Lucidity Challenge 48 - Task 3 - VampireVolfGame

Didn’t get any tasks last night… I guess I will try again tonight.

But I did have this ND where I wondered if I was dreaming, but didn’t become lucid. This dream was basically screaming in my face that it was all a dream and some how I didn’t catch it…

SPOILER - Click to view

Our school was having a professor from another university come down to teach us. He was giving the class a lecture on lucid dreaming. At this point I wondered if I was dreaming, but never became fully lucid. The professor had grey hair that was styled like in a bowl cut, along with bright blue eyes. During the lecture I sat by (irl friends name) . Afterwards I went to go talk to the prof in person. I asked him questions but he never gave me direct answers. He looked me in the eyes and said, “We are very similar”. It was after that I asked him whether he did his job for the money, to which his response was “ What money? I’m just a figure”. ( WL note - This guy was practically straight out telling me I was dreaming and that he was a “figure” made by my subconscious. How did I not become lucid??)

+5 points is better than none I guess!

I still don’t have any votes!

Since I don’t want this to end up being a random number generator vs. active players, I’ll only select randomly if there isn’t a majority in the vote. That means if only one person on a team votes, that’s it, including protection. There is a majority tonight. I’m not going to bother with a story with only four votes.

[center]The wolves attacked.
The vampires turned.
The villagers protected.

Serpentoj was vote to be hanged.
He was a villager[/center]

The villager team loses yet another task counted toward advantage. Don’t like the fact you’re down two advantage points? You should probably vote.

The votes:
Jer - Awe
stari_maga - sea-dove
Thorn - Serpentoj
Scipio Xaos - Serpentoj

Hi Rhewin, I was just checking out scoring page and it seems a mistake was made as I only have 25 points so far for the chained lucids (in which I got back into a dream 2 more times after dropping out.. it wasn’t just dream loss but I fully was awake… I even opened my physical eyes!

The scoring page says

It states there the 5 points are not for waking up and chaining back but I chained. I cant though find anywhere on what chained dreams are worth or does it usually count as a new dream if the person woke completely up? (I each time even opened eyes to reposition my pillow etc before going back into a dream. I think I even had a drink in between one of the dreams).

I personally don’t count none of these as just regaining lucidity as I had to completely reenter into a dream state again each time to which I’d dropped completely out from (which I find is completely different to just when I loose a dream… black out/fade outs which I do do too at times but in those cases Im still asleep and are not going back in from a fully awake state but only have lost the dream and I suppose that is what the usual 5 points you gave was for but that isn’t what happened in my case).

In the second going back into a dream, I focused to go back to the same one (dream re-entry from a fully awake state) … while the second time I went to a dream (after a full drop out back to physical reality), I choose to not go back to the same dream and was actually in a different location (though where I don’t know as I was too focused on the mirror I brought into the dream).

Maybe its the speed of getting back in within minutes or so which confused you. With my health issues I’m "at time"s capable of even if I get out of bed, going back to sleep real fast… sometimes even within one minute. I’m sure some days I’m asleep almost soon as my head hits the pillow eg within 30 seconds of going to bed (the speed I got back in doesn’t mean I was still in a dream state though I was still holding in my mind what the state was I needed to aim for).

Anyway… counting the new LD last night… I’ve had 4 LDs (including the chained one of 3 dreams … if Im understanding term chaining correctly of it being waking up completely to the physical body between dreams). (You said the quality of the LD didn’t matter as long as one was aware one is dreaming so Im not understanding the only 25 points I have).

obfusc8 what techniques are you using for lucid dreams?

Damn straight I did! :happy:

As for techniques, well I started with MILD and can still be heard muttering the odd mantra to myself while studiously ‘checking my fingernails’ (hand reality checks).
But lately it’s all about All Day Awareness (or in my case, as-often-as-I-remember-awareness) and mixing in a bit of WILD. (I’m not much good at WILD but I’m experimenting.) Basically, if I do fall asleep instead of WILD then hopefully good awareness gives me a chance for a DILD. That’s the theory. Was working well last week, not so much this week. :meh:

I turned into a werewolf in a non-lucid dream.


Another LD challenge miss :cry: though I got very close. This LD was about 20-25 mins long so for me its counted as a medium length LD.

Went to bed intending to trigger a WILD so I get into my new WILD position and try to go to sleep. I decide to do exactly what I did the other day when I ended up with the chain of 3 dreams. My intent, an effortless LD on falling asleep.

This works, within 10 mins I find myself suddenly in a LD… I’m in darkish shop (I forget the first 5-10mins of the LD though I certainly was lucid.

[color=darkblue]I decide to stop looking around and start to think about what task I should do as I want the early bird points I start thinking of our latest tasks. I firstly think about he flying over mountains but seeing I’m the middle of the city, I decide one of the other tasks may be easier.

