Lucidity Challenge 48 - Task 3 - VampireVolfGame

In this ND, I ate some things that are certainly not normally food: candy wrappers and other garbage. :confused:

I moved something with my mind and hacked other technology in a non-lucid dream. I was in space with a massive metallic robot head. The guy that had broken my robot and sent us both to space thought that I couldn’t breath in space and the robot could no longer fire it’s beam weapon. He was wrong. I moved the robot head to the red moon nearby that conveniently had a massive crater towards the planet. I flew away from the moon and controlled the robot head so that it would fire where I wanted. I saw a massive red beam hitting the planet. My vision zoomed to the planet and I saw that the weapon made liquids solid and solids liquid. Exposed lava turned to stone, stone to lava, people caught in the ray now were mostly frozen blood and water.

@Letaali Heh yeah I thought you’d be up for some cyborg upgrades. Oh well.

And while I’m on a roll (yes I’ve been obscenely lucid this weekend) -
2 Medium LDs.

In the second I completed my personal goal.

^ Welp, I’m out. I can’t keep up with you. :tongue: I don’t mean I’m dropping out of the LC, but that I may as well aim for fun from here on out instead of maximum points because you’re just too good at this whole “getting lucid and controlling dreams” thing. :smile: Teach us your secrets! My dreams need cyborgs and flirtatious DCs too! :tongue:

I do have a small amount of points to claim today, though. In this dream fragment, what started as seeing a small space colony in a video game as a DO changed to me being in the scene and walking around it, albeit briefly.

Whaaa? It’s only week 2 man, you have plenty of time to catch up!

As for secrets? Dunno what to say… just been reading the posts in this thread between sea-dove and Awe regarding OBEs/WILD and attempting WILD more often while keeping up the All Day Awareness practice.

And the increase in aliens, violence and sex in my dreams couldn’t possibly have coincided with the recent purchases of GTA V and Star Wars Imperial Assault. :whistle:

Anyway, the real reason for this post was to ask if my new goal could be to ‘Shrink to the size of an insect’. Ta Muchly.

^ So it’s ADA… got it… now to beat you at your own game! :sly: I was actually getting back into ADA a bit last night since I had four hours of near silence while proctoring a standardized test, but the most dream-like thing that happened this morning actually turned out to be real. :razz: I can relate to games seeping into dreams, too, as I’ve had more magic in my dreams than ever since getting back into Pathfinder (or D&D 3.75, if we really have to call it that).

That said, I’m not dejected or anything. It’s more that I really want to focus on the cyborg stuff even though my personal goal of hulking out (but hopefully not getting attacked by your old personal goal self) or doing the Monthly Quest would be worth more. Speaking of that, I’ll totally act against my own best interests and make a suggestion for you that’ll get you more points! Instead of making shrinking a 25-point secondary personal goal, why not set a different goal but get 75 points for appropriate shrinking in the Quest? I highly approve of any TF, even just changing size, so I felt the need to assist a fellow shapeshifter. :tongue: I don’t know of any April Quest designs, either, so it seems like the current Quest will stick around for a bit and give you the time to do it. EDIT: Figures that somebody had a Quest idea and it became a published Quest in record time. Yay for foot-in-mouth syndrome! Ignore me; I’m unlucky. :smile:

Oh, right, I need to post about possible points and not just use this topic for conversation. I see that “hack other technology” does not allow simply driving a car or using a computer and needs to be done with my mind or cyber technology. If my dream self was making adjustments to my Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ROM hack without being at a computer (e.g., it was mental power alone), does that count, or does the hacking need to be more malicious? The relevant dream is posted here.

:razz: glad it helped you, wish it would help me right now.

This morning I made 3 attempts at WILD, I managed to get into the right state each time and got into a dream immediately on going to sleep, issue was the moment I did EVERY TIME, I completely lost my consciousness. (there isn’t a emoticon to express the degree of frustration I’m feeling over this right now).

sighs I don’t know how to fix this issue, its one I’ve never had, in the past as long as I can get into the right state and go to sleep while holding awareness, I’ve found myself straight a LD.

I’m wondering too right now how a shift in my thoughts is affecting my awareness. I used strongly think of life being a dream itself, cause of all the life crap and a back off of many of my spiritual beliefs, I cant currently feel like everything in life is. I’m wondering this big life perceptional shift is shifting my ability to become aware in my dreams (in past I could also have LDs other then by WILD).

