys, I got all of that. Except for your stuff, Tggtt. I think you’re too late. :tongue: Anyway, new task day! Woooo! But before we do all that stuff, let’s get some scorekeeping and story stuff out of the way:

Here are the average number of subtasks completed by each team:
Fire team: 11 subtasks - 4 subtask penalty / 6 members = 1.167 subtasks/member
Water team: 8 subtasks - 4 subtask penalty / 3 members = 1.333 subtasks/member
Grass team: 7 subtasks - 4 subtask penalty / 6 members = 0.500 subtasks/member

The Water Team wins the advantage this week, and this time instead of a bonus, they get a Team Advantage Subtask! Crazy! If your team didn’t win this week, just make sure to try harder this week! You can do this! Anyway, here are the current standings for all you people who don’t want to view the scoreboard or want to be official or something:

  1. Wyvern (1,450)
  2. Rhewin (1,235)
  3. Tggtt (1,005)
  4. obfusc8 (815)
  5. Koharo (810)
  6. drd (475)
  7. Thorn (400)
  8. Dragoon (365)
  9. Scipio Xaos (310)
  10. prose42 (200)
  11. Siiw (175)
  12. eMander (155)
  13. Eilatan (140)
  14. james_uk2008 (120)
  15. Letaali (70)

And… I have not done any better this week… :sad:

  • Mew151 (-50)

And with that out of the way, stay tuned for Task 4, coming in a bit! Until then, have some story:

[i]You step into the forest outside of town, your pack jingling with all kinds of items and trinkets you picked up at the store. What did those guys at the inn say? “Just beyond the forest lies the path to elemental mastery…?” What does that even mean? You head down a dirt path for a while, but eventually the path fades into grass. You continue going in the same general direction it was headed. After a while you find a big moss-covered rock to sit on to rest your feet. You look around the forest and spot a small forest temple in front of you. You look at it serenely when you hear a stick break behind you. You spin around instinctively… and find the strange man from earlier!

“Still jumpy as usual, eh traveler?” he says to you. You look at him in a strange combination of anger and disbelief. He gives you that strange odd smile he gave you before. “You know, many adventurers have gone this way before, but none have ever returned,” he says to you. You dully nod. “But I think you, traveler, shall surely find the way… Something shall lead you…” he says. He runs off into the forest and leaves you alone… for now.

You turn back to where you were to see a glowing, ethereal Mew floating before you! It giggles at you and begins to fly away. You jump up and sprint after it, barely able to keep up with it. It flies into a pond in the middle of the forest… much deeper than it looks. You dive in after it, and swim around. When you swim to the surface, you find yourself in a different environment. A large temple stands before you. You jump out of the pond and begin to explore it…[/i]

Task 4! We’re nearing the end, but that doesn’t mean you should give up!

Task 4: Dungeon!
Into the dungeon! For adventure! PREVIOUSLY in the LC, we explored a mysterious forest! Exploring forests is fine, but let’s just get to the heart of the adventure already: Dungeons!

Explore a dungeon!20 points: How can you even go on an adventure without exploring a dark and dangerous dungeon of death? It’s time to make this a real adventure: It’s dungeon time! For this task, explore any mysterious dungeon/temple/etc! You’ll surely walk away with some treasure, experience, and some LC points!

Create a trap20 points: An important thing to consider when exploring dungeons is to watch out for traps! You may be minding your own business exploring, when suddenly, you might teleport to another area of the dungeon! Or get arrows shot at you! Or get polymorphed into a monster! For this task, however, you will be the one who sets the trap! Any kind of trap will do, but maybe try being a bit creative? Try setting a Wile E. Coyote style trap for some over-the-top fun!

Find and zap a wand40 points: Wands are powerful magical devices that can be found while exploring a dungeon. Find one and try using it! Who knows what kind of spell it contains? Maybe it casts a simple healing spell, or maybe it’s a wand of death! Perhaps it’ll even be a wand of… fire!

Find a secret room20 points: Dungeons have secrets around every corner! For this task you have to find a secret room somewhere that’s hidden from plain sight! With any luck it may be filled with treasures and all kinds of loot!

Wear a magical amulet or ring40 points: Amulets and rings are magical items you can wear that usually give you some kind of special abilities! Find some of these items and try them on! In order to get points, your magical accessories must do something besides being just a fashion statement. Be careful that these items aren’t cursed!