I decide to try to do the turn into a werewolf thing but before I start the challenge due to too many recent LD dropouts on entry, I decide best stabilise myself first, I’ll be pissed off if I loose this lucid before I get to try to do anything. I choose to on this occassion to just rub my hands together briskly while thinking … I’m in a lucid dream… feel my hands, I spend a couple of minutes doing this [/color](usually I use more complex stabilisation techniques but I’m in a hurry to get on with the LD challenge tasks!).

I go out seeking a werewolf to bite me to change me. Having had the fly over a mountain thing in my mind I decide to fly to search the ground below for one
(wow… I’m usually crap at flying and usually scared of this as I’ve crashed and it hurt before but this time I wasn’t over thinking things and just easily flew).

I’m flying over parks. To my amazement there are colourful little dragons flying about too. (I’m amazed to see this as generally my LDs are much like real life unless I bring something strange there and I cant ever remember having a dragon in my dream before).
I fly for about 5 mins but are only spotting dragons and people so I decide to land and do an on foot ground search for a werewolf. I look in a couple of well lighted places but no werewolves to be found so I start to think of what dream symbolism may go with creepy things like werewolves and decide … well probably dark. So I start looking in dark places for one.

I enter into a creepy dark shed purposely holding the thought, there is going to be a werewolf there! (trying to manifest one). The smell of moldy hay hits my nose as I enter the shed, its so dirty in this place, it’s discusting and hence I start to seriously worry about “I’d better be in a dream right now or otherwise I’m right now walking around in a dark place filled with rats, spiders and goodness knows what!”.

It’s so real like, the reality of the smell of the molding hay and this place, I’m starting to not be sure if Im dreaming or not but force myself to continue as there is no way I’m going to chicken out and try to wake myself up to make sure I’m in a dream and loose my chance for more points. “Oh well if this isnt a dream, what’s a few rats going to do to me I think, though I’m scared of those, lets be realistic about this, what’s worst for me… risking this may be real or loosing my LD?.” I decide to loose my LD would be worst I think to myself

I decide this starting to doubt my LD is bad and will end up likely causing me to loose my lucid dream consciousness if I allow these dream doubt thoughts to continue, so I decide to slam the doubt away by focusing intently on the lucid dream task. I put all my thought into “This is a lucid dream, Is there a werewolf here?” I think to myself.

There is movement and there is something in this dark shed with me. I think at first its a person but then when it speaks due to its voice, I start thinking it is maybe a werewolf? I don’t know but it then starts talking about werewolves. He’s wanting to give me a lesson on them. I get excited “Oh great, he’ll teach me how to change into one”, (I wasn’t feeling like I could just change without help). …

So he (the werewolf?) starts to give the werewolf lecture “I’m here to teach you about the … werewolves finger”

“OHHHHHHHH NO!.. this isn’t the lesson I want”. At this a huge wave of disappointment hits me and I drop out of this dream. [/color]

When I woke up my heart was racing (my body doesn’t regulate its adrenaline properly and I haven’t been bothering taking my pills to stop huge adrenaline spikes which then hugely spike my BP up to dangerous levels… maybe it was that which woke me… that dream did give me quite a rush… looking around in the dark waiting for a werewolf to jump me and the surprise I got at the end).

When I dropped out, I woke up in bed and know I can at this point easily put myself probably straight back into this same dream but I also aware on waking I’ve already forgot some of this lucid dream. So instead of focusing on getting back in, I lay there for a couple of minutes focusing on the dream, trying to bring the full recall back but don’t manage to remember right back to the start, though regained my memory of the dragons and flying.

I seriously do need to work on my dream recall right now sighs I used to have great LD recall in the past, so this is another new issue for me, it’s like I’m starting all over again. So I decide to get out of bed and post this here.

This way when I go back to bed and try to dream chain and possibly go into one again (I often can run with them once I have one) no-one can think or say that I didn’t wake up properly in between my LD attempts and hence only give me 5 points for going back to a lucid dream)

So my plan now is to get out of bed and type each one out between the chaining (doing all this typing may make it a little harder to get back in …I guess I’ll get to see just how much computer light affects this. It’s my confidence levels at the time which play a big part of my success at dream entries… if I truly really believe I can re-enter one, I often can).

Oh crap I just read my task list again and saw I only remembered 3 out of the 4 new ones during this lucid (I’m avoiding the drain energy from something as I once did psi vamp stuff and don’t want to trigger that in anyway for me). If I’d remembered “accuse a DC of being a wolf/vampire”… that one would of been simple to do with all the people about and I finally would of gained my first actual task points.

I had 2 short LDs this week

I just become lucid right towards the end of a dream. I was lucid for too short a time (short LD) to get to do any tasks.

