Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

I met Mew in his human form in a non-lucid dream and in another dream a DC did some firebending underwater to torture a guy. Neither are worth points I assume. I just wanted to share. :tongue:

I did a bingo task yesterday: I found a treasure chest and looted it.

Long LD which features my second attempt at the monthly quest. This time was successful. :content:

Tggtt: Thanks, I try my hardest! :grin:

Letaali: Sweet! What did I look like? Did I look cool? :happy:

Siiw: Got it. And I’m not counting it three times just because you accidentally triple posted! :tongue:

obfusc8: Nice! Those points managed to launch you into first place! Woo! :woo:

Scores are updated

We were taking part in a big quiz and everyone used their phone to answer. I was participating in it with you. You had short dark brown hair and you were fairly short. You looked really young thanks to your smooth beardless face :happy: My phone was missing and I left to go and find it. You were not interested in helping me. Another DC helped me find the phone. When I found it the dream had changed and I was in a tower made of clouds. I took pictures of the sun and the structure with my phone before the dream ended. The place looked really cool.

More NLD’d tasks. This time I observed some birds in flight. Sufficient, I believe, for studying animals.

Birds near a Forest - Non-Lucid Dream - Task III Part 2 EARLY

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][b]NLDs: 4[/b]
[b]Short LDs: 2[/b]
[b]Medium LDs: 0[/b]
[b]Long LDs: 0[/b]

Task 1:-E U̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶l̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Breathed fire. | Grew a plant and summoned rain.
Task 2:-E Briefly visited an RPG town. | Traded with a DC.
Task 3:-E Observed birds in flight.
Extended Task: C2 & L3 | I3 | I5

^Added. Scores are updated

I had a short LD, and does a Fireball spell count as pyrokinesis?

^It does count. Added points. Scores are updated

Medium lucid dream last night. I was in a dark forest, fog and whatnot everywhere. I was being chased around by the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s. At one point Bonnie got to close, so I ripped a nearby small shrub out of the ground and lit it on fire. I then through it at Bonnie, and the whole thing exploded like a grenade (so, for the third time, an elemental weapon T.T).

There was a separate short LD with no tasks.

In an ND, I ate some wild fruit that tasted like half apple, half orange, and noticed a small family of what looked like rats digging around the tree.

Alrighty… I already said I didn’t wanna count LD points for dreams where I just completed Bingo subtasks, so I’ve bolded where they would count (normal subtasks).

January 19th
LD #2802 Went swimming, shrank myself, fused with a DC, controlled electricity, conversation with DC, opened a treasure chest, participated in a musical performance [

LD #2803 (medium) Traded with a DC [

January 20th
LD #2804 Danced with Mew, was in costume [

LD #2805 Achieved collective consciousness, enchanted an object, transformed a DC (which went horribly, horribly wrong, but a transformation nevertheless) [

January 21st
LD #2806 Froze time, went to a location in the past [

And now summaries for dreams I won’t type up.

LD #2807 Turned invisible in a game of hide and seek with Ysim and someone else, essentially cheating, but I don’t care. The dream was weird and full of insects and broken things… including a random carcass in a bathroom.

January 23rd
LD #2809 (medium) I went through a forest and came across a party of dragons. We ate the mysterious glowy ambrosia and… became sex crazed as a result. But hey, it was Godly. This dream was before the current task was posted, so no points for the forest.

January 24th

LD #2811 (long) Spent time exploring the ocean, a mysterious forest on an island, and then a cave which I explored with Thorn. I set us up the bomb (a powerful weapon) causing the entire cave to detonate (AKA Huge epic explosion). I then went to an RPG style village to a shop run by ghosts. They were very reluctant to sell me anything but I eventually forced them to. I bought a crab potion. Still don’t know what it does.

January 26th

LD #2814 I went up to my computer and entered the screen to enter the internet. It had really cheesy 3D effects and numbers everywhere. And tunnels. Or tubes? I suppose it was a series of tubes.

LD #2816 I was a weird anthropomorphic panda and ate this huge sphere on top of a building. How’s that for huge object… Was bigger than me. I was all round after.

And all caught up.

Well… those are certainly some point dumps. :unk:

Rhewin: Nice! The elemental weapon finally counts! :yes:

Wyvern: Congratulations, you’re the first person to get a BINGO! And five of them at that! :tongue: I liked reading all your dreams, specifically the one with ME in it! :grin:

Scores are (finally) updated

In this medium-length LD, I again visit a hotel room—I already did this task, but I never earned lucid points for Task 2.

^Alright, added it. Scores are updated, again!

Does studying ponies in Equestria count? They were having some festival. :razz: To be fair, there was also a field if you want something even more natural for ponies.

Man, I’m always arriving on festivals in my dreams. I’m like Ash Ketchum.

EDIT: Happened in a long and eventful LD.

I had a medium length LD last night. I used water bending, and created a plant.

Wyvern: Yep, the fields counted as a natural habitat for ponies! Yep! :yes: Nothing else influenced this decision! :grin:

drd: Nice! Got you the points.

I have updated scores.

Ok, so I remembered my dream from last night. It was a long LD, with several times of losing and regaining lucidity. Basically, I visited an inn, though no one seemed to be behind the counter. Then, I noticed a red phone booth in the corner (which made me lucid). I entered, and sure enough it was my Red TARDIS using a shape it had before.

Inside, I was on an adventure with The Tenth Doctor. I don’t remember all of the details anymore, but he knew me very well. I think this version of The Doctor was a regeneration from my Second Doctor dream guide. Though I don’t remember what was wrong with my TARDIS, The Doctor helped me fly her to safety as fired burned in the background.

Later in the dream I found out we hand landed in Paris. There was a sickly homeless puppy my wife wanted to save. One of its eyes was bad and its jaw looked bad. I thought about it twice because my own dog was on board, but decided to rescue it because the Red TARDIS is big enough to keep them apart.

I did have to keep my own dog away, but the other dog somehow ate his food with his nose like an elephant?

tl;dr finished personal task in a long LD with recovering lucidity. New personal goal: regenerate.

Posted my dreams from Sunday morning. In the first dream I firebended as Lord Zuko against the evil Kuvira <_< by blasting fire out of my legs, in awesome Fire Nation fashion. Also that first and the second dream took place in the middle of forests.

Rhewin: Congrats on doing your personal goal! :woo:

Eilatan: Noted. And the forest stuff undoes Rhewin’s mega task completion! :tongue:

Scores be updated