Drink a potion20 points: Potions! They’re pretty amazing item things! Simply drink one and experience its effects to get points. You can drink a potion to simply boost your strength, or restore your stamina. Or perhaps try one more interesting, like one that gives you special powers. Try combining this subtask with other subtasks to get more points!

Polymorph into a monster40 points: Transformation! It sure is an interesting thing to do in dreams. But since we’re off exploring dungeons, clearly we should refer to transformation as Polymorphing instead. :tongue: To get points, simply transform… er, polymorph into a monster! Any monster should do, whether it be a ferocious dragon or a killer bunny rabbit.

Water Team Advantage Subtask: Drink from a spring40 points: All you have to do is find a natural water spring and drink from it… but watch out for any mysterious side effects! Lakes or ponds will not do, it has to be a spring!

Team Dreams:
Yep, it’s Team Dream time again! You have 48 hours to decide on these details before the Team Dream subtasks become available.

Design a Fire Dungeon/Temple/Design a Water Dungeon/Temple/Design a Grass Dungeon/Temple—Let’s be in our element and explore a specialized dungeon for your team! If you want to be a master of your element, you’ll have to brave this dungeon! You must come up with at least 4 Details about this dungeon. Feel free to be creative and come up with more! Oh… and one of the details may not be the boss at the end of the dungeon. :wink:

But the Team Dream fun doesn’t stop there! You also have additional creative fun! Each team must also design an Elemental Monster based on their team. They also must come up with at least Five Details on the monster, including its name. The monster must be designed around its element, have a name, and also be able to fly in some way. You have one week to decide the monster’s details. It is not part of this week’s team dreams, but any savvy LC’ers who remember a certain Lucidity Challenge 42 should know where this is going… :smile:

A couple of nights ago, I had an ND where I saved a teenage mutant ninja turtle from certain destruction at the hands of my old Hebrew school teacher. (It’s the one title Childhood Television).

Don’t count me out yet! RL went a bit manic but I’m still here!

Right, so, in a normal dream I bought stuff from a shop… I asked for a potion of cure headache, but got weird fruity capsule things. Not sure if you’ll count those as fruits but the shopkeeper referred to them as such… I had a tough week, pity points? :tongue:

Anyway, then I had a Short LD in which I burnt a row of trees, and used a wand.

prose42: …Interesting premise. :razz:

obfusc8: Eh… not counting the fruits, but everything else counts. At 965 points, I don’t think you need pity any more. :tongue:

Scores are updated

In this ND, I participated in a musical performance… poorly.

^Got it. Scores are updated

Back in the game, alright!

Short LD, no tasks.

Followed by a Medium LD in which I drank a potion, turned into a tree (treant, hope that counts, if not then possibly for the monster transformation instead?). Then I stole a ring and put it on, that turned me (briefly) into a giant. Possible polymorph into a monster points? Giants are in the D&D monster manual after all… it’s a long shot though, I’ll admit, but I gotta try and close the gap somehow. :wink:

Here’s the link

EDIT: Also, though my team mates might lynch me for this: The points for the subtasks this week seem skewed in the fire team’s favour a little…

The third dream here is a long LD in which I put on a magical ring and polymorph into a monster. I also end up frozen in time as on my bingo board.

obfusc8: Sorry… not counting a large size a polymorph into a monster. But you still got other points, so that’s fine. :tongue:

Thorn: Counted the bingo subtask. Too bad your incubated transformation didn’t work. :sad: Still, congrats on the long LD!

As for me, I did things! I found a secret room, explored an RPG-esque town, and wore a costume for a bingo square. I no longer have negative points! :woo: :tongue:

Scores are updated.

Also… the Team Dreams seem rather undecided, so I’ll extend the deadline until tomorrow to lock in your dungeon details. As for the monster, you still have until Friday to come up with the details.

After three days of hard boiled discussions and foggy ideas, the water team has come up with a crystal clear conclusion.
We have designed a Water Temple, it’s (mostly) nice and fun inside, however, it’s not easy getting in!

