Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Well… Not really much to claim except I think I did a bingo square. A little time travel even if it wasn’t of my own decision.

A Cruel Experiment - Non-Lucid Dream ~ ET: C1

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][b]NLDs: 6[/b]
[b]Short LDs: 4[/b]
[b]Medium LDs: 0[/b]
[b]Long LDs: 1[/b]

Task 1:-E U̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶l̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Breathed fire. | Grew a plant and summoned rain.
Task 2:-E Briefly visited an RPG town. | Traded with a DC.
Task 3:-E Observed birds in flight. | Grass Team MEGA & ULTRA
Task 4: ~ none ~
Extended Task: C2 & L3 | I3 | I5 | U2[url=], D3, & C5[/url] | C1

Of these dreams, the first is an ND with the “control a flying vehicle” bingo task, the second is a medium-length LD with the “invert gravity” bingo task (EDIT: and maybe the “gagdet to accomplish something” bingo task if a teeny tiny plane sized for me is a gadget, since I nudged columns into place with it and stood on its underside to invert gravity?), and the third is my longest LD to date with the elemental weapon, waterbending, observing wildlife in its habitat, and absorbing water tasks and appropriate combo and lucid bonuses.

It’s probably not really wise for me to keep posting every day, as everybody ahead of me on the scoreboard has a propensity for dumping several hundred points at once. These people can just use my everyday posts to gauge what needs to be done in dreams. I’m wondering if I should stop typing my DJ entries and updating my LD count for the final week of the LC, as it would certainly stop giving me a disadvantage.

I managed three short lucids and one long.
-I discovered/explored a secret passage (Once while I wasn’t lucid and again while lucid, not sure whether or not I get to choose which to submit seeing that I was unable to post on that day and redid the task. I have the first attempt underlined.)
-Completed my personal goal

For my new goal, I’d like to do another campaign with Nemmy, the werewolf DC

I’ve done “Visit a location in the future” several times and “Communicate using telepathy” from the bingo sheet. Both done today even. I traveled further into the future than ever before by traveling past the end of the universe. I’ve also done “Meet a fictional character or celebrity” by meeting the cast of Charmed.

It’s the dawn of the final task! Woooo! But before we do all that stuff, let’s get some scorekeeping and story stuff out of the way:

Here are the average number of subtasks completed by each team:
Fire team: 7 subtasks / 6 members = 1.167 subtasks/member
Water team: 7 subtasks / 3 members = 2.333 subtasks/member
Grass team: 4 subtasks / 6 members = 0.667 subtasks/member

The Water Team wins the advantage this week (surprising, right?!) and they have been awarded the usual bonus points! Anyway, here are the current standings for all you people who don’t want to view the scoreboard or want to be official or something:

  1. Wyvern (1,710)
  2. obfusc8 (1,310)
  3. Tggtt (1,295)
  4. Rhewin (1,235)
  5. Koharo, Thorn (1,070)
  6. drd (475)
  7. prose42 (415)
  8. Dragoon (365)
  9. Scipio Xaos (350)
  10. Siiw (285)
  11. Letaali (175)
  12. eMander (155)
  13. Eilatan (140)
  14. james_uk2008 (120)

And… I have a positive number of points this week. :woo: :razz:

  • Mew151 (30)

And with that out of the way, stay tuned for Task 5, which is going to be slightly delayed! Until then, have some story:

[i]You enter the temple and find yourself in a large labyrinth. You travel around the maze, this first area curiously absent of any monsters. You come upon some stairs and decide to ascend to the next level. You hear a distant roar as you reach the second floor. As you scan around this new room, you see a barrel in the corner that is continuously making a thumping sound and moving around slightly, almost as if something’s trapped within it. You approach it cautiously and it bursts! You jump back, ready to attack whatever is in it… and find that strange old man from earlier!

“Aha, traveler! I knew you’d make it!” You wonder what he was doing in that barrel, but you’re not sure you want to know. “Your adventure is reaching its end, traveler. But that does not mean it’ll be getting any easier. Push on, and become an elemental master!” he says. His hamminess almost makes you laugh, but you try to take him more seriously. He flings his arm into the air, trying to be more dramatic, before running off into the maze. You follow him, as he seems to know his way around, but he pays no attention to you.

After ascending two more floors, and defeating only the occasional slime monster in the process, you find yourself on the penultimate floor of the dungeon… the last one contains whatever the secret to elemental mastery is. The man turns around and stares at you. “You managed to keep up with me, eh?”

He runs up to a wall and dusts it off… revealing a secret room somehow? He opens the newly appeared door and locks it behind him. You bang on the door with all your might, wondering what his motivation behind this all is. You begin kicking at the door. You see a burst of glowing light from the cracks through the door. You deliver one final mighty kick to the door before it flies off of its hinges… and instead of the old man in the room, you now see a Mew floating before you! You look around the room, but the strange man is gone. Your vision focuses on the Mew now. You both stare at each other for a moment before the Mew flies away in a panic. You try to catch up but it phases through the ceiling somehow.