[color=darkblue]She reaches out and I see there is a knife on the ground she’s reaching for, she grabs it.

I’m shocked I’m about to be cut so this brings me to sudden awareness into this dream. I’m now lucid in it.

I make a grab for the knife but by now her own hand has reached it and it’s in her clasp. She viciously pulls the knife back, slashing my whole hand open. The shock of my palm being slashed wakes me physically up.[/color]

[spoiler]I’m out somewhere at a place with a group of people. There is someone who is interviewing ME/CFS patients who is asking us one at a time questions. Each one of us shares just how terribly ill we are, each with horrific stories to share. The other is shocked to hear the levels of illness among us. It gets to my turn and I start telling him stuff. He asks “Hasn’t your doctor helped you with this?” and I have to explain my doctor doesn’t know what to do.

The other grabs my hands and wants me to get up and try to dance with him, he’s waiting to see if I can do this. I end up collapsing to the ground due to trying to dance.

A young women comes over, she wants to help me. She’s deeply religious and believes they can help me (the religious group). She starts going on and on and on about things, trying to brainwash me into thinking they can cure me. I end up fleeing them before I’m brainwashed into their religious beliefs etc.

The young woman feels like she’s to blame in some way that I’m leaving, so I yell out to her once I get to the road (she’s still at the top of the houses driveway), “Do not worry, its not your fault I’m ill, you should think of yourself as a wonderful person as you tried to help”.

The young women who wants to help me by converting me to her religion, gets so upset about things that she ends chasing me down the road. She catches up with me and I make a run towards someone’s house for help. She throws herself at me as I’m going across the others front lawn and knocks me to the ground with her on top of me. She reaches out and I see there is a knife on the ground she’s reaching for, she grabs it.

I’m shocked I’m about to be cut so this brings me to sudden awareness into this dream. I’m now lucid in it. I make a grab for the knife but by now her own hand has reached it and it’s in her clasp. She viciously pulls the knife back, slashing my whole hand open. The shock of my palm being slashed wakes me physically up.[/spoiler]

I’m heading back to bed, trying to make it to 3 LDs tonight. I NEED some task points, I’m finding my number of points currently for a LD challenge quite embarrassing. I’m going to be wrecked today as I have someone coming in a few hours. (pity I can’t do this often as it just messes up my sleep way too much).

In the first of the dreams here, I am again my cyborg avatar from last week and am addressed as a colleague of a DC as we sneak into a building. Most of this is Task 2 stuff I already did, but since I’m pretty sure I’m not a cyborg or a dragon-unicorn hybrid IWL (a pity, I know), I believe my form and the DC’s interactions qualify for the role play task.

OK, so LC VVG was a test to see if I could do something extra with the LC. It seems that it might have been a bit much :razz:.

With only three votes this time, I’m going to go ahead and end it.

While you can consider yourself to be on your current team, there will be no team advantage this round. Think of this like it’s more of a classic LC task. Just a few extra tasks here and there. Competitive teams will return in task 4.

Two lucid dreams, one medium duration, one long duration.

One in which I transform into Anna from Disney’s Frozen and dance with Krystof in a snowstorm to the tune of “Let it Go”.

And a much darker one where I’m in a vampire movie. I don’t think there were any points on offer for “get turned into a vampire”, so I’ll just claim the points for lucidity.

turns out i am doing something very similar to ADA, but thanks obfusc8! it was a great read =D
i too forget to do the it, keep reminding myself, the key is i believe, once you remember to do the ADA is to keep it up and not just do it for a few seconds.

it reminds me of a certain “threshold” ive had while using the sleep yoga WILD technique i use, which draws your waking awareness into the dream. at a certain point i just started having much more vivid dreams even if theyre not lucid.

Inconceivable! :happy:

Ok this one is a normal dream. I use a spell which ‘drains elements’ on some ghouls and convert said elements back into natural energy. (It made sense in the dream.) The ‘elements’ looked like ghosts/life force energy when drawn out of the ghouls. Didn’t personally feed off it though, I used it to nourish the plants. Close but probably not vampire-y enough for the task?

I had a long LD last night, and in one of my dreams last week, I moved something with my mind.

Isn’t it? I wanna be special, darn it!

I had a medium-length LD this morning, posted here (second dream), in which I turned into a were-creature and drained a DC.

I RPed as a soldier in a CS inspired dream. In another dream I RPed as a pirate in One Piece universe. Both were non-lucid.

I had a (very) short LD last night (yeaah first LD of the LC!), I didn’t accomplished any task though.

I just teleported outside my house started to fly and to freeze time (or to fly incredibly fast) to get on time to a meeting with a friend. Then the dream vanished already…

Yeah my first 10 points this time! :happy:

Short LD no tasks.