I was considering the other day if I should take up playing alien games to help trigger off an alien dream even if non lucid, thing is I rarely dream about games I’ve played in the past.

I’m having more non lucid dreams but nothing at all to do with the challenges.

(Working desperately on my tulpa putting a lot of energy into him, hoping he’ll start screaming at me to “wake up” when I’m dreaming).

Is there an extra bonus for the person trying to hardest :happy:

I just did WILD attempt 6 for today and plan to give it one or two more goes later today.

My attempt 6 more score me some points may get me some (OMG that sentence, Im still partly asleep starts slapping herself in the face trying to wake up a bit more)… I went into lucid dream state 3 times, crappy extremely short lucids but lucids all the same even if I did keep dropping out as I was in them not at all deeply (though I was loosing some awareness so low lucidity ones too)

[ (is that also chaining when one drops out but then sends one back into another dream of choice? I’m still trying to get used to some of the terminologies here)

Finally are getting somewhere again if this wasn’t just luck today (the fact I managed to keep repeating this today, hopefully means I broken my WILD bad run and hopefully will be getting some stable WILDs soon).

I briefly became my cyborg avatar at the end of this ND. I’m almost disappointed, as I really, really wanted to do this task while lucid. :smile:


I visited a spaceship and became lucid for a moment. It was mostly all by accident, too.

…oh, and I dont know how I skipped this out, but apparently, the entire dream I was walking around in some sort of frilly princess costume, so… that.

I had a long length LD a few days ago.

Had an LD here this morning which at around 3-5 minutes long makes this a medium one for me. As per Task 2, I summoned Plo Koon and attempted to talk to him as per the speak to an alien task but didn’t get much in ways of a response.

Well cheers for the idea anyway. I always forget the monthly quest! :content:

From last night gonna claim my longest LD ever due to managing time dilation. I lost lucidity and regained it. During the lucid I moved the clock hands with my mind, and also sneaked into a building.

In an earlier dream I had multiple reality checks fail, if that’s still worth points?

Dream, in which a Buddhist monk tells me that the game I am playing is frivolous. He is possibly referring to the Lucidity Challenge, or maybe more generally to my entire human existence. I’m not counting this dream as a lucid, because although I’m semi-aware that I’m trying to do the challenge, I’m not properly lucid. No points scored, I think.

I also had another dream in which I encounter the smuggler team engaged in a operation that might contravene forum rules to describe. It was a bit like something out of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. No points scored, I think.

In this ND, I enter a building I should not through a locked door, although I’m unsure if it fits the LC’s definition of “sneak into a building” due to how simple it was to do so.

So the Space Knight team and the Cyborg team totally need to tie so that we can again push the positive ideals of both and negatives of neither when they were supposed to be in opposition. Make it happen, people. :tongue:

Guys, you are all doing very well. I know I’ve been quiet but I am keeping up with your posts. Unfortunately school is getting in the way again, so while I do have Task 3, I do not have enough time to write it out.

2 day extension

This really should be the last time I’ll need to extend. I have been working on a major white paper that is due tomorrow. After that I’ll be good.

Had 3 LDs here this morning which at around at least 5 minutes a piece makes them a medium length for me. In #1, I successfully had a two way conversation with an Alien (PloKoon) this time around (assuming the previous one wasn’t eligable for points).

I had a long lucid dream where I did the monthly quest and alchemy task. I manipulated the ground to be softer to dig. It became almost like liquid, really easy to dig. I found an artifact for the monthly quest, although it was nothing fancy. Just a blue, metallic shovel with a brush.

Dream, in which I discover a copy of the Theodor Herzl Colouring Book. (As far as I know, this book doesn’t exist in the real world). This is a near miss on my personal task (draw or paint in colour in a dream and then reproduce on waking). I had colour vision in the dream, and partly coloured in one of the illustrations, but I didn’t quite feel up to reproducing it in waking life. This is also a near miss on the jousting one, as the science fiction alternate history version of the Crusades within one part of the book has at least a horse, and suggests the distinct possibility of jousting.

I had a NLD where I sold something to a DC. Basically I was in some old house with my friend who I was trying to convince to buy “membership” to a company I owned.

The “membership” only costed 2 million dollars a month… I don’t know what kind of perks he would get from being a “member” at my business, but it must be good for 2 million. xD

Anyways, I know I am not part of the Smuggler team, but I wasn’t sure If I got half points or something for completing their tasks.