You look upward to the ceiling before quickly exploring around the area for the stairs to the next level. The temple begins to quake violently, which only makes you want to find the stairs more. You finally find the stairs in the last unchecked room on the whole floor and ascend for what seems like eternity. After what feels like the longest spiral staircase ever, you find yourself in a small hall, almost like where a king would reside in a castle. Where a throne should be is a pink glowing sphere floating in the air. It makes a slight humming sound.

You approach the sphere and see what appears to be the sky reflecting off of it. You tap it with your finger, but it just phases right through it? You pull it out and feel a bit of resistance while doing so. You think it’s some kind of hologram? You try to step through it to prove your hypothesis… and get sucked in! The next thing you know, you’re falling through the sky, with the sound of wings flapping in the distance…[/i]

Task 5! This is it! The final task! Don’t back down! But before we begin with the task, let us introduce the 3 Elemental Beasts that are present throughout this task:

Vicerroth, Lord of Terror is the Fire Team’s monster. Its features are:* Huge size

  • Red and covered in spikes
  • Breathes fire
  • Summons waves of magical fire
  • Black demonic wings for flying

Aquadra is the Water Team’s monster. It’s a sea serpent! Its features are:* It’s black and has a silvery blue chest

  • It has spikes down its back with a long shiny one at the head where it can shoot ice and control the weather
  • It has long bat-like wings that can also function like fins when folded
  • It’s around 150-200ft (45-60m) long

Floraiju is the Grass Team’s monster. And here is its bio:


Credit to Wyvern for this depiction of the creature.

Name: Floraiju
Average height: 54’ 2" (16.51 m)
Average weight: 6.47 tons (5866.58 kg)
Habitat: Hawaiian tropical rainforests
Diet: Mostly other plant life, but is omnivorous[/center]

Once worshiped by native Hawaiians as peaceful, intelligent protectors of the islands, Floraiju were long thought to be creatures of primitive myths. However, as urban development in Hawaii continued, deforestation drove them out of hiding. Some of them have taken to venting their frustration at losing their habitats by destroying human cities, taking an eye for an cyclopean eye.

While not Godzilla-sized, 54’ 2" is a few stories high, so the destruction Floraiju leave in their wake is significant. The wing-like leaves protruding from their backs do not support their weight for flight but due to the nature of this task, it can magically fly somehow. :razz: Some have even picked up basic English in their interactions with humanity, although nobody has tried to communicate peacefully with one due to sheer fear.[/spoiler]

And with that, let’s begin!

Task 5: The Sky!
Enter the skies and take flight! Every LC has to have some kind of flying task! Oh also there are monsters, monsters everywhere. This week we also have some more team-exclusive subtasks, along with EXTRA TEAM TASKS, which function the same way as ULTRA and MEGA subtasks from Task 3.

Fly!20 points: Flying! It’s a thing that lots of people like to do in lucid dreams! So take to the sky and end this LC on a high note… quite literally!

Propel yourself with fire30 points: Flying with wings our through willpower alone is pretty cool, but let’s turn up the heat and fly through the sky with FIRE. Use your pyrokinetic abilities to shoot out fire with enough force to propel you through the sky! Or, if you’re lazy you can just use a jet pack. :tongue:

Fire Exclusive Task: Defeat Vicerroth, Lord of Terror50 points: It is time to confront the being that represents your element! If you want to be the true fire master, you must defeat the existing elemental beast! Only if you manage to defeat your beast will you gain the title of Fire Master!

EXTRA FIRE TASK: Defeat Aquadra70 points + 3 subtask penalty: Sure, grass is weak to fire, but any old fire mage can attack grass. It takes a true master of their element to be able to challenge and defeat an opponent who has the upper hand! Defeat the Water Team’s elemental beast for tons of points and a 3 penalty to the water team!

Stand on a cloud30 points: The sky is full of fluffy clouds! And clouds are made of water, despite what all our imaginations say about them. For this task, you need to be able to stand (or sit or lay down) on a cloud without phasing through. While you’re at it, try finding a few rainbows to slide down!

Water Exclusive Task: Tame or befriend Aquadra50 points: It is time to confront the being that represents your element! If you want to be the true water master, you need to be able to tame your elemental beast! Or at least become friends with it. Having connections with such a powerful entity must make you worthy of the title of Water Master!

EXTRA WATER TASK: Defeat a Floraiju70 points + 3 subtask penalty: Alright, so fire may be weak to water, but any old water bender can attack fire. It takes a true master of water to be able to challenge and defeat a mighty grass monster! Defeat the Grass Team’s elemental beast for tons of points and a 3 subtask penalty to the grass team! Watch out for dodgeballs and/or lasers!