  1. Behind a rather cold waterfall, there’s an hidden temple, the Water Temple. But it’s not so easy crossing that, it’s a strong waterfall. However, there’s a secret! The water temple has rock solid doors… They can only be unlocked if you craft a nice snowman in front of the doors. Would it like warm hugs? Well, that’s for you to find out. But don’t forget! You have to take the snow from outside to craft it, well, it was supposed to be well protected right? Did you expect to get inside easily? :wallhit:
    Though there’s also another myth: maybe it could open if you cry rivers of water… :cry: But I have heard it makes its insides dangerous, would you really try it? :scared:
  2. That’s not all! The Water Temple has several secret chambers, one for each state of water. Then we also have a sauna, a nice underground lake, an ice sculpture room, and the incredibly hot water plasma furnace. Be sure to visit them all; :whew:
  3. Besides that, the temple is totally fun, for example we have a cool and warm water park inside. With water slides and water guns; :woot:
  4. We also have icy tunnels. Some of them are linked by a totally creative train with a steam engine that has cars made of ice. Some tunnels run underwater so you can enjoy the view from there! :content: You can get in and enjoy the trip (if you manage to make the train to work, of course); :plotting:

Yes, there are more secrets there to be uncovered. Some people believe that this temple hides magical fountains and springs as well! :wam:
No one knows what happens to the drinker!

There are no specific traps in there… however…[spoiler][/spoiler]

I had a long LD! I drank a potion, used lock picks to open a door, (bingo task) and successfully teleported. The potion didn’t turn me into a plant though. It mDe plants sprout everywhere I touched instead. I might also have done tje monthly task since I teleported into a FA.

Will post when we are home again.

So, while I’m on a roll… more tasks and lucids.

Short lucid dream. While not lucid, I had a spiritual discussion with a powerful lion spirit that liked to talk in riddles and zen quotes. Then did the animal watching task when I became lucid, and attempted my personal goal but lost lucidity.

In a long lucid dream I found a church in a forest and went inside. It was a museum - a temple of knowledge.


Hello! How are you guys? :peek:

SPOILER - Click to view

Sunday: one long LD: I got into some sort of dungeon, found a secret chamber and also found a crest inside. It had just old clothes, I tried them hoping they could include the magical amulet/ring task and removed them asap really upset.

Monday: one medium LD split into 2 FAs (the second FA was short, I dunno if I should consider it another LD), tried the new monthly quest just because today is February 2nd. (I already have monthly quest points, ignore this part)


I’ll be getting points later once I have some more free time. The team dreams are locked in though! Tggtt already described the Water Team’s dungeon in another post, so I’ll just be listing the Fire and Grass team dungeons.

Here is the Fire Team’s dungeon:

  1. It is located in a hellish underworld surrounded by dark red ground, lava and volcanoes.
  2. It’s a prison for a monster that is released when you open five seals.
  3. It’s guarded by fire elementals that attack anyone not from the fire team and they can be commanded by members of the fire team.
  4. At the centre of the temple is an altar on which burns a flame that can never be extinguished.

And here is the Grass Team’s dungeon:

  1. The only way to enter the temple/dungeon is to shrink down below the height of grass blades or become a bug as these transformations allow dreamers to enter a tiny hole in the doorless, windowless temple walls or drop into the tiny dungeon from above. The dreamers need to remain this way throughout the temple/dungeon as its core mechanic; there can’t be any other size changing unless they want to be branded as cheaters.
  2. Exploring through a small creature’s home, such as a beehive, a bird’s nest, ant tunnels, a rabbit hole, a snake’s den, a sticky spider web that can snare dreamers, a rat hole, or the inside a tree (for termites)
  3. Fighting, riding, or fleeing what would normally be a small creature, as noted in point 2.
    4.Using a leaf practically, such as:
  • Using it as a parachute to navigate through the air (not just for falling, as that’d be harmless; see below)
  • Hiding under it to avoid predators
  • Making a tiny boat or swinging it to fan a tiny platform to cross a small puddle or bit of water runoff

Welp, I guess my post will have to be what’s below, even though it’s actually a new page…? The collab document said:

[color=#43D0A3]Being able to move like an insect isn’t really its own mechanic, but it’s understood to be part of the scale mechanic. Dreamers would have incredibly high leaps, high strength, and be able to fall far harmlessly… relative to their size, of course; they’re actually weaklings that could have their dream lives snuffed out pretty easily.[/color]

We also noted that at such a small scale, one could probably just run across water effortlessly if one didn’t stop moving; I don’t think Mew’s counting that part for anything, which is a shame because it’s a really neat concept. Physics are amazing!


In a medium-length LD last night, posted here, I encountered an evil witch who enjoyed growing and eating the innocent. I did two bingo tasks by giving her a taste of her own medicine: I used a giant-sized bite with powerful teeth (which I am claiming as a weapon given its practicality for the situation) to eat a giant object—namely, her head. The giant object eating completes column D on my bingo board.