Float through the air like a spore30 points: Okay, so plants in general usually remain grounded. But spores and pollen can float through the air, and they’re plant things, right? For this subtask, float through the air like a spore! Whether you want to shrink down, or just become weightless at full size, as long as the wind guides your direction, you should be able to get points!

Grass Exclusive Task: Become a Floraiju50 points: It is time to confront the being that represents your element! If you want to be a true grass master, you need to be able to transform into your elemental beast! Man… I’m getting kind of nostalgic for Lucidity Challenge 42, and I didn’t even participate! Anyway, being able to become such a powerful monster makes you worth of the title of Grass Master!

EXTRA GRASS TASK: Defeat Vicerroth, Lord of Terror70 points + 3 subtask penalty: Yeah, water may be weak to grass, but any plant can just absorb water all day. It takes a true plant master to be able to challenge and defeat a mighty fire monster! Defeat the Fire Team’s elemental beast for tons of points and a 3 subtask penalty to the fire team!

Host Insert Bonus: Fly through an endless sky with Mew15150 points: The last host insert subtask! For this task, I’ll be flying through an endless sky. Maybe you should join the club for some points? Just remember: The first rule of Flight Club is to always talk about Flight Club!

I see my miniature plane yesterday didn’t count as a gadget, so maybe a hoverboard will? Three medium-length LDs today, posted here with the second of the three having some hoverboard riding just for general transport and fun (and now I just hope that transport is “accomplishing something”). Obviously I was flying while using it—and I also flew in the first LD—but I awakened from that second dream at 10:00, 95 minutes before flight became a task.

^Got it. Scores are updated

Had an LD here this morning which at 2-3 minutes long makes it a medium one for me. No tasks completed but highlights included a controlled WILD (rare for me) and I tried to see if I could summon my spirit guide for the first time which I don’t think fully worked out.

/me rushes in. :peek:

[spoiler]I tried to be the first to complete a task this week, such rush, much running. Now I don’t think I need to rush anymore. :whew:
Saturday: One medium LD - I went to tame the sea serpent. Getting to the sea I find 3 serpents instead. I decided to tame ALL OF THEM to be sure (because I was somehow absent minded probably because it was a first cycle dream). Yes, one was like Aquadra, one was red and black and the last was green and black.
Later, the green one attacked a DC and I told the others to stop the fight. However, the DCs weren’t happy and killed the green one :sad:. I healed the wounded DC after that and he should be well now. (This probably came up as a crazy idea to beat the grass, who knows? Also, I need to protect my team’s monster from crazy fire team members. :grrr: )

One dream that I had RCs and kept losing lucidity, so I tagged as HLD: I went to a special and magical town, and I walked onto roofs and jumped onto clouds. I could stand on them, they were kind of soft but completely solid. There were no solid rainbows, they seemed pretty realistic. I just jumped back onto a roof instead.
I guess I have good news for the grass team since I am not fighting their monster. Come on people, we don’t need to fight! You can say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one!

I had a medium LD, where I did no tasks. I got lucid in a futuristic skyscraper and touched a glass barrier to stabilize. I controlled the glass without shattering it and made a computer that had one large button. Didn’t take me to the frozen planet, but instead I got glasses with a built-in computer and a display in the glass. After that I talked with a woman that showed up to distract me further.

I visited dream guy two nights ago in an ND, his face had the same skull tattoo as so called “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest, and saved my butt from a steroid shot… literally… :woah: As usual, the other steroid buff DCs were too afraid and weary of him to say anything against him messing with the course of the dream.
Does it count as personal goal when not lucid? :peek:
P.S: I just like the video, no advertising meant.

The lucid dream here is a medium-length one with a short flight as well as some floating through the air.

Lucid streak continues with a short lucid dream. I turned into Hulk, which is my first TF lucid! That’s also one of my bingo sheet things, to increase my physical strength.

Alright everyone, got all of that…

Eilatan: Sorry, you have to do your personal goal while lucid. :sad: Still, cool. :grin:

Scores are updated

Had a medium LD where I flew briefly from my house.

Had another medium LD where I fought a robot witch with the 10th Doctor. He kind of used his sonic screwdriver like a wand, and was using a book to reference a spell. This reminded me of the wand subtask, but then I remembered that I already did that one. I made a magical ring appear on my hand instead and we both struck the witch with some kind of magical attack, killing her/it.

On another note, incubation material I drew up. Thorn mentioned something about the monsters playing cards and well…

^Got it. I love the picture! :grin: Scores are once again updated.

I had a Medium LD this morning. I flew using rocket/jet boots, with Mew, and then we sort of floated along high in the sky for a while, drifting on the breeze, just chillin’… :content:

I flew through a thunderstorm last night, but it wasn’t lucid.

obufsc8: Sweet! Sounds like I looked rather cute. :3

Siiw: Flying through a thunderstorm sounds exciting…
/me adds that to the list of things he needs to do while lucid.

Scores are updated